A multipoint study of a substorm occurring on 7 December, 1992, and its theoretical implications

first_imgOn 7 December 1992, a moderate substorm was observed by a variety of satellites and ground-based instruments. Ionospheric flows were monitored near dusk by the Goose Bay HF radar and near midnight by the EISCAT radar. The observed flows are compared here with magnetometer observations by the IMAGE array in Scandinavia and the two Greenland chains, the auroral distribution observed by Freja and the substorm cycle observations by the SABRE radar, the SAMNET magnetometer array and LANL geosynchronous satellites. Data from Galileo Earth-encounter II are used to estimate the IMF Bz component. The data presented show that the substorm onset electrojet at midnight was confined to closed field lines equatorward of the pre-existing convection reversal boundaries observed in the dusk and midnight regions. No evidence of substantial closure of open flux was detected following this substorm onset. Indeed the convection reversal boundary on the duskside continued to expand equatorward after onset due to the continued presence of strong southward IMF, such that growth and expansion phase features were simultaneously present. Clear indications of closure of open flux were not observed until a subsequent substorm intensification 25 min after the initial onset. After this time, the substorm auroral bulge in the nightside hours propagated well poleward of the pre-existing convection reversal boundary, and strong flow perturbations were observed by the Goose Bay radar, indicative of flows driven by reconnection in the tail.last_img read more

BYU Basketball’s Yoeli Childs Repeats As WCC Player of the Week

first_img Tags: BYU Men’s Basketball/Yoeli Childs March 2, 2020 /Sports News – Local BYU Basketball’s Yoeli Childs Repeats As WCC Player of the Week Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSAN BRUNO, Calif.-Monday, BYU men’s basketball senior forward Yoeli Childs was named as the West Coast Conference’s player of the week for the second consecutive week.In Saturday’s 81-64 win over Pepperdine, Childs amassed a career-best 38 points and tied his season-high on the glass with 14 rebounds.Childs made 17-27 shots from the field, 1 of 3 from 3-point range and 3-3 at the foul line.The Cougars have earned the No. 2 seed in the West Coast Conference tournament and return to action March 9 for a 9:30 pm MDT tip-off. Brad Jameslast_img read more

Another Late Night

first_imgCLUBBING TWISTED NUCLEUZ TOUR THE ZODIAC SUNDAY 25TH MAY Ed real, Ryan H and James lawson feature in a bank holiday break-beat hot-house tin-trance rave down. GIGGING BRITISH SEA POWER THE ZODIAC FRIDAY 23RD MAY Routh Trade debutantes dubbed the “lunatics” from Brighton will no doubt be peddling their particular brand of lunacy.ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2003last_img


first_imgSTATE SENATOR JIM TOMES REFUSES TO DEBATE CANDIDATE EDIE HARDCASTLEMultiple Dates Offered, Tomes Declines to Participate EVANSVILLE, Indiana – Edie Hardcastle, Democratic candidate for state senate seat District 49, revealed today that her opponent, Republican incumbent Jim Tomes, refuses to participate in a televised debate jointly hosted by the Courier & Press and by WNIN. He has refused despite being offered three potential dates: October 22nd, October 24th, and November 1st, , any of which Hardcastle has agreed to make herself available.Hardcastle states: “The Courier & Press and WNIN have invited us both to debate the issues so the public can learn more about us and what we stand for, but Jim Tomes has refused all three opportunities. I think Hoosiers need someone who is willing to stand up and answer questions about education, wages, and healthcare. What is he afraid of?” A biology professor at USI, Hardcastle has dubbed her opponent “the gun guy,” because over the last eight years, he has authored legislation that has legalized switchblade knives and sawed-off shotguns, and now wants to put guns in the hands of our teachers. Indiana Democratic Party officials echoed Hardcastle’s dismay. John Zody, Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party, said, “This is happening all over Indiana. Republican candidates are afraid to talk to voters about their record of trying to take away health care, voting rights, and doing nothing to make sure Hoosiers are protected equally or to address the issue of livable wages.” Scott Danks, Chair of the Vanderburgh County Democrats, said, “Tomes is refusing to debate because he’s afraid to defend his unpopular, radical ideas. If he’s afraid to stand up to Edie, how can we have confidence he’ll stand up to the other forty-nine State Senators on issues that are critical to his constituents?”Hardcastle’s platform focuses on three issues: education, jobs, and energy. She is a proponent of universal pre-K and supports fully funding public schools to improve educational outcomes and to address Indiana’s teacher shortage. She is also a strong proponent of raising the state-level minimum wage to reduce poverty and income inequality, increase economic activity, and encourage job growth. To strengthen District 49’s position as the “crossroads of America” and to attract big business to the area, Hardcastle will work to secure state funding for infrastructure repair, maintenance, and upgrades. And to create jobs, lower energy bills, and counteract pollution and climate change, she will advocate for investment in renewable energy sources.Hardcastle has also agreed to attend three other area candidate forums, the first hosted by Indivisible Evansville on Tuesday, September 18th (7:00 pm at Ivy Tech Auditorium), the second by the West Side Improvement Association on Thursday, September 20th (6:00 pm at Howell Park Shelter House), and third by the United Neighborhoods of Evansville on Thursday, September 27th (6:00 pm at the CK Newsome Center). The candidate forums precede the upcoming general election, which will be held on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.(District 49 is comprised of Posey County, five townships in Gibson County, and eight townships in Vanderburgh County. Jim Tomes has held the District 49 seat since 2010.)FOOTNOTE: For more information about the Edie Hardcastle, follow her on Facebook and Twitter at @Hardcastle2018, or on Instagram at @hardcastle2018. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Ocean City Police Activity Report for June 28 to July 4

