Greplin launches makes your life more searchable

first_imgPerforming a search on the Internet can be a haphazard affair. You know what you are looking for, but the search results brought up by your favorite search engine are filled with links that don’t lead to the information you are after. Refining your search helps, but then it can still be a hit and miss affair and the results are never matched to you.There’s another emerging problem for the individual user who relies more and more on web based services. With growing amounts of information stored in services like Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Facebook, to name but a few, how on earth do you keep track of it all, or find something specific within this mass of data?AdChoices广告Doing a Google search isn’t going to help much as it’s not specific enough and doesn’t have access to your secure accounts. You could go through each service and manually look for what you want, but that’s time consuming and there’s no guarantee of success. What we need is a search service just for your stuff. That’s where Greplin comes in.The concept of Greplin is quite simple: it allows you to search through the data on your services exclusively. It’s a personal search service where you decide what’s included with no outside links appearing.To use Greplin you have to register for free and then start adding the services you want to search to it. For the free account this includes the following services:GmailGoogle DocsGoogle CalendarFacebookTwitterDropboxLinkedInSign up for the Premium ($49.99 a year) or the Premium Plus ($149.99 a year) accounts and you get more services indexed and the ability to store more data on Greplin about each. For most individuals, though, the free account will be more than enough. The services available on a premium plan are desirable mainly for business and the web worker crowds. The premium services list includes:Google Apps MailGoogle Apps CalendarGoogle Apps ContactsEvernoteYammerSalesforceHighriseThere’s also the following services coming soon, the majority of which we hope will be available on the free account:Box.netBasecampGoogle VoiceGoogle ReaderAlthough Greplin needs access to the data on your different services, its privacy policy states that information will never be shared with a third party and that same policy has been certified by the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program. That’s important due to the personal nature of the data being shared here.Whether Greplin is useful or not to you as a search solution depends on how much you rely on the services it supports. If you have ever needed to do any of the following quickly, then there’s some value in signing up for a free account:Find someone on LinkedIn you know is already a contact, but you only remember their first nameHave stored a file in Dropbox, but forgotten where you put itWant to find a specific message you were sent over Twitter last year/month/weekThe date meeting X is taking place as listed in your Google CalendarYou can find such information within each service, but if you type a related keyword into the Greplin search box the link will appear almost immediately saving you a lot of time and effort.Greplin was created by 19-year-old Daniel Gross and 27-year-old Robby Walker who previously sold his company Zenter to Google. The two co-founders have already received the backing of Y Combinator and received $5 million of investment. Angel funding came from Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, and Chris Dixon from Square. In other words, it has some serious backers who obviously believe in the value of this personal search service.Regsiter for free and start searching your online life with Greplin. You can also read an interview with Daniel Gross over at Inc.last_img read more