PCP: Who wins Super Bowl?

first_imgBen:As Super Bowl XLIII approaches this Sunday, every sports pundit, analyst, broadcaster and fan will be discussing who is going to win the big game.There is no question the Arizona Cardinals will come out on top, giving the team its first-ever Super Bowl Championship. Sure, the Pittsburgh Steelers may have a few more years experience and have many players who played on the previous championship team just a few years ago. But look at all of the teams the Cardinals beat in the playoffs.They were able to win against a supposedly stout defense and high-powered offense in Charlotte against the Panthers in the second round of the playoffs. They only allowed the two-headed giant of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart 75 total yards on the way to a 33-13 win.The Cardinals were able to come home the next week and take out the Philadelphia Eagles, who had more experience and supposedly better leadership than the Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald was able to score three touchdowns helping pave the road from Phoenix to Tampa Bay.So, why can’t they do the same thing against the Steelers?The Steelers come into the game as roughly touchdown favorites to the Cardinals, which will surely add locker room fodder to pump the players up. But with the high-flying offensive combo of Kurt Warner and Fitzgerald and a defense who has come on strong in the post-season, Arizona will come up with a win Sunday no one thought they would ever achieve. The new “Steel Curtain” will surely be broken this Sunday.Jonah:The Cardinals? Really?Ben, I bet a month ago you wouldn’t have picked Arizona to make the playoffs — now you think they can beat the best defense in the league?I’d like to see if Kurt Warner and his grandpa legs escape Troy Polamalu and the Steelers’ front seven.It’s not only the Steelers’ experience that’s going to run all over the Cardinals — their sheer talent at all positions will tear those birds apart.Going into the playoffs, it could have easily been said the Cardinals were the worst team. They lost seven games in by far the worst conference in the NFL, and even though they tore apart the Falcons and the Eagles, it doesn’t mean they can compete with the Steelers.That’s right, they won’t even compete with them.You know what this matchup reminds me of? The Raiders vs. Buccaneers match in Super Bowl XXXVII. That season, the Bucs destroyed the Raiders in a clash between the best offense and the best defense in the league.With Warner playing the part of Rich Gannon, I’m sure nothing will change this year. The Steelers defense — no matter how good Warner and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald are — will simply be too much for the Cardinals to handle.Already this postseason, Pittsburgh was able to handle one of the league’s toughest defenses: the Ravens. I don’t see the Steelers having any problems with the mediocre defense the Cardinals bring to the table.Come Sunday, we will see the Steelers shining the Lombardi Trophy with their Terrible Towels.last_img

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