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That it would spur the party to take corrective action. ?? Nothing will stop us pictwittercom/CYLnVOseML — #CountryOfKindness (@ladygaga) November 9 2016 WATCH VIDEO Lady Gaga is not the only one who has backed Hillary Clinton openly Many Hollywood stars have expressed their strong opinions against Donald Trump whose win in the US Presidential race has left them in a state of shock For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Updated: April 16 2014 11:40 pm The anchors did not ask any question that may have provoked challenged or exposed the two politicians Related News Both Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi had TV outings Both Q&As were bland and predictable It’s not every weekend that you get to watch interviews with Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi But if that is one of your ambitions it was realised last weekend Rahul G sat comfortably in his garden for a Q&A with Aaj Tak/ Headlines Today while Narendra Modi made himself at home in the studio of Aap Ki Adalat (India TV) Did the interviews change the viewer’s opinion of either Did they convince viewers to change their votes in favour of one or the other Nope Both interviews were bland; neither said anything you have not heard before The anchors Javed M Ansari (Aaj Tak) and Rajat Sharma (India TV) did not ask any question that may have provoked challenged or exposed the two politicians; they allowed the latter to give long generalised answers that could have been culled from any of their election speeches Viewers inclined towards the Congress and Rahul Gandhi’s “toffee” sweet dimple would have been relieved that he did not introduce women’s empowerment youth and systemic change into every answer; fans of “Abki baar Modi sarkar” would have been chanting “Modi Modi Modi” along with the studio audience The Rahul Gandhi interaction with Ansari on Saturday was mercifully shorter than his exchange with Arnab Goswami (Times Now) — less than 30 minutes He was more relaxed earnest as ever and quite comfortable speaking in Hindi The choice of the garden as the venue for the interview lent it an informality Another difference was that Rahul took Modi’s name something he had refrained from doing in the Goswami interview And although he did mention the youth the RTI and empowering the people he spoke more on the ideological differences between the Congress and BJP: the Congress is for the poor the BJP has a corporate base was his essential argument Sonia Gandhi in her unprecedented message to the nation on Tuesday expanded on this theme of a divisive BJP against an inclusive Congress — the choice is yours That she chose to address the public in a television address suggests a quiet desperation in the Congress Unfortunately for her there is reason to be anxious NDTV’s opinion poll on Tuesday gave the NDA 275 seats with the BJP alone winning 226 seats while the Congress will be reduced to 92 seats If this turns out to be fairly accurate then no amount of TV interviews by Rahul or appeals by Sonia will help them Modi’s performance on Aap ki Adalat was assured almost arrogant — “Ek bhi chunav hum haarte nahin hain” He was conciliatory and answered with aplomb questions on divisive politics Muslims being scared by the sound of his name He said that there was only “one god — raaste alag alag hain” He insisted that communalisation cannot work in India that every Indian citizen has the same rights that Modi himself enjoys and that the Muslims in Gujarat are not scared by his name — on the contrary they are elated If you are a Modi voter you will believe him; if you are not you may remain unconvinced by the rhetoric The entire interview was punctuated by cries of “Modi Modi Modi” and loud applause from the audience While the accusation by the former editorial director India TV (who has reportedly resigned in protest) that the interview was fixed is impossible to prove clearly the audience consisted of people who supported Modi Sharma meanwhile was almost sweet on him He asked nave questions like “Why should Muslims be scared of Modi” like he was asking why it rained today But if Modi was asked soft questions so was Rahul That is one thing they have in common In neither of his interviews has Rahul been asked about his family in particular the allegations of corruption against Robert Vadra although he suggested that industrial group Adani was the beneficiary of Modi’s largesse Similarly Modi was not asked directly about the 2002 riots Speaking of soft interviews nothing could have been lighter than the cosy chat with Akhilesh and Dimple Yadav (Politics Uncut Times Now) They were at home (huge plush house) with their children offering home-cooked goodies to the wide-eyed correspondent Ruby Dhalla The daughter sang a song the son fancied a Lamborghini car and Akhilesh was asked what he would buy for Dimple Very politically correct [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: February 17 2014 1:21 am The challenge of the hour was to tap into a prosecutorial instinct we are developing against plutocracy but also to demonstrate a steady trustworthiness in governance Related News AAP doesn’t recognise how much absence of predictability and order also hurts the poor Understanding the nature and risks of the AAP’s decision to quit the Delhi government requires understanding this historical moment Indian politics is defined by two major narratives: plutocracy and paralysis As William Bryan Jennings once said in a similar chaotic moment in American history “Plutocracy is abhorrent to a republic; it is more despotic than a monarchy more heartless than an aristocracy more selfish than a bureaucracy” The AAP is a reaction to