Warren Haynes Shares Playlist Of His Favorite Jerry Garcia Songs [Listen]

first_imgGuitarist Warren Haynes continues to honor the music of the Grateful Dead with his Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebrations, performing Garcia’s music not only with orchestras, but also with his own guitar, Wolf. With the exciting announcement yesterday that Melvin Seals, a longtime member of the JGB, would join Haynes for an upcoming Symphonic Celebration on Garcia’s birthday at Red Rocks, fans could not be more excited for these upcoming shows.To get his fans in a Grateful mood, Haynes shared a playlist chock full of his favorite Garcia songs. Check out the playlist, and read his thoughts on each and every track below, courtesy of the Warren Haynes website.Warren Haynes’ Favorite Grateful Dead SongsTERRAPIN STATION – The quintessential Grateful Dead “time capsule” song. CHINA DOLL – I much prefer “live” versions to the studio version. Beautiful haunting melody and lyrics. CRAZY FINGERS – I love the way the music and melody, which sound nothing like traditional reggae music, are superimposed over the reggae beat. Great chord changes. COMES A TIME – I always loved the Garcia/Hunter ballads. Gave Jerry plenty of space to emote in. His voice really delivers the emotion of the lyric and melody. BROKEDOWN PALACE – Another beautiful ballad with a timeless lyric and music that spans back through the history of American music. SHAKEDOWN STREET – I prefer the slower, funkier “live” versions to the studio version but it’s a classic part of the Dead repertoire. UNCLE JOHN’S BAND – One of Hunter’s best lyrics – really paints a picture of a beautiful, fictitious story. HELP ON THE WAY > SLIPKNOT – Classic 1, 2 punch – fans hate to hear them separated, but either on it’s own is great. Cool juxtaposition of a straight ahead, R&B influenced, tune in to a very complex instrumental that’s influenced by jazz and classical music. RIPPLE – The simplest, but perfect, melody – also one of Hunter’s best lyrics. The audience has to sing along-they have no choice. BLUES FOR ALLAH – Uniquely beautiful piece of music. KING SOLOMON’S MARBLES – Another complex instrumental very influenced by jazz and jazz fusion. STELLA BLUE – Another timeless ballad composed in a way that shows influences from decades before the birth of Rock and Roll. WHARF RAT – One of those “slow-burn” Dead tunes that signifies their unique, instantly identifiable sound. Great song but also a great vehicle for improvisation. SCARLET BEGONIAS > FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN – Another pair of classics that the audience loves to hear together, but are equally powerful apart.last_img read more

Beck Releases “Dear Life” Music Video Ahead Of New Album

first_imgThough Morning Phase won him a Grammy award for Best Album, Beck never intended for the 2014 release to be so successful. In a new 2016 Rolling Stone interview, Beck says that the album was only released “just so we would have something out, because we were going on tour.” The real project in Beck’s mind is the album yet to come.Colors will see Beck fuse the dreaminess of Morning Phase with the more electronic loops and rhythms of his 90’s works. “It’s a summer night, people have their hands up… It’s a communal, celebratory thing. I wanted to take that into the studio, a kind of energy or joy. The thing that wakes you up a little bit.”“There’s a substratum to a lot of the songs – songs within other songs, choruses that became bridges… It’s not far from how I made my first couple of records,” says Beck about the process behind the new work. He also recruited Greg Kurstin to help write and produce the album.All in all, it’s nice to see Beck so enthusiastic about his new album, and we can’t wait for the full release. “It’s kind of life-sparking… I want to have some new things to say. I’m still filling out the picture. We do ‘Where It’s At,’ and you’re like, ‘OK, we needed that.’ Then you do another one. It’s all adding up to a picture.” Beck is gearing up to release his long-awaited, thirteenth studio album, Colors, due out October 13th. In celebration of the fall presentation, which has been in discussion for over a year now, the genre-straddling alt rocker released a new song “Dear Life” paired with a lyric video of psychedelic animation and story-building cinema. The song features whimsical guitar licks and the eerie lyrics Beck music is known and loved for, though this new release certainly confirms a new direction of pop-fueled rock for the singer/songwriter. We’re digging it.“Dear Life” is the third single released from Colors, following “Wow” and “Dreams,” which both dropped within the last two years. Enjoy all three songs below:last_img read more

