Aqueous Shares Pro-Shot Video of Nicktoons Mashup From Halloween Performance [Watch]

first_imgThe members of Aqueous were in full cartoon mode for Halloween last week when they celebrated the costume-friendly holiday at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York along with Mungion. The concert was professionally filmed and streamed live on Halloween night for fans outside of New York City to enjoy following their night out trick-or-treating. On Wednesday the jam band from Buffalo shared one of the nostalgic highlights from the show with a nearly 17-minute video of their performance of “Split the Difference”, which included a Nicktoons mashup of themes from Rocko’s Modern Life and Rugrats.The performance of “Split the Difference” from Aqueous’ recently-released Color Wheel album came at the climactic end to the first set of the show. The track opens up with guitarist/keyboards Dave Loss (dressed as Chuckie Finster) controlling a mix of old-school video game sounds out of his synths while guitarist Mike Gantzer (Quailman) provided a layer of swelling guitar chords at the opposite end of the stage. The song began to transition into the familiar chord progression of Rocko’s Modern Life shortly after the 5:00 minute mark before Loss sung out those weirdly-fun lyrics to the animated cartoon from the 1990s.Gantzer tore into his guitar as the spacey mashup continued into the more innocent melodic theme from Rugrats, with Loss pounding away at the familiar riff on his keyboard starting before the 8-minute mark. The band then began to head back to their original chord structure with more jamming courtesy of Gantzer before they all returned to “Split The Difference”. Not a bad way to end a first set!You can watch the pro-shot video of the Nicktoons mashup below.Aqueous – “Split The Difference > Nicktoons Medley > Split The Difference”[Video: MKDevo]Aqueous will continue jamming their way across the country on their North American tour in promotion of Color Wheel with a show in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday, November 7th. The tour is scheduled to run until the end of the year when the band will close out 2018 with their annual New Year’s Eve show in Buffalo, New York. Fans can click here to see the full listing of the band’s upcoming shows.Setlist: Aqueous | Knitting Factory Brooklyn | Brooklyn, New York | 10/31/18 Set One: Killer Tofu > Realize Your Light, The Median, Don’t Do It > Catdog Theme > Don’t Do It, Split the Difference > Rocko’s Modern Life Theme > Rugrats Theme > Split the DifferenceSet Two: Aldehyde > Ren and Stimpy Theme, Good Enough > Ocean Man > Origami > What’s the Connection? > Hey Arnold Theme > What’s the Connection? > Doug Theme > Weight of the WordEncore: Rocket Power Themelast_img

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