Listening area passes 1000 positive COVID-19 case mark for July, 55% of area’s COVID cases identified this month

first_imgWorth Wright1 Butler2 Franklin4 Floyd1076 Deaths Hancock88680.73 Floyd891683.18 Mitchell66186.84 Mitchell76 Worth56 Floyd664138.32 Hancock476256.88 July case countCases before July 1New since July 1% since July 1 DES MOINES — Our north-central Iowa listening area has seen over 1000 cases of COVID-19 in the month of July, making for 55% of the total number of cases since the pandemic started.40 more cases of COVID-19 were reported in the listening area in the 24-hours leading up to 11 o’clock this morning, according to data from the Iowa Department of Public Health. 18 of those cases were in Franklin County; six in Floyd; five in Cerro Gordo; four in Butler; two each in Hancock, Winnebago and Wright; and one in Kossuth.That brings the area’s overall total since the start of the pandemic to 1815 cases, with 1004 confirmed cases in the month of July.Cerro Gordo County has seen 567 cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, but 82% of those, or 465 cases, were new since July 1st. Wright County has had 439 cases; Franklin 208; Hancock 109; Floyd 107; Butler 106; Kossuth and Mitchell each 76; Winnebago 71; and Worth 56.47 more people in the area have recovered, to bring the overall total to 1136, or 63%.Looking at the state numbers: 11 more people have died to bring the total to 865; 697 new cases were reported for a total now of 44,475; 762 more people have recovered to bring that total to 32,503, or 73%.Three long-term care facility outbreaks continue to be reported in our listening area. Good Shepherd Health Center in Mason City reports 117 positive cases with 83 total recovered; the Sheffield Care Center reports 36 positive cases with 15 recovered; and the Rehabilitation Center of Hampton reports 28 cases with five recovered. Butler1064 RecoveredNew Recovered Franklin1191657.21 Franklin7713162.98 Area Total11364762.59 Mitchell294761.84 Cerro Gordo10246582.01 Wright3706915.72 Cerro Gordo220738.8 Kossuth324457.89 Floyd2center_img Area Total28 Hancock1092 Winnebago Wright38387.24 Winnebago3245.07 Kossuth Mitchell Hancock2 Winnebago264563.38 Area Total811100455.31 Confirmed CasesNew Cases Worth2137.5 Butler475955.66 Cerro Gordo17 Area Total181540 Worth154173.21 Butler8378.3 Kossuth35146.05 Wright4392 Franklin20818 Winnebago712 Kossuth761 Total % Recovered Cerro Gordo5675last_img

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