Craige Els to Join London Cast of Matilda as Miss Trunchbull

first_imgCraige Els is preparing to throw that hammer in London’s Matilda! He will start performances as Miss Trunchbull from September. Matilda Shapland and Violet Tucker will also join Tasha Chapple and Lottie Sicilia in the title role from September onwards. Directed by Tony and Olivier Award winner Matthew Warchus, Matilda features music and lyrics by Tim Minchin and a book by playwright Tony winner Dennis Kelly. The musical is based on Roald Dahl’s 1988 book about a girl who unleashes her magical powers on nasty parents and an evil headmistress. The show premiered at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon in November 2010 before transferring to London’s West End on October 25, 2011. The production won a record-breaking seven Olivier Awards in 2012 including Best New Musical. Matilda continues its run at the Shubert Theatre on Broadway, where it opened on April 11, 2013. The adult cast of Matilda currently includes James Clyde as Mr Wormwood, Haley Flaherty as Miss Honey and Kay Murphy as Mrs Wormwood. Els’ stage credits include Mamma Mia!, The New Yorkers, Never Forget, Spamalot, Timon of Athens, Antigone and The Cherry Orchard. His screen credits include Ripper Street, The Bletchley Circle and Call The Midwife. View Commentslast_img read more

Recharge, recycle batteries

first_imgDuring the holidays, we scour the stores for the newest gadgets and electronics to give as gifts. But, some people forget new animatronic animals and game system remotes need batteries to operate.In fact, about 40 percent of battery sales occur during the holiday season. This can really become a problem from an environmental standpoint. Batteries contain metals, acids and other compounds that can be harmful when released into the environment. To help the environment, consider buying rechargeable batteries and a charger to go along with battery-operated gifts. Rechargeable batteries can go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint. You can also help the environment by recycling old batteries properly. The Department of Transportation requires that consumers tape the positive end of rechargeable batteries with clear tape and store them in a plastic bag before recycling. Alkaline batteries do not have to be taped. This regulation was designed to help prevent major incidents, such as fires, during battery shipment.To identify rechargeable batteries, look for the words Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Lithium Polymer or silver-oxide (button) batteries. To dispose of smaller button-style batteries, line them up on a strip of clear tape and secure them with another strip of clear tape along the top. If in doubt, seal the positive ends of all batteries with clear tape before recycling. To find a recycling center for single use batteries go to the Web site earth911.com/. To find out where you can recycle rechargeable batteries visit the Web site www.call2recycle.org/.last_img read more

On the Road Again: A Pro Photographer’s Greatest Gear

first_imgIf you’re not planning a solid road trip this summer, stop what you’re doing now and check your pulse; you might be dead inside. The road trip is an integral part of outdoor culture: a rite of passage for the young and an annual ritual for the experienced. While most of us feel like we have our road trip gear dialed in, few people have spent as much time curating their kit as Derek DiLuzio, a professional photographer who shoots everything from powder skiing in the Rockies to fly fishing in the Southern Appalachians. DiLuzio is on the road shooting for a variety of magazines at least four months out of the year, and he knows exactly what to pack to get the job done in style.“There’s a lot of unpredictability when you’re shooting pictures, so you have to be ready for anything,” DiLuzio says.Orion Cooler ($499)It’s a 65-liter, really big cooler that will keep ice for about a week. It’s such a relief not to have to buy ice every day. I can truly establish a base camp and not worry about keeping food cold.Sylvan Sport GO ($9,995)This is a game-changer for me. I can’t tell you how luxurious it is to be able to stand up and change, or sit at a table and work or eat. I can drop it anywhere, and it can be a home base for camping or just a place for wardrobe changes. It feels so civilized after camping on the ground for so many years.Boardworks Shubu Sport ($899)This board folds into a backpack, and it’s incredibly stiff after you blow it up. It handles river rapids and even ocean surf really well.BMC Speedfox 02 TrailCrew ($5,900)The Speedfox is an efficient way to explore the forest and look for different shooting locations. It’s a mix of carbon and aluminum with a Fox Float fork and XT components.Road Shower 2 ($300)It’s basically a five-gallon, solar heated water tank that you can pressurize with air. It’s great for washing off the bikes or board, or just taking a shower after a ride.Catan ($20)If my wife is traveling with me, we always bring board games because we’re incredibly competitive. The card game version of Catan is our go-to night time diversion. My wife taught me everything I know about Catan, but I’m absolutely the champ.Osprey Momentum 32 Bicycle Commuter Pack ($140)The mesh-covered shoulder straps and back panel provide ventilated comfort, especially on long, hot, sweaty commutes in the South. Laptops stay protected in a dedicated top-sleeve, and there are plenty of zippered pockets and storage compartments in this versatile 32-liter pack.Kammock Thylacine Sleeping Bag ($329)It’s two bags in one: on its own, the Thylacine Down is a 20°F rated sleep system. Combined with the zip-in Thylacine Liner, you can sleep comfortably at or above 0°F. Lightweight and durable, the bag can be tailored directly to the body with simple cinch straps.OnSight Half Nelson 2 Minimalist Bike Pack ($45)For cycling commuters or mountain bikers on an all-day ride, the Half Nelson pack holds all your essentials: hydration bladder, pump, tools, food, and a light jacket. All the main fabrics, mesh, zippers, and buckles in the Half Nelson minimalist bike pack are produced from recycled plastic water bottles.Goal Zero Sherpa 100 ($299)I need power for my laptop and cameras. This battery pack comes with a solar panel, so I can charge it off my truck engine or off the sun. It’ll run my computer, charge my camera and power some lights. And it’s small too, so you can put it in a backpack if you need to.last_img read more