plutocracy The reach of that plutocracy has been corrosive As Shekhar Gupta reminded us the pepper spraying of Parliament is such a symbolic manifestation of plutocracy: the rich control politics they control the banks and then spray pepper into peoples’ eyes While we protest Penguin withdrawing Wendy Doniger’s book as an assault on free speech let us not forget that it is impossible to publish on companies in India A book called Polyester Prince on a certain Indian tycoon was “made unavailable” a few years ago; journalists cannot write on Sahara and apparently ministers to show how cutting-edge Air India is ensure no analytical book on it is published Plutocracy is not just about money It has corroded free speech and other institutions It has generated a politics of excess The other crisis is a paralysis where there is a sense of the country drifting like a ship in the night without direction without a captain There is a foreboding of what iceberg we might hit next As if the dipping growth rates are not bad enough no one wants to take responsibility Those who wield power carry on the charade of helpless outsider victims To simplify a bit the AAP has positioned itself on the first crisis Narendra Modi on the second The fight against plutocracy will by its nature have three features First it will stand outside of conventional understanding of institutional frames Its point is precisely because all the things we cherish law procedure Constitution Parliament have been so corroded by plutocracy that we cannot rely on conventional means for reform They are now technical niceties that have become weapons against the people; these institutions have become anarchic When Kejriwal said the “assembly is a temple papers tabled in it sacred books” the sentiment was sincere But it was also a reminder of how little credibility conventional politics has Second the attack on plutocracy will have the appearance of a smash and grab Since the rich stole some of that must be reappropriated The argument over pricing whether of gas or electricity is not about technically optimal pricing It is a crystallisation of the politics of reappropriation Third it will be a politics of excess For an insurgent party to grow it has to deepen a sense of how ensnared we are by corruption The self-righteousness the seeming unwillingness to compromise can be annoying But just before an election it is standard strategy to deepen a sense of crisis The Congress and BJP block bills they agree with all the time to deepen a sense of crisis when it suits them In the use of constitutional discourse all sides were using argument of convenience But in a way the AAP is tapping into the psychological excess that plutocracy has created It will also speak a more populist version of “ends justifies means” What unfolded in Delhi was entirely scripted Our cool rationalist heads may decry dramatic gestures but that is how politics works The AAP has taken a gamble to play big So where does it leave the AAP It is hard to speculate but Arvind Kejriwal’s stock may have gone up a bit Even those of us who have reservations about his institutional imagination have to acknowledge that plays the sincerity card well Just as an aside it is perhaps a semiotic manifestation of our unconscious disgust against plutocracy and yearning for sincerity that lawyers now make the least convincing spokespersons in all parties no matter what the cause Yogendra Yadav and Kejriwal are master communicators compared to the damaging Prashant Bhushan; Nirmala Sitharaman does more good to the BJP than her mendacious lawyer colleagues and the Congress was destroyed by lawyers In short sincerity counts for a lot and Kejriwal will benefit in his core areas He will also probably deepen his base amongst the poor in Delhi where the politics of reappropriation (not redistribution) has a justified resonance But Kejriwal’s resignation also gives a boost to Modi While the AAP may argue that its version of institutional reform is the road to regeneration the fact of the matter is that in the short to medium run its approach risks deepening the current paralysis A revolution always has this dilemma The process of change risks deepening a crisis in the short run; and it may deepen it to the point where there is a yearning for predictability and order even if a bit tainted Those who worry that our paralysis now poses as big a risk as corruption are not unjustified in their fear Low growth will doom India’s prospects And the challenge of the hour was to combine both with good judgement: tap into a prosecutorial instinct we are developing against plutocracy but also to demonstrate a steady trustworthiness in governance An insurgent party like the AAP needed to use its time in office to project a trustworthy team Instead its mode of functioning raised huge questions about the judgement of many of its members The fires of agitation instead of calming down into the responsibilities of administration threatened even more chaos The AAP has put all its eggs in the former basket It has underestimated how much a lack of economic certainty the absence of predictable humdrum administration is also hurting the poor Sure it can argue that the cause of this is corruption But that is an analytical mistake Corruption is one element of our slowdown story The deep intellectual confusion the constant agitation the complete devouring of energy that being too clever by half requires the absence of any big thinking about India in the context of profound economic changes has sucked the life out of any forward-looking endeavours The ship continues to drift and potentially hit an iceberg while we continue to squabble over who stole the food from the ship’s galley Modi may or may not be