Ole Miss pisses away the Egg Bowl to Mississippi State

first_imgMORE: Picks for Rivalry Week games”Just disappointed,” Ole Miss coach Matt Luke told reporters after the game (per Jackson, Miss., TV station WJTV). “It’s not who we are. We’ve been a disciplined team all year and (I’m) just disappointed that it happened. . . . Elijah’s a good kid. He got caught up in the moment.”Mississippi State gets the win, Moore gets all the online abuse he deserves and Ole Miss, which isn’t bowl-eligible after a 4-8 season, gets to live with the stink of this for a whole year. The Egg Bowl rivalry game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State is one of the most hate-filled in the nation. It leads players to taunt their opponents . . . like how Ole Miss player Elijah Moore did Thursday.Bad Rebel. Bad. Ole Miss had drawn to a point behind the Bulldogs in the closing seconds of regulation on Moore’s receiving touchown, but Moore decided that wasn’t good enough. He tried to celebrate by making like a dog and doing the old pee taunt — right in front of an official.Out came the flag, back went the kicking team 15 yards for the extra-point try (a 2-point attempt for the win was no longer a good option) and, well, let’s just say: College kickers, man.OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! ELIJAH MOORE’S PENALTY JUST COST OLE MISS!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GAME TYING EXTRA POINT IS NO GOOD!!!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/wwTd5OJzG5— I’M SEEING GHOSTS (@FTBeard11) November 29, 2019The Rebels lost by (No.)1.last_img read more

Former South Africa batsman banned for corruption

first_imgThe ex-Proteas opener was provisionally suspended last month, having been found guilty of a string of breaches of Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) code of conduct relating to fixing a match or matches in the Ram Slam T20 Challenge Series.Petersen, 36, admitted four charges of “failing to disclose details of an approach to engage in corrupt conduct” and as many charges of “failing to disclose full details of matters evidencing a breach of the code by another participant”.He also accepted four charges of “failing to co-operate with the investigators by not providing accurate and complete information to them”, and one charge of “concealing and destroying information that was relevant to the investigation”.CSA withdrew Petersen’s charges relating to “fixing or contriving to fix any match and seeking, accepting or offering to accept any bribe or other reward to fix or influence any match”.Haroon Lorgat, the CSA chief executive, said: “Our aim to deal thoroughly with any form of corruption in the game remains steadfast and we will do everything in our power to protect the integrity of the game.”Alviro has realised his mistakes and has acknowledged contravening the code. He is obliged under the code to have disclosed various approaches that were made to him to engage in corrupt activities.”While having provided certain information to the investigators he had also withheld and concealed certain material information, such as the meetings with Bodi [former Proteas, Lions and Titans player Gulam, who was banned for 20 years after admitting match-fixing charges] and certain fixers.”This was directly relevant to the investigation and hence why we have imposed a two-year ban which Alviro accepts.”Bodi, Jean Symes, Pumelela Matshikwe, Ethy Mbhalati and Thami Tsolekile were all banned by CSA for offences in relation to the Ram Slam domestic Twenty20 competition.last_img read more