China’s presence in Dominica

first_img Share Share 23 Views no discussions Share LocalNews China’s presence in Dominica by: – April 28, 2011center_img Tweet Sir. Ronald SandersBRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday April 28, 2011 -The Caribbean island of Dominica is fast becoming a living example of the way that China has strengthened its influence by moving into countries that the United States and other Western nations have neglected.According to a white paper on China’s foreign aid issued by China’s State Council on April 21, by the end of 2009 China had aided 161 countries and more than 30 international and regional organizations, including 123 developing countries. Of them, 30 are in Asia, 51 in Africa, 18 in Latin America and the Caribbean, 12 in Oceania and 12 in Eastern Europe. Asia and Africa, home to the largest poor population, have got about 80% of China’s foreign aid.While the US has been preoccupied with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the so-called ‘war on terror’, paying little attention to its immediate neighbourhood, the Chinese have established a presence throughout the Caribbean that, in large part, is regarded as beneficial to the people. In Dominica’s case, in 2004 the government there broke long-held diplomatic relations with Taiwan to recognize the People’s Republic of China and sign-on to a policy of ‘one China’ – the code for agreeing with the Chinese government that there is only “One China” and Taiwan is an inalienable part of it.On the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Chinese promised to undertake infrastructural development projects totalling over US$100 million – all of it grants. Four projects were specifically identified: a sports stadium; a new grammar school; the rehabilitation of the major road connecting the capital, Roseau, to the second major town, Portsmouth; and the rehabilitation of the island’s major medical facility, the Princess Margaret Hospital. The Chinese have, so far, fulfilled their undertakings on three of these projects. The stadium is built and in use, two phases of the school are complete, and work has started on the Roseau-Portsmouth road including the construction of miles of wall along the sea to help contain coastal erosion. Only the hospital project is pending and no one doubts that the Chinese will fulfil that commitment.It should be pointed out that European Union (EU) is also helping with the rehabilitation and widening of the road from Dominica’s Melville Hall Airport to Roseau. A significant difference in the EU and Chinese road projects is that the EU is employing Dominican workers while the Chinese use Chinese labour exclusively. While it might have been felt that the local population might have favoured the EU project, employing local labour, over the Chinese project that employs only Chinese, this is seemingly not the case. Albeit a small number of people, asked about the Chinese not employing local labour, responded by saying that they were more interested in the projects, particularly the road, sea wall and hospital than they were in the jobs. They added that they were getting the projects for free.Of course the latter observation is not entirely true. In return for their economic assistance, the Chinese government secures a “one-China policy” from the Dominican government in international organisations. This support is replicated from all the other small, Caribbean countries to which China provides similar help.The isolation of Taiwan and its non-recognition as a state continues to be an important element of China’s foreign policy. But, it may well be that, in the not too distant future, the Chinese government will insist on support for other – and new – aspects of both its domestic and foreign policy. In fairness, it should be noted that in a White Paper on Foreign Aid, the Chinese government has listed as one of its Eight Principles for economic aid and technical assistance to other countries that “the Chinese government always bases itself on the principle of equality and mutual benefit in providing aid to other countries. It never regards such aid as a kind of unilateral alms but as something mutual”. China has been declaring that position since 1964.Another consequence of relations with China is a gradual influx of Chinese into the local population. It is striking that far more retail shops in Roseau are now operated by Chinese than used to be the case. However, while this competition may trouble local retailers, people in the street point to less expensive products sold by the Chinese that they find affordable. And, in any event, while the number of Chinese retailers – and food outlets – is growing, the overall Chinese population is not yet large enough to create an outcry. If China is welcome in Dominica and other small Caribbean countries, it is because China has filled a void left by the United States and other Western nations. Over the last decade, US assistance to the Caribbean region has dwindled except in the area of interest to the US – security including drug trafficking. Little attention has been paid to the interests of the region for infrastructural development, improving education and health facilities, and laying the foundations for investment that could produce employment and technical know-how.Canada provided US$1.82 million from 2008 to 2009 for projects, but its development agency, CIDA, notes that “there are no long term bilateral projects planned in this country”.The EU collectively stands out, among Western countries, as maintaining assistance to Dominica. That assistance goes beyond resurfacing the airport road to include a range of infrastructural projects, including improvement of the Melville Hall Airport. EU money also provides budgetary support to the Dominica government. But, while EU support has undoubtedly contributed to Dominica’s welfare, the island’s loss of its preferential banana market in the EU significantly hurt its economy and put hundreds of small farmers out of business.The difference between the EU and China, is that the EU does not tie its aid to support for EU foreign policy – an advantage, perhaps, in dealing with a collective of 27 nations whose policies are not directed by the interests of any one nation. For all this, Dominica’s physical infrastructure – roads and bridges – has made great strides, and it is helping the country’s economy. Poverty fell from 39 per cent in 2003 to 28.8 per cent in 2009, and absolute poverty declined from 10 per cent in 2003 to 3.1 per cent in 2009. However, the International Monetary Fund has observed that more than 30 per cent of the labour force has emigrated, and per capita GDP of about US$4,931 is low. Nonetheless, Dominica is an unspoiled and naturally beautiful country with all the potential of becoming the world’s leading Eco-tourism destination. It is to that potential that this column will turn next week.By: Sir Ronald SandersCaribbean 360 News Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Barca stars set for more pay cut

