The Party’s Just Begun: Phish Makes Their Mission Clear On Baker’s Dozen Night One At MSG

first_imgShake your coconuts, coco boys and coco girls–this party’s just begun! The moment is now, the day is here, and Phish‘s “Baker’s Dozen” residency at Madison Square Garden in New York City is finally, officially, underway. Earlier in the day, the band announced via their socials that they would be distributing donuts–real, edible, actual donuts–to their MSG guests as they arrive each night, a new flavor for each of the 13 days. Friday’s flavor: Coconut. Why does the kind of snacks the band gave out pre-show matter to the music? Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense soon…The band got the ball rolling on the first of 26 Baker’s Dozen sets with the Phish debut of “Shake Your Coconuts,” an obscure 2003 “call to party” by Danish pop duo Junior Senior. With the last notes of the opener still ringing, Page McConnell launched the vocal sample for “Martian Monster.” After all, the Garden faithful had been selected as the first astronauts to explore the planet Baker’s Dozen. With the Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House track making its second appearance of the summer after landing during Northerly Island night two. This particular Martian trip may have been short, but the band took visible pleasure in the irony of the lyrics as they embarked on the longest single run in their history.Next up was a slow-boiling “Timber (Jerry),” whose impending visit was foreshadowed with heavy teases during the not-so-simple “Simple” from Chicago. The Phish rode that Arkansas mule for 8+ minutes of focused type-1 improv, culminating in an anthemic build toward the first of night 1’s many grandiose peaks. A straightforward “555” came next, with some amusing antics coming at the song’s end, as Trey Anastasio cheekily asked the crowd “are we tired yet?” The audience roar that erupted in response answered Trey’s inquiry emphatically. Hell no, Trey. Hell no. After a long pause, the band counted into their next tune, but after a few drum beats, the “song” was abruptly cut short, with Trey introducing “Mr. Jon Fishman” behind the kit. Fishman responded to the mulligan in kind, joking “that might be our greatest composition yet.”Sunny TAB ditty “Pigtail” followed, just its fourth appearance in the Phish setting–and its fourth successively better rendition. “Pigtail” will end up being a great Phish tune. Mark it. “Halfway To The Moon” followed, and it seemed that many fans were halfway to the bathroom when, suddenly, “Halfway” launched into orbit, with Trey and Page flexing their musical muscles and Chris Kuroda showing off his spectacular new rig, which moves, spins, and generally blows last year’s LED screen setup out of the water. We’re way beyond “stage lighting” this year, as Kuroda’s new toys encompass the entire arena, making for a jaw-dropping, 360-degree spectacle. The whole damn room lights up this year, guys [early review of the rig: 5-out-of-5 gooogley-eye emojis].After an extended stop, the band kicked into the first classic Phish epic of the evening, “Reba.” After nailing the song’s complex composed parts, the band built out a typically high-flying jam, before skipping the tune’s whistling outro and opting instead for what was perhaps the evening’s most exciting song selection: David Bowie‘s “Moonage Daydream.” The first tune from last Halloween’s Ziggy Stardust costume set to appear since made an emphatic statement. Bobbing and weaving and shrugging off hits with the supreme confidence of a champion prize fighter, Trey lathered the “Moonage” jam with meaty guitar flourishes. For our purposes here, we can go ahead and call this tune Part 1-of-many in a forthcoming series entitled “Why You Really Just Have To Go To All The Shows.” A typically ripping “Walls Of The Cave” followed to close the set, leaving high expectations for what was to come.An opening night “Tweezer” was near the top of many fans’ “guess list” for night one, and the familiar opening riff of the Picture of Nectar favorite prompted an ecstatic reaction from the audience. This 16+ minute “Tweezer” excursion packed an entertaining punch, Kurodas arena-enveloping visuals once again adding some extra “wow” factor. The band built “Tweezer” into a calculated groove, with Trey flutters foaming up over the top before Page and Fishman pushed the jam into “bliss” territory and, subsequently, into a classic “Tweezer” peak. Finally, Fish took the reins once again, driving the band into “Seven Below” for the second improvisational excursion in as many songs to start set two. “Seven Below” reached some great, minimal, synth-led 80s grooves that evoked a Phil Collins-type sound (think “In The Air Tonight”) with Page absolutely blaring as the song built to another impressive climax. While far from all-time versions, both jams highlighted Phish’s intentions for the run to come: Each member of the band was trying things, taking risks, connecting in different ways, pushing each other. We may not be “there” just yet, but it’s clear the band is determined to make this unprecedented residency something truly special.A “Billy” breather came next, sucking some of the air out of a great set-opening pair of jams, before moving into “Sparkle,” which built to its cacophonous apex with a little more intent and purpose than your average “Sparkle,” if you’re into that kind of thing.With the third-quarter breathers out of the way, Phish launched into “Everything’s Right,” one of the strongest songs from a selection of early Summer 2017 debuts. The song once again got the improv treatment, with Mike Gordon serving as the locomotive and Trey milking his previously-established 80s arena rocker finesse to fantastic effect before guiding the band into a towering “Slave,” which may or may not have made this writer shed a few emotionally-gobsmacked tears, before a tight-and-funky “Suzy Greenberg” appeared to end the set. However, since these are no ordinary Phish shows, the band had one more surprise in store–the debut of an a cappella rendition/quasi-vocal jam on ubiquitous tropical chant “Coconut” (original by Harry Nilsson), which saw the clearly-amused foursome put the lime right into the coconut as they held back giddy smiles–almost like they know something we don’t know…That was when the big picture began to come into focus for all in attendance. Friday’s donut: Coconut creme. The opener: “Shake Your Coconuts.” The closer: “Coconut.” “Coconuts” in “Reba.” Starting to see a pattern? Just like that, the “Baker’s Dozen” mission was clear: 13 nights. 13 donuts. 13 special shows.The band returned for their encore with a rare “Mango Song,” which made a welcome appearance despite Trey’s usual struggles on the tune’s tricky guitar theme before ceding to a red-hot “Good Times, Bad Times,” in which Trey reminded everyone who’s boss, and restored whatever faith may have been lost during the “Mango” flubbery.It’s difficult to digest this show as a single, isolated performance. If this was a one-off–a lonely donut, if you will–it’s likely a lot more fans might feel like the show left something to be desired. But this show felt perfect as the start of something big. So come on down to MSG. We’re only one night in, but make no mistake–the “Baker’s Dozen” is already a thing, and it’s pretty fantastic so far. [Plus, tonight’s missing “Tweeprise” promises to make a big return in a couple weeks]. This run already feels intentive and significant. It’s the mo-fuckin’ Bakers Dozen–There will be no repeats. There will be no prisoners. Let’s do this. See you all tonight!(Saturday’s donut is Strawberry, for those keeping track. Look out for a thick Strawberry Goo mudslide, coming in hot.)You can check out a gallery of photos from Baker’s Dozen Night 1 below, via Andrew Blackstein.Hot Takes:REPEAT WATCH: 0 so far, since it’s only night one. But considering all the new tunes, covers, rare covers, and more, it sure looks like we won’t see any.TODAY’S DONUT: Coconut (“Shake Your Coconuts,”, “Reba”, “Coconut”)WE TIRED YET?: Hell no.SETLIST: Phish | Baker’s Dozen Night 1 | Madison Square Garden | New York City, NY | 7/21/17I: Shake Your Coconuts[1], Martian Monster, Timber Ho! > 555, Pigtail, Halfway to the Moon, Reba[2], Moonage Daydream, Walls of the CaveII: Tweezer > Seven Below > Billy Breathes > Sparkle, Everything’s Right > Slave to the Traffic Light, Suzy Greenberg, Coconut[1]E: The Mango Song, Good Times Bad Times[1] Phish debut.