Brahim wink to Madrid while deciding his future

first_imgIn this campaign, the two muscle injuries he has suffered and overpopulation of the frontcourt have not helped greater presence on the pitch, although the 40 minutes that have accumulated so far seem insufficient for a player who, at 20, needs play time like eating. While it is true that it is not something that will surprise you. From the club the same summer was insisted on accepting any of the assignment offers to accumulate experience at the first level, as players like Achraf (Borussia Dortmund), Odegaard (Real Sociedad) or Kubo (Mallorca) at present; or names like Carvajal (Bayer Leverkusen) and Casemiro (Porto) In the recent past. All with successful experiences outside the walls of the Bernabéu. “Just a year ago the Kings brought me the best possible gift”. With this message, Brahim accompanies an image that recalls his signing for Real Madrid on January 6. A year of Real Madrid marked by the unknowns that marks his lack of continuity and the confidence of Malaga and Zidane in their possibilities. According to what AS, from the club you have confidence in finding a new destination before next January 31. However, the player has expressed at all times his desire to continue wearing the white elastic, without any loan involved. Madrid, on the other hand, will definitely work to convince you. “We have asked Brahim to Florentino. Florentino told me that for them yes, if the boy wants … But it seems that the player for now does not want to leave Madrid so we will see. “With these words surprised Angel Torres, president of Getafe, after the game played by both teams last day 4 in the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum (0-3 ) The first girlfriend has her around the corner. However, the player is to Zidane’s taste, as you could see at the end of last season, at which time Vinicius even advanced in the rotation, and Brahim knows that.center_img The Super Cup, golden opportunityA sample of that trust that professes Zidane is coming Supercopa. In the list of 23 provided by the French one could read in the name of Brahim in his list of attackers, ahead of James and Mariano, who had been left out at first. Thus, with the casualties due to injury of Bale and Benzema, not only have the last two been called, but Options former player playing the City grow exponentially, as Zizou neither can he count on an injured Eden Hazard.last_img read more

Clemente Villaverde: “VAR makes football more fair”

first_imgParty controversies: “I’ve always said that for the VAR, we have to learn to live with him. It makes football more fair. He always has the difficulties of the interpretations that can be done, but you have to get used to it”Analysis: “There is a lot to analyze, it has been a crazy game at many times. The never giving up and knowing that we could hurt them against and in transitions has been key. We have taken advantage of it and we have come more whole in the end.” The counselor and spokesman of Atlético has analyzed the shock before the cameras of Movistar. Keys: “Believing that it has been possible to take advantage of the game at all times. There have been phases in which we have been pressured, but the team has maintained the idea of ​​rapid transitions, which was the way to hurt Barça.”Messi motivated: “Talking about Messi is always broadening excellence. I was much more motivated today. People here instead of encouraging the team encouraged Messi, always borders on excellence and is a problem for the one in front of him.”Final without champion of League and Cup: “We have a new format and four very important teams are the ones that have arrived. In football, those who compete best come to the final and those have been Atleti and Madrid.”last_img read more

Muguruza tombs Halep and will play the Australian Open final against Kenin

first_imgThe Spanish, in a great game, wins 7-6 and 7-5 to the Romanian Photo: Reuters Spanish-Venezuelan tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza qualified for the Australian Open final, the first ‘Grand Slam’ of the season, after beating Romanian Simona Halep (7-6 (8), 7-5), and He will fight for the title against American Sofia Kenin.Muguruza, champion of Roland Garros 2016 and Wimbledon 2017, will look for the third ‘big’ of his career in Melbourne Park in front of the fourteenth seed, which surprised world number one and great local hope, Asleigh Barty (7-6 (6), 7-5).last_img