first_imgOCEAN CITY POLICE SUMMARIZED WEEK’S ACTIVITIESJune 28 – July 4, 2015Calls for Service: 1447Daily Average: 207 June 29, 2015: Monday Calls for service: 164Motor Vehicle Stops: 30Motor Vehicle Accidents: 3Property Checks: 19Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 18 Fire and 11 EMS callsTheft, 1100 block Central Ave., at 9:54amMotor vehicle accident, 900 block Ocean Ave., at 10:20amBurglary, 700 block 11th St., at 11:30amMotor vehicle accident, 1200 block Pleasure Ave., at 2:19pmMotor vehicle accident, 2900 block West Ave., at 2:59pmTheft, 900 block Boardwalk, at 7:49pmTrespassing, 2100 block Bay Ave., at 10:02pmDomestic violence, Pembroke La., at 11:35pm July 3, 2015: FridayCalls for service: 292Motor Vehicle Stops: 35Motor Vehicle Accidents: 5Property Checks: 21Alarms: 5The Police Department assisted with 9 fire and 9 EMS callsMotor vehicle accident, 800 block 9th St., at 8:03amMotor vehicle accident, 800 block West Ave., at 11:45amMotor vehicle accident, 14th St. & Bay Ave., at 11:54amTheft, 1600 block West Ave., at 1:32pmFraud, 1200 block Boardwalk, at 2:36pmMotor vehicle accident, 700 block Central Ave., at 5:22pmWarrant, 100 block Wesley Ave., one in custody, at 5:37pmMotor vehicle accident, 500 block Atlantic Ave., at 7:35pmCDS, 1200 block Beach, at 7:55pm PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS:Just a reminder that it is a violation of a City Ordinance to have dogs on the boardwalk anytime during the year.City Ordinance 87-17sec.4-32 prohibits any Boat/Trailer over 22 feet in overall length from being parked on a city street. Any boat/trailer less than 22 feet in overall length can only remain on a city street for three consecutive days. Officers will be issuing summons and towing boats/trailers for any observed violations.Boardwalk merchants are reminded that they are only allowed to put merchandise for sale or display on the boardwalk during approved city events. Ocean City Police Department July 2, 2015: ThursdayCalls for service: 190Motor Vehicle Stops: 22Motor Vehicle Accidents: 2Property Checks: 27Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 10 fire and 8 EMS callsMotor vehicle accident, 9th St., at 12:35amThreats, 400 block Atlantic Ave., at 10:00amMotor vehicle accident, 800 block Delancey Pl., at 10:36amMotor vehicle accident, 700 block Wesley Ave., at 11:15amMotor vehicle accident, E. Station Rd. & Battersea Rd., at 2:39pmTheft, 400 block Asbury Ave., at 4:30pmWarrant, 900 block Bay Ave., one in custody, at 8:17pmCDS, 400 block 8th St., at 10:21pm July 4, 2015: Saturday Calls for service: 222Motor Vehicle Stops: 28Motor Vehicle Accidents: 6Property Checks: 14Alarms: 5The Police Department assisted with 16 fire and 17 EMS callsTheft, 4800 block West Ave., at 12:38amTheft, 2400 block Wesley Ave., at 4:13amDomestic violence, Central Ave, at 6:44amBurglary, 700 block Boardwalk, at 8:59amBurglary, 300 block 16th St., at 9:18amMotor vehicle accident, 500 block 15th St., at 10:00amTheft, 200 block 34th St., at 1:28pmTheft, 800 block Boardwalk, at 2:18pmCDS, 900 block Haven Ave., at 3:48pmMotor vehicle accident, 5300 block West Ave., at 4:18pmTheft, 800 block Boardwalk, at 7:17pmMotor vehicle accident, 1200 block Ocean Ave., at 8:08pmMotor vehicle accident, 34th St. & Central Ave, at 8:21pmMotor vehicle accident, 1500 block Wesley Ave., at 9:54pmDomestic Violence, 900 block Wesley Ave., at 10:47pmTheft, 1100 block Boardwalk, at 10:43pmMotor vehicle accident, 33rd St. & Asbury Ave., at 10:43pm June 30, 2015: TuesdayCalls for service: 151Motor Vehicle Stops: 12Motor Vehicle Accidents: 3Property Checks: 15Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 7 fire and 9 EMS callsMotor vehicle accident, 3300 block West Ave., at 10:49amMotor vehicle accident, 900 block Asbury Ave., at 4:15pmTheft, 400 block 5th St., at 4:45pmDomestic violence, Aldrich Rd., at 6:20pmTheft, 900 block Wesley Ave., at 10:13pmDisorderly conduct, 1100 block Asbury Ave., one in custody, at 10:24pmMotor vehicle accident, 2000 block Central Ave., at 10:46pmTheft, 900 block Central Ave., at 11:01pm July 1, 2015: WednesdayCalls for service: 200Motor Vehicle Stops: 25Motor Vehicle Accidents: 4Property Checks: 17Alarms: 6The Police Department assisted with 10 fire and 9 EMS callsDWI, 1300 block Central Ave., one in custody, at 1:17amTheft, 2900 block Wesley Ave., at 9:00amMotor vehicle accident, 100 block E. Atlantic Blvd., at 9:16amWarrant, 100 block E. Atlantic Blvd., three in custody, at 9:16amTheft, 2300 block Central, at 9:37amMotor vehicle accident, 8th St. & Bay Ave., at 9:45amTheft, 3400 block Central Ave., at 10:37amMotor vehicle accident, 800 block Ocean Ave., at 12:20pmTheft, 800 block Ocean Ave., at 1:49pmMotor vehicle accident, 1100 block Boardwalk, at 3:03pmWarrant, 900 block Ocean Ave., one in custody, at 4:37pm June 28, 2015: Sunday Calls for service: 227Motor Vehicle Stops: 72Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1Property Checks: 32Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 13 Fire and 10 EMS callsTheft, 300 block Haven Ave., at 10:18amMotor vehicle accident, 1000 block West Ave., at 2:49pmWarrant, 2900 block Asbury Ave., one in custody, at 2:58pmlast_img read more

