first_img Google+ E-Headlines Tumblr LinkedIn 0 Email Facebook Twittercenter_img Share. Many businesses who are looking to boost their sales, make themselves more dominant in their niche markets, and increase their revenues, seek to incorporate online marketing campaigns in their marketing strategies. This is usually through email marketing, social media marketing and search engine advertising. The purpose of the online marketing campaign is to direct paid traffic to their websites, often with a call to action, and result in direct conversions either through sales or subscriptions. It is often done together with other strategies like Search Engine Marketing directing organic traffic to the site.What makes an online marketing campaign successful?To have a successful digital marketing campaign, you need to know the metrics that indicate whether your campaign is going to be successful or not. You need to know how PPC marketing campaign works.A successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign is one in which gets the most return on their investment. This return is often in the form of conversion rates in relation to the amount of money spent on the campaign.Two important metrics to monitorYou need an ad tracking tool like Ad watcher to give you detailed summary reports on the performance of your ads on multiple platforms. The following are the most important factors to look out for when you are launching an online marketing campaign:Quality ScoreRanging from 1-10, with 10 being the highest, quality scores indicate the quality of the ad you have put up and how high it will be ranked and how frequently it is viewed.To get a good quality score, you need to use relevant keywords on the ad title and copy, and have an attractive website layout with captivating content that makes visitors stay longer. When visitors stay longer on your site, the bounce rates are low and the chances that that visit will lead to a successful conversion significantly rises.The keywords used should be relevant and useful to the products being advertised in order to achieve conversions from the traffic coming in from the campaign. Having relevant keywords improves the quality score of your ad and how high the as it will be ranked and how often it shows up.Ad tracking tools will give you interfaces to monitor the performance of your keywords; know which ones are leading to sales and those that are leading to invalid clicks.The Cost-Per-ClickThe cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount of money you are charged for one paid visitor to your landing page. For example, if your CPC is $1, for an online marketing budget of $1000, your campaign will reach 1000. If the CPC goes to as low as $0.5, the traffic increases to 2000. Thus, a lower CPC results in higher traffic for a given budget.If you are able to lower your CPC, then you get more traffic for less money.You should know the cost per click of all your ads on all platforms and give you a comparative report so you know which campaigns are driving up your sales and which ones are not. From that, you can then make an informed decision on where to invest more. Pinterest on March 15, 2018 By CBN WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN LAUNCHING AN ONLINE MARKETING CAMPAIGN last_img read more