Piqué, doubt for Santiago Bernabéu for a sprain

first_imgHowever, if it’s a grade two sprain -the ligaments are partially torn– be dI would totally spare his presence for the match against Real Madrid, since not even an infiltration could be validated. That’s why doctors are more cautious. Further, we would be talking of a low that could be lengthened between two to three weeks, therefore, the LaLiga match against the Real Sociedad in the Camp Nou would also be lost. After exploring it inside the locker room with a little more time the sensations are not positive. Right now the question of doctors is whether it is a sprain grade one or grade two. And it is not ‘pecata minuta’, far from it. If the tests to be submitted this Wednesday prove that it is the minor sprain, that is, there is no rupture of the ligament but just a stretch, then the green light so that Piqué is Sunday in the Santiago Bernabeu, previous infiltration in the affected area. The player himself, when passing through a mixed zone after the match, assured the media that It will be on Sunday. Gerard Piqué had to withdraw from San Paolo visibly limping of the right ankle. The worried faces On the bench they were obvious. The doctor Xavi Yanguas He was the first to explore the Catalan central on foot of the countryside, quickly looking at Eder Sarabia, the second of Setién, to tell him that I wouldn’t take much more in the countryside. The gestures of Piqué, stretched in the field and with his hands covering his face, did not invite optimism. The player had twisted, he alone, the left ankle after a bad fall in a jump.center_img Fortunately, seems discarded that it is a grade three sprain, that would leave a bleak picture, since it would be talking about three to four weeks off, jeopardizing even his presence for the return of the Champions League at Camp Nou.last_img read more

Depor, without expulsions since its foundation in 2016

first_imgThe last of them is in his fair game, remaining without expulsions since his birth in 2016. “It is something incredible, that we get to be in this situation enjoying as we are enjoying and having the recognition of football from all over the country“highlighted the Blue and Whites’ coach at a virtual press conference.However, it is not the only team of the highest category that keeps its red record blank. They accompany him in the award for fair play Barça, Levante, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Tacon or Betis. Within the discipline statistics, Depor is the fourth team in the League with the fewest yellows (27) after Levante (25), Real Sociedad (21) and Barça (18). The Galicians have managed to sneak into the greats even in this ranking. Deportivo has become one of the successful examples of Spanish women’s football. The Galician team, recently promoted to the First Iberdrola, has managed to surprise everyone with its great performance on green. With a fourth position in the classification and a good image given in the Cup, where he touched the feat against Barça (1-0, with a goal in the last minute of extra time), those of Manu Sánchez do not stop beating records in this category.last_img read more

Roger Martí against himself

first_imgHowever, at 29, Torrent’s is aware that today’s work will be tomorrow’s reward. He has experienced it in his own meats. With several fronts open ahead this season, the striker is not carried away and takes advantage of the forced stop to try to go one step further in his preparation, polishing details that escape in the heat of the season. Even in double session. He, better than anyone, knows what it’s like to exercise alone with the goal of becoming stronger. He already did it after his two knee operations, recovering from the cruciate ligament at each joint in 2014 and 2017. A circumstance that has forged Roger a character and a fighting spirit that is reflected on the field of play and in his career.Always trying to excel the striker is two goals away from equaling his best year in the First Division, the 13 of last season and, on the horizon, are Arouna Koné’s 15 goals in 2011-12, the top scorer granota in a course in the elite.With 28 goals, he is six to catch up with José Luis Morales (36) as the top scorer in Granota in First. Also, with one goal Roger will equal Vicente Latorre (51) as the second all-time leading scorer in all categories. José Paredes holds the honor with 68 goals. The current ‘9’ is already in the 21st century.Reasons and motivations are not lacking for the ‘Gunman’ to work piece by piece during the break and return to competition with gunpowder ready to continue beating records in Levante. “Your only limit is you” (your only limit is you), say the message in the personal gym where Roger Martí spends his days of confinement preparing for the return of the competition. To the ‘Gunman’ of Levante, top national scorer along with Gerard Moreno Y Lucas Perez, the coronavirus crisis has arrived at the best moment of his career. A dry braking.last_img read more

Alexis does not budge and United ‘loses’ € 12m

first_imgDespite the lack of United troops in attack, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not want Alexis to return to United, according to Evening Standard, and will continue working on the departure of the Chilean, who could go on loan next season if they do not find a definitive transfer that satisfies both the club and the player. At Manchester United, Alexis experienced one of the worst stages of his career. The Tocopila player played 45 games in which he only scored five goals and gave nine assists. Alexis Sánchez continues to cost Manchester United a lot of money. The Chilean winger has rejected the salary cuts proposed by the Carrington clubs to continue to be a burden on the English club’s budget and for it to continue working actively in search of a transfer.This strategy is revealed by the Evening Standard, which assumes that Inter will not go for Alexis even if he wants to stay and that United will have to find a new outlet for the Wonder Boy. The problem, once again, is his salary.Alexis has a contract until 2022 at a rate of 12 million euros per year. Even on loan, United is taking over a large part of his salary, which if it is already a problem in the budgets, could become even greater after the expected reduction in income due to the stoppage of football due to the coronavirus.last_img read more

