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first_img SharePrint Bartolo further explained that the party leader cannot be surrounded with people who obediently obey the leader. He spoke about the status quo within the party, describing the vote on Saturday as a starting point. Bartolo explained that in today’s vote, those eligible should keep in their mind the interest of the country and party. He asked them to keep in mind the electoral results, and the trust survey, saying that a prime minister is not elected by the party’s paid-up members but by the electorate. He warned against putting the party at risk and the possibility that Partit Laburista garners two-thirds of the vote in the next general election.Bartolo said that people do not leave the PN because they have elsewhere to go to, but leave because they have nothing to vote for. He appealed to councillors, saying that one should focus on that which unites them and not divide them. Both general election candidates Ivan Bartolo and Justin Schembri spoke of Partit Nazzjonalista and Malta’s democracy, during their 15 minute address in the extraordinary general council meeting on Saturday morning.The morning session was closed off with Partit Nazzjonalista’s leader Adrian Delia’s speech who said that over the past four weeks he has discovered the soul of the party as he met with the councillors ahead of the vote.Partit Nazzjonalista’s General Council president Kristy Debono opened the extraordinary general council meeting at the party’s headquarters in Pietà, which was convened after some 200 councillors presented a petition asking for a secret vote on Adrian Delia’s leadership, only to be followed by another petition expressing support to the embattled leader.Nationalist councillors are being asked whether they would like Adrian Delia to continue leading the party until the next general election, during today’s session. A question which was agreed upon during the last executive committee meeting. The voting opened at 10am and will be closed at 6pm, with the results expected at around 8pm.READ: PN Extraordinary General Council meets for confidence vote on Adrian Delia “Keep the country in mind; take a look at the electoral results and trust survey’ -Ivan BartoloIvan Bartolo said that the vote on Saturday is important, both for the country and democracy, as he warned that in a future election the party could be decimated if it does not present a true alternative. Bartolo explained why he associates himself with the Nationalist Party, saying that unlike others the PN is not a party which believes in having a king and a leader surrounded with ‘yes men’.As Ivan Bartolo took the stage, the crowd present booed, Delia said “If you don’t want to listen, you can leave.” At various instances those present in the room, jeered at Bartolo. ‘I’ve discovered the soul of the party’ – DeliaDuring the Saturday morning session, Delia said that through his meetings with the councillors he found something precious. He explained that the fifteen minute meetings sometimes took over an hour, as recalled meetings with particular councillors. He said that what emerged was a lot of pain, which concerned him.The Nationalist leader said that Partit Nazzjonalista will be 140 years old next year, claiming that there are some people out there that do not want to see the party celebrating its glorious history. He explained that Saturday’s vote goes beyond voting yes or no for Delia, but is a ‘yes to PN, yes to politics which brings hope, yes to stop spreading hatred’.Delia harped about the readiness to make the necessary changes, saying that as from tomorrow the party is willing to implement the necessary reforms so that the party does not appeal to the few. Further he claimed that the paid-up members knew what they were doing when they elected him as leader, and that is they were giving the party back to the people.Speaking about democracy, Delia said that he truly believes in it, explaining that there is the need to discuss ideas and move forward. The Nationalist leader claimed that ‘pseudo-democracy’ is when you ride roughshod over those who do not agree with you. Adding that when the people vote, then the vote needs to be respected and one has to move forward.Electoral Commission President Francis Zammit Dimech explained the logistics of today’s vote.Read more:Listen: Delia must go – Joseph GrechListen: Delia should stay – Thomas De MartinoWatch: “Ask for a vote of confidence” – Gonzi to DeliaWatch: Will you resign Mr Delia? NoDelia’s right-hand man accused of using fake profiles to harass PN MPsPN Executive to meet next Tuesday to discuss General CouncilMysterious ‘PN Grandee’ part of PN Leader’s proposal to Executive Committee?Watch: “What happens at the Executive, stays within the Executive”Mifsud Bonnici becomes President of PN Administrative Council; Perici Calascione President of Executive CommitteeWatch: PN receives five nominations for three vacant postsWhatsApp ‘One cannot save the country’s democracy, if the party’s internal democracy isn’t saved’ – Justin SchembriDuring his speech Justin Schembri claimed that one cannot save the country’s democracy if they could not save the party’s internal democracy. According to Schembri, those who believe in democracy should believe in one leader. Adding that Delia is so convinced in democracy, that today they have a choice to save their ‘glorious party’. Schembri contended that he is there to defend democracy and the rule of law, saying that it is with great sadness that the party is going through such moments. He argued that he is there to defend the party’s emblem, in front of which, they have to bow.Schembri also spoke about the reforms which the PN needs, saying that past glory is not always relevant to the future, as he explained that is why Louis Galea was entrusted with the reform. He claimed that the party is divided into two factions, and asked whether they intend to go to the next general election divided, likening the situation to the May elections.Listen to Schembri’s speech:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more