Notre Dame College Republicans host conservative commentator Ben Shapiro

first_imgMichael Yu | The Observer The Notre Dame College Republicans hosted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on Thursday night in Carey Auditorium.Shapiro began his lecture with an attack on intersectionality, an idea he said he feels has gained undue notoriety on college campuses.“[Intersectionality] says we ought to judge people on their identity and not on the basis of the opinions they hold,” he said. “An identity is solely defined in terms of the group — it’s defined by race, by gender, by sexual orientation. There’s hierarchy of victimhood intersectionality … at the very top of the list are LGBT folk.”Shapiro said this creation of victimhood also spills over into what he believes is the false notion of white privilege and the notion that there are barriers standing in front of minority groups.“Society is not out to get you. Society doesn’t give two damns about you. … No one is going to bother to stand in your way,” he said. “If you don’t want to be poor in the United States … you only have to follow three simple rules: get married before you have babies, complete high school, get a job — that’s it. It doesn’t require a degree in rocket science.”Shapiro also applied this philosophy to feminist thought.“Are American women victimized? No,” he said. “American women are the freest and the wealthiest in the history of the world.”These supposed myths, Shapiro said, were perpetrated on college campuses — a setting in which he believes conservative students could learn to defend beliefs. “It’s a good opportunity for conservative students to get better at what they do,” he said. “[For me, it] was a good opportunity to read what [professors] were assigning and consider the arguments that they are making and then go do research as to why they are right and wrong.” Shapiro also spoke on illegal immigration, one of the key issues at the center of last year’s presidential election.“It is immoral to let people in who have not been vetted,” he said. “I don’t think the moral argument is [the] ‘People are coming from across the sea to take our jobs’ argument. I think that is a silly argument. I don’t think you have a right to work for a higher wage because you were born there.”Junior Lars Rucker said he appreciated that Shapiro backed up his claims.“Everything he said had some reasoning,” he said. “If he wasn’t confident in his reasoning, he specified.”Sophomore Diego Arias said he hopes Shapiro continues to speak with a focus on issues that were present in the latter half of the event.“I think he tried to fight back against the left with emotional stances, but the [question-and-answer] segment was better because it [answered] more reasonings for political stances — he has one of the clearest stances on Israel,” he said.Sophomore Daniel Beasley said he thought Shapiro could have done a better job addressing his viewpoints in his speech rather than in the question-and-answer segment.“He knows he can stir up the most controversy and get [to] the most people by talking about campus protests and things like that,” he said. “And I think part of that inadvertently fuels, not the ‘alt-right,’ but being against campus protests for the sake of being against it, rather than making a pitch for his own political viewpoint. You come out of the Q-and-A knowing what he believes.”Tags: Ben Shapiro, College Republicans, Lincoln Day Address Two days after conservative author Charles Murray visited Notre Dame’s campus, Ben Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and self-proclaimed “second-favorite 33-year-old Jew” of American conservatives, spoke in the Carey Auditorium of Hesburgh Library as a part of College Republicans’ 69th annual Lincoln Day Dinner and Speech on Thursday.last_img read more