first_imgRelatedPosts Italy introduces compulsory virus testing for travellers from France Nigeria records new COVID-19 infections, more deaths as figures rise to 57,242 Vidal lands in Milan to complete move from Barca to Inter Barcelona is bracing themselves for another round of pay cuts because those accepted by players last month will not cover the huge losses anticipated as the Nou Camp remains shut.Barca players volunteered a 70 per cent reduction in wages at the end of March lasting for the duration of the state of emergency called on March 14, which is now being lifted in phases. But the measure was always only ever going to be a stop-gap while the way forward in LaLiga became clearer.Barcelona is now beginning to consider the longer-term effects of the coronavirus crisis with advertisers and sponsors looking for rebates and next season’s television deal likely to reflect the disruptions to the product felt by the audiovisual companies through this campaign.Catalan paper La Vanguardia revealed recently that the club have already drawn up two possible road maps through the next 10 months according to how well or otherwise things develop.One scenario had the stadium reopening in November.But the second scenario, now seen as more likely, meant the club kept the Nou Camp doors closed until February 2021. Some commentators close to the Catalan club have speculated that such a delay in reopening the ground, club shops and museum, as well as the drop in income from sponsors and future television deals, will mean next season’s budget could include as much as a €200 million [£174 million] fall in projected revenue.Such a drop – from €1 billion [£888 million] to €800 million [£695 million] would not be able to be sustained by a wage bill that currently exceeds €600 million [£521 million].At the start of the season, LaLiga announced its salary caps on each club according to their income. Barcelona’s was the biggest.They were allowed a wage bill of €671 million [£583 million].Real Madrid were second with a permitted spend on wages at €641 million [£557 million]. And Atletico Madrid were third, some way behind, with an allowed wage bill of €348 million [£302 million]. Barcelona can afford such an outlay on salaries all the time their revenue streams are so high.Their projected revenue for this season, which was announced last September, was over €1 billion [£888 million].They rejoiced at being the first club to go past the mark but they will fall short of that figure now.Tags: CoronavirusFC BarcelonaLa LigaNou Camplast_img read more