Tony Becca: Going, going, and may be almost gone

first_imgWest Indies cricket, the envy of the world for decades past because of its exiting and brilliant batsmen, fast and furious fast bowlers, and its acrobatic fielders, and undisputed champions of the world for 19 years up to 1995, is now at rock bottom and looks like getting deeper and deeper. In fact, based on the events of this week, and after all that have gone on in the past 15 or 20 years, a good bet is that the West Indies days are numbered. West Indies cricket is not the West Indies team alone. It is the West Indies teams and West Indies cricketers, all West Indian cricketers. And every penny belongs to the West Indies – to be added up, divided up fairly and equitably, and to be distributed to the players according to merit and on value to the team. The West Indies players have been on so many strikes, it has not been funny. Some have gone ahead, and some have been short-lived. Almost after every one of them there have been court cases, all sorts of meetings, all sorts of plans, and all sorts of MOUs and understandings. There have also been all kinds of pay structures agreed on. After 2014 and the Indian embarrassment, there were all kind of calls for all kinds of meetings, for all kinds of take-overs, and there were meetings involving prime ministers, Dave Cameron and board members, players, lawyers, and players association members. Although it is common knowledge that the West Indies have lost 80 of 132 Test matches while winning only 14 against the top eight teams since losing 5-0 to England in 2000 and 5-0 to Australia in 2000-1, and have failed to qualify for the Champions Trophy while Bangladesh have done so, cricket, results on the field, have nothing to do with it, not really. The problem which threatens to explode and blow West Indies to the four corners of the earth is money, pure and simply money. The West Indies are set to participate in the World Twenty20 tournament in March in India, but once again, as happened so many times in the recent past, including the 2014 Test tour of India, the squad of players, led by captain Daren Sammy, wrote the board, demanding more money for the services. In a nutshell, that’s what the players want, more money. The players, led by Sammy, want double the match fee, 50 per cent of sponsorship money, and 100 per cent of any prize-money won. On top of that, they don’t want to deal with the West Indies Players’ Association whatsoever. The board seems adamant that it will not pay. According to the board, it cannot pay. It is as simple as that. The board, if needs be, will select a new team for the tournament. The players claim they are losing money, that they are losing as much as 85 per cent of their money, and that they cannot afford that, even if some of that money is going to subsidise the salaries of contracted Caribbean first-class players for the newly formed Professional Cricket League. The West Indies players, it seems, cannot afford to subsidise Caribbean first-class players, not even for the suffering first-class players to go from getting nothing to getting something. The West Indies players, however, would be comfortable if they were to be, as they are now, subsidised by the cricket world from the money earned by the money-spinners elsewhere in the world. Is it right for the non-West Indies player to run around in the sun day after day for days at a time and then sit down and twiddle his thumbs, with nothing to do or eat, just looking on from the outside? No, it is not right, it was never right, and it can never be right. The West Indies Cricket Board has made many mistakes in their time, but this is not one. This is one to produce for West Indies cricket. This is one to ensure that what is happening now never happens again. This is one for West Indies cricket. Finding a vision Top eight teams There were mediations and arbitrations at which there were ICC representatives, FICA representatives, WICB members, WIPA members, and accountants, at which the players and the board discussed their responsibilities along with finding a vision of West Indies cricket. The meetings, all of them, one or the other, agreed and decided on all categories of remuneration, on player compensation re West Indies, international, franchise, or first-class levels, incentive payments, down to injury payments, and with the help and agreement of ICC and FICA.at that, according to the board. All this was done from May, and then suddenly, two few weeks before the deadline, comes another storm. “I am sending this as captain of the West Indies T20 side as a collective representative of the 15-man squad selected for the upcoming T20 World Cup,” said Sammy. And then he proceeded to say that WIPA does not represent the players, that the money is not what the players had expected, that they wanted it doubled at least, and he made it clear, in his first letter, that the players would not accept the current offer. “If you don’t agree to the above, would you consider that this matter goes to mediation for a settlement?” said Sammy. Michael Muirhead, CEO of the board, replied, politely, “If we should not hear from any player by February 14, we will presume that you have refused selection.” The West Indies payment structure was changed in 2014, partly by the ICC because of the money they decided to share around: 25 per cent of ICC cricket money guaranteed from the player pool per year, 53 per cent to international players, 47 per cent to 90 contracted first-class players, at the end of four years fund assessed and any excess will be paid to international players only. For all fees retainers, Test match fees, ODI fees, T20 fees, ICC, events, practice matches, captains fees, and per diems fees will be paid separately, worked out with WICB, WIPA, FICA, and ICC, who added on US$1,000 per day of cricket for each player who is not on a senior contract for the use of their image rights. According to the board, the retainer fees were increased in 2013 from US$5,000 to US$160,000 to most of the top players in the T20 league. Additionally, the windows are left open for Indian Premier League and Big Bash League twice a year. It is now possible for top West Indies players to earn, according the board, US$315,000 per year ($155,000 from WICB and $160,000 from CPL). West Indies cricket has so much money and no more, and they can pay only what they can afford to pay. The cricket has to be supported, and other players have to be looked after. Why, for example, wait from May until now to deal with these things? Money is money, and it is important, no doubt about it. There are times, however, when some things are more important, when one can do with a little less for the benefit of a brother or a sister. If this tour beaks up again, it may be the end of West Indies cricket. Trinidad and Tobago have already whispered the idea to members of the ICC, and Richard Pybus, West Indies director of cricket, has already said, just recently, “A split can’t be discounted in 10 years.” According to meritlast_img read more

