GuySuCo’s Board inapt

first_imgDear Editor,In reading Tony Morgan’s letter titled “GuySuCo new Board, fresh ideas and decades of experience”, which was published in Guyana Times’ March 16, 2018 edition, I could only conclude that before he penned this letter, the gentleman did not read the article in the March 15 edition of Guyana Times captioned “Nothing wrong with ‘inexperienced’ GuySuCo Board – Junior Finance Minister”, and in another section of the media, “Cabinet member annoyed at NICIL ad on new GuySuCo board – says final decision still to be taken”, respectively.Had Morgan read the article in Guyana Times, he would have recognised that it was no other than the Junior Minister of Finance who acknowledged that nothing is wrong with inexperienced people being appointed on GuySuCo board; so his conclusion from reviewing the information as shown in the full-page ad — “that one can gather that this new board is filled with years of experience in the sugar industry” — is plainly wrong.Had he read the article in the other section of the media, he would have known that Cabinet is yet to approve the appointment of the new board; as such, his insert that “Cabinet did well in the selection of this new Board” is again erroneous.Morgan, in his letter, further extolled that the board is “well balanced in age”. What does age have to do with the performance of this board, when the key success factors depend on the quality of contribution by each member, and such contribution is highly dependent on the knowledge and experience of the sugar industry? He further stated that the new board has three former directors, and these “veteran, in retrospection, should be able to show the new blood where things have gone bad and where the Board was able to have success in the past”.What “success in the past” can these three “veterans” show the “new blood,” when sugar production for the three years that they served on the previous board declined from 231,000 tonnes in 2015 to 137,000 in 2017? When the sugar industry was miniaturized? And when over 7,000 workers were displaced? Why, when these veterans were on the previous board, could they not have seen “where things have gone bad”, but they could now show the “new blood” where “things have gone bad” when they were there?It is obvious that Tony Morgan wrote the letter based on sentiments, but not on facts.Yours faithfully,Selwyn Narinedattlast_img read more


first_imgVeteran runner Ciaran Doherty, Cruit has set a new course record for the Burtonport 5K winning the race in a time of 14.34.Ciaran Doherty comes home in a new record time.Well done to Kevin Mc Gee, Dungloe on winning the M40 category, to Niamh Mc Enhill, Doire na Mainséar on being the first Rosses lady to finish and to Jamie Mc Gee, Annagry on winning the Junior category.More than 150 runners took part in the race in challenging conditions. Place Time No. FirstName Surname Category Club1 14.34 29 Ciaran Doherty SM Letterkenny A.C.2 15.30 7 Ivan Toner SM Letterkenny A.C.3 16.26 55 Pauric Breslin SM Letterkenny A.C. 4 16.39 27 Noel diver SM Rosses A.C.5 16.49 114 john mcCallion SM Individual6 16.58 33 Raymond Birch SM Letterkenny A.C.7 16.59 104 Garath Kerrigan SM Milford A C8 17.03 150 kevin Mcgee M40+ Rosses A.C. 9 17.07 15 Colm Mc Nulty M40+ Finn Valley A.C.10 17.17 2 Bill Duncan M45+ Lifford AC11 17.21 24 Liam Murray SM Individual12 17.27 23 Ciaran O’Donnell M45+ Letterkenny A.C. 13 17.30 39 Dominic Bonner M50+ Finn Valley A.C.14 17.40 8 Darren Price SM Letterkenny A.C.Who cares about the rain. These brave runners all took part in the Burtonport 5K15 17.41 158 barry coyle SM Individual16 17.55 142 Edward harkin SM Rosses A.C.17 17.57 99 Eamonn O’Donnell SM Rosses A.C.18 18.04 147 Jamie Mcgee JM Individual19 18.13 35 Oscar maloney/Daly JM Individual20 18.14 108 Damien McBride SM Milford A C21 18.18 109 Gerard McGetting M50+ Milford A C22 18.23 144 Adrian Ward M40+ Rosses A.C.23 18.30 5 Paul Gallagher SM Individual24 18.53 107 Ray McGrory SM Milford A C25 18.59 45 Brian Mc Bride M40+ Individual26 19.03 20 Sinead Peoples SW Letterkenny A.C.27 19.04 153 Fergal mcgee SM Rosses A.C.22 July 2014Place Time No. FirstName Surname Category Club28 19.05 75 Sean Paul Byrne M40+ Finn Valley A.C.29 19.06 63 Barry Gallagher SM Finn Valley A.C.30 19.07 86 Cathal Harvey SM Individual31 19.08 48 Martin Anderson M45+ Finn Valley A.C.32 19.09 112 Eamonn Friel SM Individual33 19.11 34 Barry Mackey M50+ Individual34 19.21 125 jack Scally SM Individual35 19.22 10 Darrell Dunlevey SM Rosses A.C.36 19.37 19 Marie Boyle SW Letterkenny A.C.37 19.38 149 Denis Bonner M40+ Rosses A.C.38 19.40 22 Brian Mc Gonagle M45+ Individual39 19.41 6 Jane Mc Ginely SW Letterkenny A.C.40 19.42 30 Teresa McGloin SW Finn Valley A.C.41 19.43 50 Alan Catterson M40+ Finn Valley A.C.42 19.45 128 Eddie Sweeney SM Individual43 19.47 155 Brendan Galckin SM Individual44 19.49 89 Colly O’Donnell M40+ Letterkenny A.C.45 19.50 28 Donal Haughey M50+ Tír Chonaill AC46 19.51 160 patrick Trimble M40+ Individual47 20.05 73 Andrew Scanlon M45+ Finn Valley A.C.48 20.07 52 Sean O’Leary M50+ Finn Valley A.C.49 20.15 81 Shauna McGeehan SW Letterkenny A.C.50 20.22 110 John Michael O’Donnell M40+ Individual51 20.34 46 Joe Boyle M45+ Individual52 20.35 43 pat gallagher M50+ Individual53 20.40 152 martin doherty M40+ Individual54 20.43 51 Margaret Sweeney W50+ Individual55 20.44 49 Tony Gallagher M50+ Finn Valley A.C.56 20.45 80 Amanda Mc Fadden SW Individual57 20.46 121 Shaun Timoney M45+ Rosses A.C.58 20.49 105 Gerard Dorrian M50+ Individual22 July 2014Place Time No. FirstName Surname Category Club59 20.52 116 Shaun Wallace SM Individual60 20.55 127 Raymond Sweeney SM Individual61 20.56 129 Shaun Sharkey SM Individual62 20.57 54 Paul Smith M40+ Individual63 20.58 85 Niamh McEnhill SW Individual64 21.01 91 Eimear Gallen W40+ Finn Valley A.C.65 21.03 157 helen mcCready SW Rosses A.C.66 21.10 134 David Gallagher JM Individual67 21.14 123 Luke Neely SM Individual68 21.18 115 Darren Curran SM Individual69 21.20 69 Owen Bonner M45+ Rosses A.C.70 21.21 42 Joseph Casey M45+ Individual71 21.22 135 Denis McCambride JM Individual72 21.23 18 Niall Griffin M45+ Rosses A.C.73 21.24 122 Gerard Walsh SM Individual74 21.25 140 Enika Boyle JM Individual75 21.26 78 Sheila Regan SW Letterkenny A.C.76 21.28 126 Dara mcgee SM Individual77 21.29 37 Angus hunter M40+ Individual78 21.30 143 Darragh Boyle SM Individual79 21.31 26 Aishling Diver SW Rosses A.C.80 21.33 119 Mark Clerkin SM Individual81 21.46 137 Sinead Kenny W40+ Finn Valley A.C.82 21.49 1 John Hughes M50+ Individual83 21.50 79 Lorraine McDaid SW Individual84 21.55 146 gerard Diver SM Individual85 21.59 141 Sharon Hamilton W40+ Finn Valley A.C.86 22.03 117 Evan Bonner SM Individual87 22.04 132 Sinead Boyle SW Rosses A.C.88 22.05 21 Bronnagh Heffernan W45+ Individual89 22.10 64 james Meehan M45+ Individual22 July 2014Place Time No. FirstName Surname Category Club90 22.13 31 Kevin Glackin SM Individual91 22.15 106 Aodhan Dorrian JM Milford A C92 22.19 53 jackie harvey W50+ Tír Chonaill AC93 22.21 66 Edwina Sweeney W40+ Tír Chonaill AC94 22.22 93 Paul Sweeney M40+ Individual95 22.31 36 Richard Daly SM Individual96 22.34 72 James mcGuire M50+ Finn Valley A.C.97 22.35 74 John Ferry M45+ Individual98 22.38 131 leigh McGeever W40+ Rosses A.C.99 22.47 9 Noel Boyd SM Rosses A.C.100 22.49 97 Evelyn mcGeehan W45+ Finn Valley A.C.101 22.50 120 Conor Greene SM Individual102 22.51 14 Margaret Mc Glynn SW Individual103 22.52 96 Aishling mcGeehan SW Finn Valley A.C.104 22.53 65 Rosemary Dewhirst W40+ Tír Chonaill AC105 22.54 3 Mary Gallagher W50+ Individual106 22.58 4 Sean Mc Devitt M40+ Individual107 23.01 67 Packie Bonnar M45+ Individual108 23.04 17 Daneille Boyle SW Individual109 23.07 16 Caroline McNulty SW Finn Valley A.C.110 23.18 136 Gloria Donaghey W50+ Finn Valley A.C.111 23.28 159 Michaela Wallace JW Individual112 23.35 156 Fiona mcginely SW Rosses A.C.113 23.41 11 Paddy Bonner M40+ Rosses A.C.114 23.52 88 Cathal McGinely SM Individual115 23.56 13 Philip Connolly M50+ Letterkenny A.C.116 23.58 70 Edward Wilson SM Rosses A.C.117 23.59 38 Hayleigh Ferry SW Individual118 24.03 94 Jim Doherty M45+ Individual119 24.16 59 Lloyd Brewer M40+ Individual120 24.18 47 Ian Melly M45+ Individual22 July 2014Place Time No. FirstName Surname Category Club121 24.22 40 Fiona allen SW D S D122 24.23 41 Danny Sharkey M50+ Individual123 24.24 82 Angela Trimble W40+ Individual124 24.40 32 Simon Capey M50+ Individual125 24.49 98 Clara Carroll SW Finn Valley A.C.126 24.55 71 Denis o’Donnell SM Individual127 24.56 95 mary martin W40+ Finn Valley A.C.128 25.24 124 Ciaran Sharkey SM Individual129 25.27 103 kelly O’Donnell SW Individual130 25.37 87 Dearbhla McEnhill SW Individual131 25.53 68 Dympna Bonnar W40+ Individual132 26.03 44 Bernie Molloy SW Individual133 26.04 77 Rita Brady W40+ Individual134 26.30 76 Paul Brady M40+ Individual135 26.33 90 Cora Harvey SW Finn Valley A.C.136 27.13 133 owen Gallagher M50+ Individual137 27.41 83 Anne Marion Sweeney SW Individual138 27.45 118 Roberty Weherly SM Individual139 27.46 62 Caroline O’Donnell SW Individual140 27.53 60 Manus o’Donnell M40+ Individual141 27.57 84 Patricia O’Donnell SW Rosses A.C.142 28.19 148 Sarah mullis SW Rosses A.C.143 28.20 151 Sharon Sykes W40+ North Belfast Harriers144 28.27 154 Rioghnach Catney JW North Belfast Harriers145 28.43 138 Anne Rodgers W40+ Rosses A.C.146 28.45 57 Shauna Cunningham W40+ Individual147 28.47 111 Rosanne Gallagher SW Individual148 28.55 102 Brid mcHugh SW Individual149 29.00 113 Lorna O’Donnell W45+ Rosses A.C.150 29.05 145 Odhran Boyle SM Individual151 29.23 92 Christina Chambers W40+ Individual22 July 2014Place Time No. FirstName Surname Category Club152 29.24 61 Elaine oglesby W40+ Individual153 30.04 56 Lorraine Smith SW Individual154 30.12 139 Betty Gallen W50+ Finn Valley A.C.155 30.55 100 Caroline Breslin SW Individual156 31.23 101 Kavina Mcmenamin SW Finn Valley A.C.157 33.27 130 Nancy mcBride SW Individual158 34.00 12 Triona Bonner SW Rosses A.C.DOHERTY WINS BURTONPORT 5K IN RECORD TIME – WHERE DID YOU COME? was last modified: July 23rd, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on 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