Wenger is full of belief

first_img “You only realise when you see it again on the big screen how unbelievable it is,” said Wenger. “It was done with such a speed, that it was impossible to defend, you would say it was played at the speed where you could play with your hands, but not your feet. “I am convinced you will see that goal (replayed) a lot.” Aaron Ramsey had been rested to the bench, but was called into action just before half-time after Mathieu Flamini suffered double vision following a clash of heads with Alex Tettey. The midfielder is now a doubt for Tuesday night’s Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund as a result. Wenger has welcomed his selection poser, with the Wales midfielder scoring his ninth goal of an impressive season to settle any late nerves after Jonny Howson had made it 2-1 on 70 minutes. “People say always you have to buy, when you have the players people say you have a problem,” the Arsenal boss added. “I believe we have a good togetherness and everybody accepts that everybody needs to play in the right periods it is down to me just to make the right decision.” Despite the final scoreline, Wenger conceded it had not all been an easy ride for his team. Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny pushed away a goal-bound 20-yard strike from Norwich midfielder Leroy Fer just before half-time, and the visitors did not lay down even after Mesut Ozil made it 2-0 with a glancing header following a quick counter attack. Eventually, though, Arsenal’s superior technical quality paid off, as Ramsey’s fine individual effort settled matters before Ozil tapped in number four with two minutes left. Norwich boss Chris Hughton tried to take solace from his team’s positive efforts, but knows the pressure will be on against Cardiff next weekend to get back to winning ways and move up the table following successive defeats, with Chelsea having won at Carrow Road before the international break. “Any time you are on the back of a couple of defeats, it is never a nice feeling and nor is being in the bottom three,” said Hughton. “However, we were in a similar position this time last season, but we have more points than we did then. “If we are looking for positives, there are plenty, but of course we have to win football matches.” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels his side’s belief will grow with every victory – but maintains they must strive to improve in order to last the distance in the Barclays Premier League title race. Wenger, though, stressed there can be no let up in focus if that form is to be maintained through fixtures which include clashes with both Liverpool and Manchester United. “We have belief. The belief is strengthened by every win,” said Wenger. “We have come out of a long period where most of the time in recent years in October we were already looking forwards (up the table) from being behind. At the moment we are in a better position, but there is a long way to go. “We just have to focus on developing as a team and keep the solidarity we have.” Arsenal had swept into the lead on 18 minutes with a goal of the highest quality. There seemed little real danger when Santi Cazorla, back in the side following an ankle injury, moved down the left, before cutting the ball back to Wilshere. It was swiftly returned to the Spaniard, who laid it off to Olivier Giroud. The France forward then exchanged a brilliant improvised one-two of flicks with Wilshere, who ran on through the yellow shirts on the edge of the penalty area to dispatch the ball past John Ruddy. Wenger admitted it took him a few replays to really appreciate the intricacy of the move. The Gunners moved two points clear at the top of the table after beating Norwich 4-1 at the Emirates Stadium, where Jack Wilshere swept in a contender for goal of the season following a superb passing exchange. It was a sixth league win from eight and an 11th in all competitions, from a start which has some Arsenal fans talking up a long-overdue sustained assault on the championship. Press Associationlast_img read more

Qualify rerouted to Goodwood

first_img Press Association Qualify is likely to run next in the Qatar Nassau Stakes at Glorious Goodwood after being a late withdrawal from the Darley Irish Oaks. Trainer Aidan O’Brien felt conditions at the Curragh were not right for his shock Investec Oaks winner. “We were very worried about the ground (at the Curragh),” the Ballydoyle handler told At The Races. center_img “We just thought it was safer to not mess up the routine and instead have a look at Goodwood. “We’re very happy with her.” last_img read more

Two killed in London Bridge terror attack, suspect shot dead

first_imgTwo people were killed, and three others were injured after a terror attack was carried out on the London Bridge in England on Friday.As of Saturday, UK counterterrorism police are searching for clues into how a man imprisoned for terrorism offenses before his release last year managed to stab several people before being tackled by bystanders and shot dead by officers.The suspect 28-year-old Usman Khan was attending a program that works to educate prisoners when he launched Friday’s attack just yards from the site of a similar terror attack, which occurred in 2017, according to London’s police counterterrorism chief.British police said they were treating the stabbings as a terrorist attack and were not actively looking for other suspects.Click here to learn more.last_img