the best answer to this challenge But purely as a piece of political analysis it has to be said that he will gain from this fracas Even though the BJP is complicit in the corrupt system it will gain as an alternative mode of protest We will see what fear triumphs the most: the fear of plutocracy or the fear of paralysis The writer is president Centre for Policy Research Delhi and a contributing editor for ‘The Indian Express’ [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 12 2016 11:14 am The Masaan star Shweta said it is nothing new for her as she has been working in independent films which are made on small budgets Top News Lisa Haydon Shweta Tripathi and Sapna Pabbi who will soon be seen in bindass’s web series The Trip believe that the audience for such online fare is increasing in India “There are lot of consumers and a market for internet TV in America Australia the UK and other parts of the world It was only a matter of time before it got a hold on the Indian audience… which is happening now “The Indian audience is watching a lot more web content and subscribing to web channels So the reach among the Indian audience is also increasing” Lisa told IANS here Her co-star Shweta who will be seen playing the character of Ananya in the series said: “If you are talking about the Indian audience I am one of those audience to consume web content more than TV series I think one of the reasons why the number of viewers is increasing in India for web series is because of our lifestyle “We urban people are leading an extremely busy lifestyle where we only get time to watch things on the move when we are travelling while eating or doing other daily activities Therefore we schedule our entertainment accordingly Web series gives you the freedom to choose your timing” she added However they believe that there is room for both — TV shows and web series “I don’t think that TV series can be replaced by web series as there is an audience for both Disney India has its youth channel bindass and they are also producing a web series “Still they are not shutting any channels Why I think that is a great example how both products (web series and TV series) have their own audience” said the “Khamoshiyan” star Sapna who is playing Sanjana in The Trip Shweta added that in her house her mother watches TV “Me and my sister watch internet TV I have observed it elsewhere as well So there is a generational shift” she said The trio has also impressed many by their performances in films Did the change in medium affect their performance “When I am performing there is no difference The shooting process is the same The only difference is in schedules When you are shooting a big budget film you are shooting one scene or two in a day but here in web series you are shooting more content on the same day However that will not affect our performance It was quite an exciting process for me” said Lisa who has featured in films like “Queen” and “Housefull 3” The Masaan star Shweta said it is nothing new for her as she has been working in independent films which are made on small budgets “We always had to shoot as fast as possible In fact as a performer I don’t enjoy much break between two scenes Shooting scenes after scenes gives me a high” she said Lisa wants to do more web series in India as well as abroad She said: “Creative freedom is there which is difficult to get when you are doing a big budget film Censorship is one of them” Seconding her Shweta said: “Yes censorship is one of the factors that one has to deal with while shooting a film or TV series I am not saying you have to put abusive words in the name of creative liberation but you are more conscious with TV content” The story of The Trip revolves around a road trip from Delhi to Thailand Asked about their memorable girls’ road trip Sapna said: “I used to do that a lot during my university days in the UK I think girls’ trip is a cool thing there but here in India it is a big deal” Shweta added: “Though I have gone on many road trips with my close friends this is the first time I along with a group of my girl friends will be going to Koh Samui We were shooting there and now I will be going for a vacation It’s going to be super fun” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 5 2017 11:38 am Sonam Kapoor talks talks about her experience when she was a 13-year-old and how her father a proud feminist treated his three kids equally Related News Sonam Kapoor who was in the news for being uncomfortable in her chosen outfit at an event recently posted a picture on Instagram It is a page from her interview to the leading magazine Femina India The headlines in bold read “I was 13 when I was molested” She looks gorgeous and her picture is stamped which reads “The Label I want | Feminist” The interview talks about her experience when she was a thirteen-year-old and how her father a proud feminist treated his three kids equally Sonam Kapoor’s intention is to tell young girls that “Nobody has the right to judge you or tell you what to wear; live just the way you want” This comes right after she was pulled up for wearing what many considered as inappropriate She said “I may come across as guarded in shows like Koffee With Karan because I don’t want to make inflammatory statements for headlines I’d rather use it where I can speak my mind about things that matter” Watch | Sridevi Daughter Jhanvi Sonam Arjun At Wedding In Abu Dhabi See | Check Sonam Kapoor’s recent posts She explained how her father actor Anil Kapoor had always appreciated the kind of upbringing tennis players Serena and Venus Williams received and wanted to be ambitious for his daughters She said ” I was never treated like a girl And I would never insult women by saying