Alfredo Matilla and Patricia Cazón prescribe memoirs about Albacete and Cultural Leonesa

first_imgAlfredo Matilla Y Patricia Cazón, journalists from the newspaper As, have recreated their sentimental memories of Albacete Balompié and Cultural Leonesa in both books of the collection Illustrated Hooligans published by Libros del K.O.Both volumes have been put on sale this Wednesday in ebook format, since the publisher has canceled the paper sale due to the coronavirus. Matilla writes about his relationship with Albacete Balompié in ‘Por si acaso’, “a very original sentimental memory in which the author he uses football to do a psychological therapy exercise with which to overcome their phobias and collect happiness “, according to the editorial.Patricia Cazón signs ‘The Long Winter’, “a pleasant, nostalgic and funny narration in which the author links episodes of her life with the recent history of her soccer team, the modest but historical Cultural Leonesa “.last_img read more

Slovan Bratislava knocks out Barça in the Recopa final

first_imgThe 60s marked a revolution in European football. I know consolidated the great competitions international and clubs As the Celtic de Stein, United by Charlton and Best, Benfica by Eusebio, Inter by Helenio Herrera or Madrid yé-yé they set the pace towards the modernity of football. The matches of the FIFA selection and the fame of the Golden Balls they made the stars of the time have a dimension practically unknown until then. However, there was still the essence of old football mid-century and that renewed Europe in which the British, Italian and Spanish teams shone had their nEmesis in Eastern teams: strong, fast, accustomed to cold, fearsome. In that Barcelona squad featured historical players like Sadurní, Eladio, Fusté, Zaldua, Mendoça and Chus Pereda, among others, and above them shone the figure of a very young Carles Rexach. Along the way, the azulgranas had knocked down the Lyn Oslo and the Colonia and appeared in Basel, where the final was played, as clear favorites. An unknown Czechoslovak team awaited them there, the Slovan Bratislava, who had left behind Porto, Torino and the Scottish Dumferline.To everyone’s surprises, the Slovan was far superior in the final. There was no agonized comeback, and it didn’t take miracles or heroics of any kind to beat a team that was theoretically superior on paper. The first half ended 3-1 for Czechoslovaks with goals Cvetler, Hrivnak and Capkovic for the whole of Bratislava and a Both of Zaldua for Barça. Rexach made up the result in the second part but the Recopa ended up in the Slovan museum, which is the only club in the former Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovakia) that has an international title.Years later, seven members of that Slovan they continued to make history for Czechoslovak football with the achievement of the Eurocup in 1976, story that we will tell in another chapter of this series, but they never managed to take the Slovan again so far, not even close. The decline of football eastern has devastated a club that 41 years later aspires to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League after passing several previous rounds. Barcelona ended the decade how it started: missing a European final. In 1961 he ran into the Benfica in the first European Cup that did not end up in the windows of Madrid. The Portuguese had Eusebius in the grass and Bela Guttman on the bench, two true soccer legends, and the result was 3-2 for the lisboetas. No one was surprised by that. What was unexpected was that the culé set fell A few years later, in 1969, in the Cup Winners’ Cup final against Slovan Bratislava (3-2). A year earlier, Barça had won the Cup final against Real Madrid, the league champion, and shortly before, in 1966, they lifted the Fair Cup. Without a doubt, the Barca was one of the great teams of the time, although it took years without conquering the Spanish league.last_img read more