State of finance: Why we must rebuild trust in the credit union industry

first_imgThe good news: credit unions and financial services firms did not place last in the 2015 Edelman global ranking of trust in industries (as they had done the four previous years.) The bad news: they came in second-to-last, besting only the media industry.It’s hardly surprising that financial services has become one of the least-trusted industries in the world. For one thing, people have yet to forgive the industry for its role in the financial crisis. In the years since, the industry has seen additional scandals that have left many wondering: “What have they learned?”The industry has much work to do to rebuild trust and restore Americans’ confidence that it puts clients’ interests before its own. Some think rules and regulations are the answer. To be sure, they are critically important, but they are not enough.The most ethical and responsible firms are that way not just because they follow a fixed set of guidelines and rules, but because of how their people actually behave. continue reading » 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Report faults USDA surveillance for avian flu

first_imgJun 21, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not have adequate measures in place to test for and monitor avian influenza in commercial poultry, an audit by the department’s inspector general said yesterday, according to news services.In the 38-page audit, the inspector general said the USDA relies too much on voluntary testing and reporting from the states and the poultry industry, news agencies said. In addition, according to the audit, testing varies from state to state.The voluntary reporting makes it difficult for the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to reach valid conclusions, know the level of surveillance in each state, or track the disease, according to a Reuters report published yesterday.The audit, however, preceded Congress’ approval in December of $91 million in supplemental funding to help the USDA battle avian flu, news services reported. The money was part of funds to prepare for the threat of a flu pandemic associated with the H5N1 avian flu virus now circulating widely in Asia.”Since that time,” APHIS spokeswoman Karen Eggert told Reuters, “we’ve been working to ensure that we’ve been using those funds for the most critical aspects of avian influenza surveillance and emergency preparedness and response.”We’ve reached consensus with [the inspector general] on the items we need to take action on,” she said.As an example of disparities in states’ testing, the inspector general detailed how one state fully tests chickens, turkeys, and eggs, while another tests only flocks covered by a federal-state-industry disease-control program, the Associated Press (AP) reported yesterday.The disparities worry foreign trading partners, according to the audit, as reported by AP. It said that other countries wonder why the United States—the world’s largest producer and exporter of poultry—can’t provide the number of tests by state, advise whether all types of commercial poultry are tested, or say whether backyard flocks are examined.One critic of the federal government’s handling of avian flu surveillance was Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, the Senate Agriculture Committee’s senior Democrat, according to the AP story.”The federal government continues to push the responsibility of finding and responding to a possible outbreak of avian influenza on states,” Harkin said.”As a result, USDA does not have a comprehensive plan for surveillance and monitoring of poultry flocks, and states lack adequate federal resources to respond to potential avian influenza outbreaks.”USDA spokeswoman Hallie Pickhardt said the agency “agreed with everything in the report, and we’re either doing it or going to be doing it,” according to a New York Times story today.She added, however, that the USDA has no plans to make voluntary industry testing mandatory, according to the Times.Pickhardt said the USDA is confident in the testing program that poultry producers are implementing. “They’ve been working very closely with us. This is their livelihood, too, and they have no reason not to report the information.”Instead, the agency will augment voluntary testing with its own checks, Pickhardt told the Times.The audit, according to Reuters, said that the USDA created a committee to establish a comprehensive surveillance and tracking system, but the committee did not have a leader for most of 2005. A newly hired staff veterinarian has now been assigned as chair of the committee, Reuters reported.In addition, according to Eggert in the AP story, the inspector general agreed with the agency’s plans for fixing problems identified in the audit.See also:Mar 26, 2004, CIDRAP News story “US likely to increase testing for avian flu”last_img read more

