MH370 Cyclone Jack spins up problems

first_imgOnly hours after authorities announced more military forces would join the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the search was put on hold yesterday due to a tropical cyclone over the Indian Ocean. Authorities believe that sonar signals detected in the Indian Ocean search a few weeks ago may have come from the aircraft’s black-box recorder, although any conclusive evidence of the plane’s location is yet to be found, in what is becoming the most expensive search in aviation history. Furthermore, the setback of cyclone Jack came as a USD $4 million US submarine drone, Bluefin-21, said the be the search mission’s most promising aid, was due to complete its search tomorrow, although it had not come across any sign of wreckage so far. The daily search raids by sea and air have continued for a week since Australian authorities said they would stop that part of the search, The Guardian reported.center_img “It has been determined that the current weather conditions are resulting in heavy seas and poor visibility, and would make any air search activities ineffective and potentially hazardous,” a representative for the Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre said. Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovichlast_img read more