HoloLens makes you look like a huge creepy dork

first_imgWe’ve had a few weeks to play with Microsoft HoloLens (and you can see my more detailed and technical write-up of the device on PCMag.com). I think it’s a really impressive concept that is coherent and developed enough to prove that it has a future but has some technical hurdles to overcome before it can have a chance with consumers. Its biggest weakness is that the display only takes up a small part of the center of your field of view. Its second biggest weakness is that using it makes you look super crazy.This is what I look like using Microsoft HoloLens. Which means that, if you get a chance to try it, this is what you look like using Microsoft HoloLens.Working with the HoloLens requires two gestures, Bloom and Air-tap. Bloom involves holding your hand, fingers closed and pointed up, and then opening your fingers to make them bloom like a flower. It’s hard to do it without saying, “Magic!” It acts as the HoloLens’ Start button and brings up the Start menu. Air-tap involves holding your index finger out, then bending it down. It registers best when you tap it against your thumb, which makes me want to accompany each Air-tap with “I’m crushing your head!”Both gestures look pretty stupid in front of your face when you’re trying to manipulate objects with the HoloLens. The gestures look completely crazy when someone else sees you trying to manipulate objects with the HoloLens because those objects are completely invisible and can only be seen through the visor.Behold the future of computing!last_img read more