HSE addresses stress

HSE addresses stressOn 1 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. HSE offers practical guides to help organisations tackle work-related stressMore than three-quarters of workers believe stress in the workplace needs tobe controlled in the same way as other health and safety issues – but nearlyhalf say their organisation has no means to tackle it, a study has found. The research by the HSE was undertaken to find out what impact itsthree-year drive on work-related stress has had so far. While 79 per cent of workers polled believed workplace stress needed to becontrolled in the same way as health and safety issues, more promisingly, 40per cent of those surveyed said their organisation had taken steps to reducestress. Follow-up interviews with respondents found 35 per cent said theirorganisation had used some sort of primary level intervention to tackle theissue. But nearly half – 42 per cent of those polled – said their organisation wasunaware of any resources to help them tackle work-related stress. Elizabeth Gryngell, senior policy manager at the HSEs health directorate,said publicity was all well and good, but only action by managers could tacklethe issue. The HSE began its campaign to raise awareness of work-related stress back inNovember, when it launched National Stress Awareness Day as part of a widerHealth and Safety Commission strategy on the issue. It said it hoped to see significant improvements on the latest figures whenthe study is revisited at the end of the campaign. The next phase of its campaign is to publish a comprehensive set of guidesto help organisations tackle what is now recognised as one of the largestcauses of occupational ill health in the country. These guides will provide practical advice on how to go about tackling theproblem of workplace stress, said the HSE. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.

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