UN Running Out of Cash to Cover Payroll

first_imgWithout help, the UN says it will not be able to meet payroll.Staff salaries at the United Nations may be in jeopardy if member states don’t pay their bill soon.UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said “This month, we will reach the deepest deficit of the decade. We risk entering November without enough cash to cover payrolls.”The United States is the largest contributor at 22% and figures show Washington owes around $381 million for prior regular budgets and $674 million for 2019.Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday that he’s been working for months to cut spending and that’s the only reason they were able to hold the recent meeting of the General Assembly in New York last month. There are 193 member states in the UN. As of this writing, only 129 have paid their regular contributions to the regular budget. At the end of May 2019, Guterres said the organization was in arrears for $492 million.“We are at a tipping point,” Guterres said, “and what we do next will matter for years to come.”According to the Council for Foreign Relations, the U.S. contributed over $10 billion to the UN in 2017. That accounts for approximately one-fifth of the UN’s budget. Agencies that received the greatest amount of money were the World Food Program, the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.last_img

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