COVID-19: Indonesia bans face mask exports to cater to domestic demand

first_imgTopics : Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said during the same news conference that the government had prepared Rp 1 trillion (US$67.63 million) for medical needs, including hospital preparation costs, laboratory tests and to cover medical costs for infected persons.“The Finance Ministry will provide the necessary funds for COVID-19 handling, including for case tracking, coordination between the central government and regional administrations and the provision of face masks and hand sanitizer,” Sri Mulyani told reporters.The government announced on Friday that it was allocating Rp 120 trillion from the state budget to stimulate the economy through tax incentives and subsidies for workers, businesses and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.Read also: Indonesia advances pre-employment card program to tackle pandemic impactsIt also announced a second stimulus package, worth Rp 22.9 trillion, that includes individual and corporate tax breaks as well as the relaxation of loan disbursement and restructuring requirements.This is in addition to the first Rp 10.3 trillion stimulus package announced on Feb. 25, which was aimed at boosting household spending and provided mortgage subsidies for low-income families and fiscal incentives for travel-related industries.The government will also speed up disbursement of social spending and funds for the pre-employment card program in the first quarter of this year. Indonesia is set to temporarily ban exports of face masks to ensure there is a sufficient domestic supply amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto said on Friday.“We will issue a temporary export ban for face masks so the needs of companies and consumers are met,” Agus told a news conference in Jakarta. “The ban will be effective until we have a sufficient stock of face masks.”Prices of face masks have skyrocketed in several parts of the country, as people stockpile protective supplies, such as masks and hand sanitizer liquid, to protect themselves from the virus.center_img “If we have any excess supply [in the future], we will resume exports,” Agus said.Read also: Two Malaysians arrested for alleged attempt to smuggle face masks from North SumatraHe previously urged mask producers to halt exports of masks and prioritize domestic consumers amid a spike in demand in Indonesia. State-owned pharmaceutical company PT Kimia Farma has implemented rationing for face masks and hand sanitizer to ensure the products are available at all of its 1,300 stores nationwide.The government has so far announced 34 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with one death. Globally, the pneumonia-like illness has infected more than 128,000 people and taken at least 4,700 lives.last_img read more

Bank Indonesia to cut benchmark rate once again this year, Fitch Solutions says

first_img“The weakness in inflation continues to indicate towards sluggish domestic demand that has been heavily impacted by the still rising COVID-19 caseload in the archipelago,” the Fitch Solutions note reads.Inflation was recorded at 1.5 percent year-on-year (yoy) in July, falling further below the central bank’s target of around 2 to 4 percent. Meanwhile, the Indonesian COVID-19 case tally surpassed 149,000 on Friday, with more than 6,000 deaths.Read also: BI to remain standby buyer for Indonesia’s government bonds in 2021BI aims to continue to strengthen the synergy in monetary expansion with government fiscal stimulus to further support economic recovery, BI Governor Perry Warjiyo said in a press briefing on Wednesday.The central bank and the government have agreed on a Rp 574.59 trillion ($38.8 billion) debt monetization scheme, with the central bank pledging to buy Rp 397.5 trillion in bonds at a coupon rate corresponding to BI’s benchmark interest rate of 4 percent to fund health care and the social safety net.The central bank will then return the yield to the government in full on the day it is paid.Topics : “We continue to forecast one more 25 basis point rate cut to 3.75 percent at the end of this year, as BI will continue to remain partial towards providing economic support,” analysts at Fitch Solutions wrote in a note made available to The Jakarta Post.Considering the foreign exchange reserves that still stood at US$135.1 billion in July, the highest level ever so far and worth 8.6 months of imports and debt payment, Fitch Solutions argued that BI would have sufficient reserves to support the rupiah were it to sell off sharply with the rate cut. BI has slashed its key rate by 1 percent so far this year.Indonesia recorded an economic contraction of 5.32 percent year-on-year (yoy) in the second quarter as household spending and investment shrank.Fitch expects the economy to shrink 1.3 percent this year. Bank Indonesia (BI) is projected to cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points later this year to support the Indonesian economy against the coronavirus pandemic impact, backed by sufficient foreign exchange reserves, Fitch Solutions says.Analysts at Fitch Solutions said the central bank had had to balance its policy to support the economy while maintaining the stability of the rupiah exchange rate, which led to its latest decision to leave its benchmark interest rate, the seven-day reverse repo rate, at 4 percent on Wednesday.However, Fitch noted the rupiah had seen a gradual depreciation against the US dollar since it recovered from a sharp depreciation in March.last_img read more