Tony Becca: Going, going, and may be almost gone

first_imgWest Indies cricket, the envy of the world for decades past because of its exiting and brilliant batsmen, fast and furious fast bowlers, and its acrobatic fielders, and undisputed champions of the world for 19 years up to 1995, is now at rock bottom and looks like getting deeper and deeper. In fact, based on the events of this week, and after all that have gone on in the past 15 or 20 years, a good bet is that the West Indies days are numbered. West Indies cricket is not the West Indies team alone. It is the West Indies teams and West Indies cricketers, all West Indian cricketers. And every penny belongs to the West Indies – to be added up, divided up fairly and equitably, and to be distributed to the players according to merit and on value to the team. The West Indies players have been on so many strikes, it has not been funny. Some have gone ahead, and some have been short-lived. Almost after every one of them there have been court cases, all sorts of meetings, all sorts of plans, and all sorts of MOUs and understandings. There have also been all kinds of pay structures agreed on. After 2014 and the Indian embarrassment, there were all kind of calls for all kinds of meetings, for all kinds of take-overs, and there were meetings involving prime ministers, Dave Cameron and board members, players, lawyers, and players association members. Although it is common knowledge that the West Indies have lost 80 of 132 Test matches while winning only 14 against the top eight teams since losing 5-0 to England in 2000 and 5-0 to Australia in 2000-1, and have failed to qualify for the Champions Trophy while Bangladesh have done so, cricket, results on the field, have nothing to do with it, not really. The problem which threatens to explode and blow West Indies to the four corners of the earth is money, pure and simply money. The West Indies are set to participate in the World Twenty20 tournament in March in India, but once again, as happened so many times in the recent past, including the 2014 Test tour of India, the squad of players, led by captain Daren Sammy, wrote the board, demanding more money for the services. In a nutshell, that’s what the players want, more money. The players, led by Sammy, want double the match fee, 50 per cent of sponsorship money, and 100 per cent of any prize-money won. On top of that, they don’t want to deal with the West Indies Players’ Association whatsoever. The board seems adamant that it will not pay. According to the board, it cannot pay. It is as simple as that. The board, if needs be, will select a new team for the tournament. The players claim they are losing money, that they are losing as much as 85 per cent of their money, and that they cannot afford that, even if some of that money is going to subsidise the salaries of contracted Caribbean first-class players for the newly formed Professional Cricket League. The West Indies players, it seems, cannot afford to subsidise Caribbean first-class players, not even for the suffering first-class players to go from getting nothing to getting something. The West Indies players, however, would be comfortable if they were to be, as they are now, subsidised by the cricket world from the money earned by the money-spinners elsewhere in the world. Is it right for the non-West Indies player to run around in the sun day after day for days at a time and then sit down and twiddle his thumbs, with nothing to do or eat, just looking on from the outside? No, it is not right, it was never right, and it can never be right. The West Indies Cricket Board has made many mistakes in their time, but this is not one. This is one to produce for West Indies cricket. This is one to ensure that what is happening now never happens again. This is one for West Indies cricket. Finding a vision Top eight teams There were mediations and arbitrations at which there were ICC representatives, FICA representatives, WICB members, WIPA members, and accountants, at which the players and the board discussed their responsibilities along with finding a vision of West Indies cricket. The meetings, all of them, one or the other, agreed and decided on all categories of remuneration, on player compensation re West Indies, international, franchise, or first-class levels, incentive payments, down to injury payments, and with the help and agreement of ICC and that, according to the board. All this was done from May, and then suddenly, two few weeks before the deadline, comes another storm. “I am sending this as captain of the West Indies T20 side as a collective representative of the 15-man squad selected for the upcoming T20 World Cup,” said Sammy. And then he proceeded to say that WIPA does not represent the players, that the money is not what the players had expected, that they wanted it doubled at least, and he made it clear, in his first letter, that the players would not accept the current offer. “If you don’t agree to the above, would you consider that this matter goes to mediation for a settlement?” said Sammy. Michael Muirhead, CEO of the board, replied, politely, “If we should not hear from any player by February 14, we will presume that you have refused selection.” The West Indies payment structure was changed in 2014, partly by the ICC because of the money they decided to share around: 25 per cent of ICC cricket money guaranteed from the player pool per year, 53 per cent to international players, 47 per cent to 90 contracted first-class players, at the end of four years fund assessed and any excess will be paid to international players only. For all fees retainers, Test match fees, ODI fees, T20 fees, ICC, events, practice matches, captains fees, and per diems fees will be paid separately, worked out with WICB, WIPA, FICA, and ICC, who added on US$1,000 per day of cricket for each player who is not on a senior contract for the use of their image rights. According to the board, the retainer fees were increased in 2013 from US$5,000 to US$160,000 to most of the top players in the T20 league. Additionally, the windows are left open for Indian Premier League and Big Bash League twice a year. It is now possible for top West Indies players to earn, according the board, US$315,000 per year ($155,000 from WICB and $160,000 from CPL). West Indies cricket has so much money and no more, and they can pay only what they can afford to pay. The cricket has to be supported, and other players have to be looked after. Why, for example, wait from May until now to deal with these things? Money is money, and it is important, no doubt about it. There are times, however, when some things are more important, when one can do with a little less for the benefit of a brother or a sister. If this tour beaks up again, it may be the end of West Indies cricket. Trinidad and Tobago have already whispered the idea to members of the ICC, and Richard Pybus, West Indies director of cricket, has already said, just recently, “A split can’t be discounted in 10 years.” According to meritlast_img read more