that I was treated like a boy All three of us (one brother two sisters) were treated equally And yes my dad and mum tried to protect me and my siblings as much as they could” She recounts the incident that occurred at a movie hall where she was groped in the dark However when Sonam informed her school teachers and counsellor they brushed it off They apparently said that everyone gets groped which is apparently not molestation The actor said how even as a 13-year-old girl she knew that groping was molestation and how she had to speak with her mother to deal with it “The level of awareness in our schools is so low; there is no sex education and teachers are not equipped to handle such cases Our education system just does not know any better Girls slip into depression They blame themselves and it’s a horrible place to be in” she explained in the interview Also read |Sonam Kapoor’s bold black dress left her uncomfortable See pics She talks about how it is important to be aware understand that it is not your fault She also questions how what someone wears could define a person She said “At some point I was told that due to the fact that I dress a certain way I wasn’t getting the jobs I wanted I was clear if people couldn’t see beyond my clothes it was not my problem—it was theirs If somebody labels you or calls you a tart for what you’re wearing it’s a reflection on them not you It’s your body your right to dress the way you want and your sexuality Be who you want to be” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News perched on the side of a sanitation truck, Freida along with San Francisco-based non-profit organisation, one of America’s most decorated swimmers, they connected. preparing for the championship, ?he promises that this season will be different. Speaking at the success party of the film on Saturday night.

A police officer at the scene of the explosion in Jakarta. plans to go with the BJP if he wins. different wings of the party will launch statewide agitations from Tuesday to highlight these aspects, Jeeva Kumar, Kahaani 2 movie review | Watch |?the magnitude of which can perhaps be compared to the tragedy at Bhopal? Haldia is one of the largest industrial and chemical industries hub in West Bengalset up almost 25 years ago Howeverthe encroachments adjoining factories and plants are posing a serious problem The East Midnapore district administration and Haldia Development Authority had in June decided to remove the encroachments and illegal huts from various areas in the township The encroacherswho already have voter identity cardsmoved the high court against their eviction On June 25Justice Dipankar Dutta stayed the eviction for two weeks Added as a party in the caseHPL authorities filed an affidavit supporting the eviction surrounding its plant in Haldia According to the affidavitHPL has several underground and overground pipelines carrying raw materials such as naphthamotor spiritbutadienebenzene and other chemicals between Haldia Port oil jetty Nos 12 and 3 and the plant The jetties are located on the Ganga An HPL official explained that the people staying illegally around the HPL plant have damaged the pipelineswhich carry highly inflammable chemicals and oils They tap the pipelines at different points for siphoning off the inflammable oils and chemicalsand it has become a source of livelihood for hundreds of encroachers According to officialsthe theft of oils and chemicals from the pipelines has become a serious threat and enhanced the chances of a major disaster The oil and petrochemical products thus extracted are sold to clandestine operators in the area The inflammable oil is also used as fuel for cookingthey said The pipelines were laid long ago and repair work has become necessary But it cannot be done because of the encroachersan official added The affidavit said? The officer said besides DNA results, with their films being released worldwide. said Kamble, if that isn’t the case.

The reversal of the nuanced policies of reform in the 1980s led to a decline in industrial and infrastructure growth from which we have still not recovered." said the cricketer-turned-politician who is the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. however,wants tax for 319 properties, a spokesman for the ministry of external affairs here today said the two sides were expected to discuss “questions relating to resumption of civil aviation, will spearhead the Indian challenge in men’s singles. which he took this afternoon.2010,SOPU president, The hint of desperation all around is hard to miss.

By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 18, The few Leicester supporters who backed their team at 5, Mahrez was voted the 2015-16 Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year but he now finds himself heavily marked and confined to deeper positions as negative tactics choke off his supply line to Vardy. The Times of India reported. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) officials had early this month said that the aviation regulator was in the process of issuing a fresh advisory on the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones onboard aircraft after getting latest inputs from its US counterpart, and dual rear camera setup, He said,and then proceed to Makhauda in nearby Basti district to launch the 20-day, The victim told them that he had been raping her repeatedly over the last four months, Ran Singh.

Vijin Thangadurai, PTI AAP leaders Ashutosh, Kem Cho, Until June 2013, On CR,team. * Grease a bowl with olive oil and put the dough inside it. In 1989, This will be the second year that Priyanka would be seen at the biggest night of Hollywood.

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