[2] No whistling.If you’re heading to New York for Phish’s 13-night Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden, don’t miss all the incredible late night shows going on in the City during the run! Check out Our Official Guide To Baker’s Dozen Late-Nights for all the info.Live For Live Music Phish Baker’s Dozen Run Late-Night ShowsJuly 20, 21, & 22 – Twiddle @ Irving Plaza (tix) *July 22 – The Werks @ American Beauty (tix)July 22 – Circles Around The Sun @ Gramercy Theatre (SOLD OUT)July 23 – Circles Around The Sun (early brunch show) @ Brooklyn Bowl (tix) #July 25 – Turkuaz at Irving Plaza (tix) *July 28 – Dopapod @ Gramercy Theater (tix) *July 28 – James Brown Dance Party – 2 Shows @ Highline Ballroom (early tix/late tix) *July 29 – Dopapod @ Gramercy (tix) *July 29 – Perpetual Groove @ BB King Blues Club (tix)Aug 2 – Matisyahu @ The Cutting Room (tix) *Aug 3 – Greensky Bluegrass w/ Marco Benevento @ Ford Amphitheatre At Coney Island Boardwalk (tix) **Aug 4 – “Kraz & Taz” – Eric Krasno Band w/ Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band @ The Cutting Room (tix)Aug 5 – Spafford @ BB King Blues Club (SOLD OUT)* (L4LM & CEG Presents)**(L4LM & Live Nation Presents)# (L4LM & Brooklyn Bowl Presents) Load remaining images SETLIST: Phish | Baker’s Dozen Night 1 | Madison Square Garden | New York City, NY | 7/21/17 | Andrew Blacksteinlast_img read more

Rivalry to decide Big Ten champ

first_imgAs the 2007 football season winds down, the lone Saturday remaining onthe Big Ten’s regular season schedule is arguably its most exciting.This is rivalry week, and for many schools — even those floundering atthe bottom of the conference ranks — this final weekend serves as anopportunity to recapture some much needed pride.In the case of Ohio State and Michigan — to fight for a championshiptrophy.”We’re excited about taking part in the greatest rivalry in collegefootball,” Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel said during the conference’sweekly teleconference. “We’re anxious to get back on the field and anxious tobe a part of this great game and the pageantry and excitement that surroundsit.”Saturday’s matchup between Tressel’s 10-1 Buckeyes and the 8-3Wolverines is the 104th meeting of the teams. This year, like in many yearspast, the winner will be crowned Big Tenchampion. Both squads are 6-1 in conference play, and both are coming off upsetlosses at the hands of Illinois and Wisconsin, respectively.One of the key factors in Saturday’s historic matchup will be thepresence — or possible lack thereof — of Michigan’s starting quarterback ChadHenne and running back Mike Hart. Both players have had injury-plagued 2007seasons.According to head coach Lloyd Carr, both will be game-time decisions.”If you look at the history of this season as far as those two kids andtheir injuries, it’s really been a decision made very, very late in the weekeach week, so I don’t see that changing,” Carr said.But Jim Tressel isn’t buying Carr’s indecisiveness.”We know they’re going to play, simply because they’re great kids,”Tressel said. “Those are as tough of guys as there are in college football …and unless some [doctor] tells them they’re not allowed, they’ll be out there.”Battle for the AxeWhile Ohio State and Michigan duke it out, the Badgers trek to Minnesotato battle the struggling Golden Gophers at the Minneapolis Metrodome, hoping tokeep Paul Bunyan’s axe on this side of the state line. Saturday will mark the117th time the Badgers have gone head-to-head with the Gophers, and coach BretBielema says he’s been emphasizing the importance of the game and its historyto his players this week, dubbing the matchup a “border war.””It means a lot for the fans and the alumni,” Bielema said. “We give ourguys an opportunity to touch the axe coming and going from the field … and it’ssomething at the end of the game to be able to carry it around and show it offto the crowd — it’s something special and we definitely emphasize that to ourplayers.”Minnesota head coach Jim Brewster agreed.”It’s a rivalry game. It’s very important toall Minnesotans and also people from the state of Wisconsin, so it [should] bean exciting day on Saturday,” Brewster said.Insearch of bowl berthsElsewhere in