Video of new Motorola smartphone appears ahead of Galaxy S4 launch

first_imgEither Motorola has planted a substantial leak on the eve of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, or this Vietnamese hardware vlogger is in trouble. Whatever the case may be, we can see a new Motorola phone on the horizon, and it’s looking pretty sweet.Motorola hopefuls have been waiting and waiting for the often whispered X Phone. As Google approaches the end of the 18 month pipeline of hardware that was inherited at the time of purchasing the company, fans of what is to come are hoping for a spectacular new phone that may even be worthy of Nexus branding.There’s never been any hard evidence of a Motorola phone in production yet, but there’s more than enough speculation to keep people talking as Moto’s competitors play their hands. If this video is any indication, even if this isn’t the X Phone, Motorola is clearly headed deeper into Stock Android territory.The phone on display is a Snapdragon S4 Pro powered device that is all but Stock Android, running at least Android 4.2. The phone is packing 2GB of RAM under its 4.65″ 720p AMOLED display at 320ppi. In terms of hardware specs alone, the phone seems to very closely emulate the Nexus 4. The design shown here is pretty different from Motorola’s current design schema, opting for soft curves and a matte backing over the highly industrial look of the current RAZR line. The phone is obviously running on a GSM carrier, which could mean that it would be available to more than just Verizon Wireless customers if it is meant to hit the states.The phone is briefly compared to an iPhone 5 in the video, and you can clearly see how nice and thin it is. The curved backing is a new design choice for Motorola, but it allows the camera and flash to lay flush with the phone. There doesn’t appear to be a volume rocker in the casing, which raises some questions about how you would do things like take screenshots or quickly mute the handset when a call was coming in. It’s possible that what we see here in this video is an unfinished product or a casing over the real phone, as it is clear the screen cover is hiding the front facing camera and the user in this video was never touching the actual glass.Motorola releasing what is basically a Nexus 4 right now would put it up against more than a few 1080p phones using Qualcomm’s next generation of processors, which would be difficult. It is possible that this phone is meant to be offered as a mid range handset, but the rest of the hardware seems more than capable. It’s also possible that this is the last phone in Motorola’s pipeline before we start seeing devices made entirely under Google’s influence, which would only further indicate that the often rumored X Phone is much further away than initially rumored.Until we know more, this unreleased phone will continue to be an interesting mystery.last_img read more