Neko Atsume Launches Even More Kitty Goods to Feed Your Feline Obsession

first_img Firefighters Respond to Fire Alarm at Shelter, Discover Cat Triggered ItCat Gets Stuck in Washing Machine for 35-Minute Cycle Stay on target Why stop at collecting virtual cats on your phone when you can attract real cats to your home with the same adorable items? Clearly, this is the right life choice to make.Any cat lover can get on board with this new slew of Neko Atsume kitty goods designed to keep your furry pets entertained and happy (until the fat one shows up and eats all the food).With over 10 million downloads and counting, Neko Atsume was the app game that took the phone app world by storm last year, as users tried to attract different kittens to their virtual yards by putting out cute play things, food, and beds for their feline friends.AdChoices广告Now with this new collaboration from Japanese pet brand Petio, you can relive the glory of the cutest cat game in real life.Is your kitten not animated enough for your tastes? Give it the smiling eyes of a Neko Atsume kitty by plopping this hood on to turn it into one of the cats from the game!Remember at the beginning of the game when you only had enough coins for simple round cat beds? Now you can have them IRL with the addition of a cute cat face plush for your cat to rest on!Want something a little more deluxe? Have no fear, for the fancy sheep cushion and pyramid cat beds, are here!Previously, Petio released other items from Neko Atsume, which we feel like you need to see again just in case you don’t remember how ridiculously adorable it all was:Every cat loves the crinkly satisfaction of these tubes. Get two cats in there, and it will look like you have one long sausage cat, just like in the game!Who can forget the adorable little toys from the game? However, we know cats prefer to play with your socks and underwear more than they would ever want a cute toy you ordered from Japan for them.And of course, what Neko Atsume home would be complete without these little houses for them to rest in or on? The House and Cafe designs are almost unbearably cute.You can find all of these items on Petio’s website, with links to buy that will lead you to Rakuten. The Neko Atsume game is available on iOS and Google Play.last_img read more