the Big Ten, a number of teams will be scratching andclawing just to reach a bowl game. The 2007 season marks the first time inconference history the Big Ten has had 10 teams eligible for bowl bids.Only the beleaguered Golden Gophers, with one win on the year and a 0-7conference record, are ineligible for a bowl.Postseason implications will be huge when Michigan State hosts PennState. The game will likely prove more crucial for Michigan State, which is 6-5overall but a paltry 2-5 in conference and needs a win to have a realistic shotat its first bowl appearance since 2003.The Nittany Lions (8-3 overall, 4-3 Big Ten) are looking for a possibleupgrade to one of the Big Ten’s coveted New Year’s Day bowl slots, pending avictory.Purdue, Northwestern, Indiana and Iowa round out the remaining 10 teamswith at least six wins this season and bowl bids on the line.Indiana coach Bill Lynch echoed the overall sentiment of the rest of hisBig Ten colleagues, maintaining his team will put its heart and soul into itsfinal game, regardless of the current standings or the outcome.“Any rivalry game is important,” Lynch said. “Not only to the current players and coaches … but it means a great deal to all the former players and coaches and all of your alums. We’re certainly looking forward to the challenge.”last_img read more

Jorge Masvidal glad to see Colby Covington’s jaw break, vows to ‘baptize’ Conor McGregor

first_img FOLLOW US Written By LIVE TV COMMENT First Published: 22nd December, 2019 18:05 IST Last Updated: 22nd December, 2019 18:05 IST Jorge Masvidal Glad To See Colby Covington’s Jaw Break, Vows To ‘baptize’ Conor McGregor Jorge Masvidal is glad that arch-rival Colby Covington got his jaw broken by Kamaru Usman and added that he will baptize Conor McGregor next. Watch the video. Danish Ansari SUBSCRIBE TO US While there is still no official word on who will be Jorge Masvidal’s next opponent, Conor McGregor will make his long-awaited return to the cage on January 18, 2020 as the UFC 246 headliner against Donald Cerrone in a welterweight bout at Las Vegas.Also Read | UFC: Dana White Confirms That Conor McGregor Wants To Fight Jorge Masvidal At 170 Lbs WATCH US LIVE Christmas came early for UFC’s BMF champion Jorge Masvidal as former friend-turned-foe Colby Covington got beaten, battered and bruised at the hands of ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Kamaru Usman at the main event of UFC 245. In an interview with Jim Rome, Masvidal stated that even though he personally wanted to hurt Colby Covington, he is still happy that the outspoken one got his jaw broken because he feels Colby Covington deserved it.Also Read | Conor McGregor Reacts To Kamaru Usman’s Title Defense Against Colby Covington At UFC 245It was just over a year ago that Jorge Masvidal cornered his longtime friend and training partner Colby Covington in his fight against Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 225 for the interim title. Since then, the two have had bad blood with Masvidal dishing out some heavy dirt on Colby Covington for allegedly robbing their coach. Both sides have been trading vicious insults and taunts.Also Read | Colby Covington Blasts Referee Marc Goddard For Loss To Kamaru Usman At UFC 245UFC News: What is next for Jorge Masvidal?Jorge Masvidal recently confirmed that he has his sights set on the reigning UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman but before he goes for the title, he wants to ‘baptize’ Conor McGregor. He stated that he had a long journey spanning over 16 years. Masvidal added that he wishes to be rewarded handsomely in the sport so the fight that gets the biggest zeroes attached to it could be the fight that he takes. He further stated that what the world is looking for at the moment is for Conor McGregor to suffer and get chastised for some of the things that he has done in public. He guaranteed that everyone will feel sorry for him after that fight happens. Jorge Masvidal further added that the fans will forgive him after the fight and that his baptisms are going to be a little extra for McGregor. Also Read | With Eyes On Big Fights, Jorge Masvidal To Gun For Nick Diaz And Conor McGregor?Jorge Masvidal’s latest interviewlast_img read more