Dhaka cleaning campaign claims setting Guinness World Record

first_imgPhoto:Prothom AloDhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) claims to set a new Guinness World Record by a cleaning campaign in the city joined by over 15,000 people, reports UNB.DSCC mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon inaugurated the campaign ‘Dettol Porichchonno Dhaka” powered by GTV and supported by Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) at Golap Shah Mazar point of Gulistan.Mayor Khokon said, 15,313 people joined the campaign spontaneously to set the new record.However, the formal announcement from the Guinness Book of World Records authority will come soon after the completion of necessary formalities.The auditors of the Guinness Book of World Records were present to witness the two-hour-long programme.Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) commissioner Asaduzaman Miah, film actor Riaz, actress Mahiya Mahi and many others joined the event.DMP commissioner Asaduzaman Miah said, this type of event will help raise awareness to keep the city clean.This initiative was taken to create awareness among people that practising hygiene should not be limited to personal life only; rather it should be practised at a community level to build a clean city.DSCC in collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh arranged the programme to raise awareness among people to make the city a clean and a healthy one.The registration for participants in the sweeping programme started around 7:00am at Nagar Bhaban.The sweeping programme, led by the DSCC mayor, started from Golapshah Mazar in Gulistan and ended at the Paltan area in the capital.On the other hand, Residents of Vadodara, the 10th cleanest city of India on 28 May last year created a Guinness World Record with maximum number of people sweeping the ‘floor’ (single venue) while around 5,058 people came together to sweep the venue-a bridge connecting Akota with Dandia bazaar-in city, spread over one kilometre.last_img read more

Kurdishled Syrian forces pound final IS redoubt

first_imgMap locating the last pocket of territory held by the Islamic State group in Syria. Photo:AFPKurdish-led forces pounded the last scrap of land held by the Islamic State group Monday, a scattering of tents and destroyed buildings in a remote eastern Syrian hamlet.The jihadists once ruled over millions in a swathe of Syria and Iraq, but they have since lost all that territory except for a riverside bastion near the Iraqi border.The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces paused their months-old offensive against the shrinking holdout multiple times for thousands of dust-covered women, children and men to flee, including suspected jihadists.But after that human flow slowed to a trickle, the Kurdish-led force late Sunday told remaining IS fighters time was up for any surrenders and they were moving in.By Monday morning, the SDF had seized several positions from holdout jihadists, an official with the US-backed forces said.”Daesh is fighting back with heavy weapons and attempted to carry out suicide bombing a couple of times,” he said, using an Arabic acronym for IS.The warplanes of a US-led coalition and mortar fire overnight pounded weapons caches, and tank fire targeted IS positions, he and a spokesman said.It was unclear how many people remained inside the pocket in the village of Baghouz on the banks of the Euphrates River, SDF spokesman Mustefa Bali said late Sunday.”We expect there to be from 1,000 to 1,500 terrorists inside Baghouz,” he said.The SDF launched the renewed assault on Sunday after no civilians were observed to remain in the riverside encampment.Riverside camp”During the advance, if our forces notice the presence of civilians our special units will do the necessary to bring them away from the clashes or even work to evacuate them from the battle” zone, he said.”The operation will continue until Baghouz is liberated and until the end of the terrorist military presence in that area,” he added.Since December, nearly 59,000 people have left the last IS redoubt, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, around a tenth of them suspected jihadist fighters.The last IS fighters are hunkering down in an area that includes a dismal camp of pickup trucks and cloth-covered trenches by the reedy banks of the Euphrates.On the frontline Saturday, AFP journalists saw figures wearing the long black clothes of women stroll inside, and bearded men zip down dirt tracks on motorbikes.The SDF pushed into the IS encampment some 10 days ago, discovering spent ammunition, pots and pans lying between hastily-dug trenches and berms.At the height of its brutal rule, IS controlled a stretch of land in Syria and Iraq the size of the United Kingdom.The jihadists had their own courts, currency and school curriculum, and meted out bloody punishment to anyone who disobeyed their rule.The total capture of the Baghouz camp by the SDF would be a symbolic blow to IS, and mark the end of the cross-border “caliphate” it proclaimed in 2014.Humanitarian crisisBut beyond Baghouz, IS retains a presence in Syria’s vast Badia desert and sleeper cells in the northeast.They have continued to claim deadly attacks in SDF-held territory in recent months, and the US military has warned of the need to maintain a “vigilant offensive”.The United States is expected to keep 200 “peace-keeping” troops in Syria after the end of the offensive, despite President Donald Trump’s shock announcement in December that all 2,000 American soldiers would leave.The exodus out of Baghouz in recent months has sparked a humanitarian crisis, leaving aid organisations struggling to cope.Those fleeing Baghouz have emerged exhausted and hungry after a prolonged siege, with many children suffering from malnutrition.After fleeing the pocket, SDF members screen the crowds to weed out suspected jihadists and detain them.Vetted civilians, including foreign women and children related to IS, are trucked to Kurdish-run camps for the displaced in the northeast of the country.More than 100 people — mostly young children — have died on the way to the camp of Al-Hol or shortly after arriving, according to the International Rescue Committee aid group.Syria’s Kurds hold hundreds of foreigners accused of fighting for IS as well as members of their families.But their home countries have mostly been reluctant to take them back, with Britain stripping several women who have joined IS of their nationalities.Morocco said it had repatriated eight of its nationals from Syria on Sunday, who will be investigated for “suspected involvement in acts linked to terrorism”.last_img read more

