Adris set aside HRK 58 million for the purchase of its own shares, and announced new investments

first_imgBuying treasury shares in the treasury is a common practice in developed financial markets. “Greater activity in the capital market, including the repurchase of treasury shares, will balance the market price of Adris shares and their fundamental value, thus reflecting the real value of the company. In this way, the company shows concern for the value of the capital of its shareholders. ” stand out from Adris. Based on the received offers, and in accordance with the Treasury Repurchase Program and the published invitation, the Management Board of Adris Group decided to repurchase 54.938 ADRS shares and 65.688 ADRS2 shares, for which it will allocate a total of HRK 58 million. Following the transactions, the Adris Group holds 149.820 treasury shares of the genus ADRS, which represents 1,55 percent of shares of that genus and 321.015 treasury shares of ADRS2, or 4,73 percent of shares of that genus. Thus, Adris has a total of 470.835 treasury shares, which represents 2,87 percent of the Company’s share capital. RELATED NEWS: Thanks to its successful business, Adris has a strong financial position and high investment potential. “There are also real financial possibilities for pursuing a growing dividend policy and implementing a new five-year investment cycle worth almost three billion kuna. In addition to organic growth, it is realistic to expect new acquisitions. ” conclude from Adris.last_img

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