Hachette Penguin Simon Schuster to launch Bookish

first_imgWith the PlayStation Network still down after a couple of frustrating weeks for those PSN-heavy users, many people are finding themselves with free time on their hands. Perhaps it’s time to go outside and read a book. But where do you start if you don’t already have a pile of books stacking up in your “To Read” pile? A new site, set to be released towards the end of summer, is aiming to answer the question of what should I read next?A super-group of publishers made up of Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group, and Hachette Book Group, are gearing up to launch the game-changing site, Bookish. The creators of the site are hoping this will be the go-to site for everything book-related, much as IMDB.com is for movies. Bookish will feature book reviews, excerpts, author news, news of upcoming book releases, breaking news, interviews, and more. It will work much like the way Pandora or Netflix does, where the more information and feedback you give the site, the more specified recommendations you’ll get back from it.AdChoices广告Though the the social aspects aren’t haven’t really been made public yet, there will most definitely be a way to recommend books to friends, and there will certainly be a way to share reviews and other information on the usual social sites, like Facebook and Twitter.The AOL Huffington Post Media Group will be behind the advertisement sales, and traffic will be brought to Bookish via its digital channels.Carolyn Reidy, president and chief executive of Simon & Schuster, told the New York Times that the current discovery of books in the “physical environment” needs to be recreated so that it can happen online, something which Reidy said isn’t currently happening. The NYT said that the publishing companies envision that Bookish will be for books what Pitchfork.com is for music in terms of reviews and information. Bookish, unlike Pitchfork, will also have a sales aspect to it. The site will sell both physical and digital books.Going to Bookish.com currently brings you to a sign-up page, as seen above. The Bookish landing page will be updated each week until the site is officially launched. It will offer weekly questions related to “your passion for books,” which seems like a good way for the site to cull information about its future users before the site actually launches. The current question asks users what book they remember most from their childhood.There have been other sites along the same lines in the literature field, but with such big names as the three publishers listed above and AOL, Bookish seems like it has a lot of potential to be the go-to site in which the companies hope it will be.Bookish Via New York Times, and Publisher’s Weeklylast_img read more