Houston Health Officials Say Proposed Public Charge Rules Threaten Citys Health

first_imgNational WIC Association/FacebookThe City of Houston Health Department is voicing opposition against proposed Trump administration rules that would discourage immigrants from accessing public benefits, including health care. Share To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /01:05 center_img In a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, Houston Health Department leadership urged immigration officials not to implement proposed rules. Proposed changes to the federal #PublicCharge rule could have health consequences for all Houstonians. Learn more and make your voice heard at https://t.co/02zztt5jkB before Dec. [email protected] @NeighborHOU @TexasDSHS @GCHDinfo @FortBendHealth pic.twitter.com/9DipAkI8kF— Houston Health Dept (@HoustonHealth) November 20, 2018The proposed rules would make getting a visa harder for immigrants determined likely to use certain public benefits.Experts believe proposed rules are likely to cause a chilling effect; immigrant families would drop out of programs like Medicaid, food stamps (SNAP) and other programs fearing it could negatively impact their legal status.That has city officials worried since immigrant families already have limited access to care. “If you put fear into people so that they won’t even take care with the assets that we have available, the situation’s just going to get much worse and there’s going to be a human price to be paid, and there’s going to be a worse financial price to be paid, too, so it’s a lose-lose proposition,” said Houston Health Authority Dr. David Persse.Persse said, if the rules go through, to expect a number of negative impacts on public health: less people will access preventative care (leading to more hospitalizations and, thus, a higher burden on the taxpayer), more outbreaks of diseases that could be prevented by vaccines, an increase in preventable deaths and more malnourished children. “The fear and confusion already felt by millions of immigrant families due to escalating anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies would be worsened by this proposed rule, regardless of whether they are technically subject it. For example, Houston’s WIC (Women, Infants & Children) enrollment has decreased by more than 20 percent since the November 2016 election,” Dr. Persse wrote in the official letter, joined by Houston Health Director Stephen Williams.Along with the official letter, the City of Houston is also urging people to file comments on proposed rules with the federal government before the December 10 deadline. Comments can be made through the City of Houston here. X Listenlast_img read more

Combat hair woes in monsoon with ease

first_imgHumidity can take a toll on your tresses during the monsoon season, bringing on issues like dandruff, hair fall and dryness. Ensure you use limited hair products and keep your mane tied, says an expert. A renowned aesthetician, cosmetologist has shared a few tips to help you counter hair troubles: * Using too many products for hair is not recommended. They may cause dandruff and hair fall during damp weather. One should indulge in regular hair washes with a mild, medicated and organic shampoo, to do away with hair problems. Just apply anti-humidifying sprays to protect your mane from humidity by sealing your cuticles. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’* If you could not save yourself from the downpour and end up with wet tresses, wash hair immediately as the dirty water may again cause infections as well as hair-fall.* Do not leave your hair loose or open as they can get oily after mingling with the rain water along with the sweat, making you feel tacky. In monsoon, be sure to tie your tresses in messy, high-rise buns that are in trend these days. Accessorise with colourful hats, caps and bandanas to add a dash of colour and style. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix* For re-infusing energy into your dry, damaged and limp hair of rainy season, you can apply a nourishing homemade hair mask. Prepare a powder of dried neem leaves by grinding them; now add egg and mayonnaise to it. Apply this preparation to your hair and leave it to stay for few hours. Wash-off to reveal conditioned, sparkling tresses that flow with health. Neem included in the pack will protect your mane from infections, whereas the protein content of the egg will strengthen it from root to tips. The much-needed shine will be endowed to hair through mayonnaise.last_img read more

Add a protein twist to your fitness regime

first_imgThe right amount of protein intake always goes hand-in-hand with a strict fitness regime to remain hale and hearty, suggest experts. Losing out on the required protein intake leads to a number of adverse effects, including muscle breakdown, weakness, fatigue and premature hair loss. In fact, the increasing incidence of many of the physical issues in our country, such as muscle loss, low immunity and body soreness can also be attributed to low protein intake. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAccording to the Nutritionist, protein deficiency often leads to an early onslaught of sarcopenia, or more simply, the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength due to ageing. “Protein is the glue that holds our muscles and tissues together, and people who fail to take adequate protein, are bound to suffer from sarcopenia. The best way to combat sarcopenia is by making sure your body gets its ideal intake of protein.” According to them, the recommended dietary intake (RDA) for protein for Indians is 1 gm per kg body weight. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”A person weighing 60 kg will require 60 gm of protein on a daily basis. Vegetarians, especially, have limited options for protein-rich food like soya, cereals and pulses. Since increased soy intake has poor acceptance in our country and has controversial health implications, milk protein can be an important source of first class protein, when one is trying to increase protein intake.” In the research, experts further shared insights on how milk protein has two components: whey and casein. “Whey protein has the benefit of being absorbed faster in the body, and can supplement and augment protein synthesis. The golden window where protein intake is most beneficial is 45 minutes after a workout, as that is when our bodies absorb protein the fastest. For that purpose, consuming easily digestible protein sources like whey would be ideal.” Adding whey to daily meals can help. “It is easy to give a protein twist to your daily meal by replacing your morning cup of tea or coffee with a healthy smoothie or a milkshake containing fruits, yoghurt/milk and whey. Whey protein powder is great to mix into such shakes, or taken alongside your traditional breakfast of idlis or oats or for the really time strapped, to be carried in a shaker to consume on the way to work,” experts added.last_img read more