St Cuthbert’s Mission stuns Swan

first_img– to represent Region 4 at National Heritage finalsIt was sweet revenge for St Cuthbert’s Mission FC when they upset Swan FC 2-1 to win the Region Four Heritage Football Playoff and earn themselves the right to represent that region at the National Heritage finals this weekend.Swan’s goal keeper was unable to hold on to St. Cuthbert’s first goalPlaying in a three-way competition, St Cuthbert’s Mission had lost 4-2 to a more organized and evidently determined Swan team, sending shockwaves in the St Cuthbert’s community. However, St Cuthbert’s regrouped, defeating Laluni 4-2 on penalty, and ultimately earned the right to play Swan in the finals, to determine the rightful representative for the region.Swan seemed to lack the finishing touch, and were unable to convert their scoring opportunities against St Cuthbert’s, who raided the Swan scoring area in search of goals. Cheered on by a large and vocal crowd, which included Mrs Beverly Clenkian, St Cuthbert’s Toshao and Sports Councillor, the St Cuthbert’s side used their home advantage to play a much more competitive football.St Cuthbert’s danger man, Zack PerrieraEntering the finals with some amount of complacency, Swan played a loose game, and were stunned in the fifth minute when Shamai Bernard rampaged through an empty Swan defence to stun the goal keeper with a long range shot for which Swan had no answer.With confidence dented and morale under siege, the Swan players began wilting in face of the St Cuthbert’s determination and self-confidence. It was as though St Cuthbert’s had cut the Swan lifeline, and the Swan players immediately resorted to a game which was completely out of character with their competent display of the first encounter.As the game progressed, St Cuthbert’s gained more ball possession, and it did not take long for the scoreline to shift to 2- nil, especially since danger man Zack Pererria had come to play ball, and was demonstrating why the other regions should take note of his presence. He cleverly shot a missile into the Swan goal as he added his name to the score card in the 15th minute.After this second goal, Swan threw everything into defence, no longer even bothering to hunt for a hunt. However, as the game progressed, an energized and determined Joseph Williams scored for Swan in the 23rd minute, and the scoreline was amended to 2-1 in favour of St Cuthbert’s Mission.In the second half, both teams were guilty of wasting several scoring opportunities, with Swan being the more culpable party.As the final whistle was blown, a crestfallen Swan team dejectedly exited the pitch, several of their young players emotionally hurting with the results. It was clear that while this young team was fired up to play, it didn’t have the experience needed to play football against St Cuthbert’s Mission at this level.Swan’s very disappointed coach, Gonsalves, said he was lost for words over his team’s showing in the finals. “We had a game plan; and while I don’t want to sound as though I am hitting the guys very hard, the reality is that we didn’t stick to the plan, and therefore lost a game which, had we played according to plans, we may have won,” he said.“We have a corps of players who, with the right training, discipline, and determination, will go on to greater things; because they are determined and confident, and that is the brightest part of everything,” he said in hopes that his players will someday go on to play in the National team.An overjoyed St Cuthbert’s captain, Duran Adrian, said his team was forced to rebound, after underestimating Swan in their first encounter.“We recognised that we had to regroup, as we came out to win all of our matches; and unfortunately for us, we lost the first (match), but rebounded in the second and last (matches), which (were) the most important ones. We are confident of doing well, and we are all elated that we have not disappointed the people of our community,” Adrian said.last_img read more

Battle of Attrition

first_imgOCEAN LEAGUE: There appear to be five legitimate contenders for the championship. By David Saunders STAFF WRITER Just like last season, the Ocean League has two teams cresting while three other schools look to catch an unseen wave to glory. Beverly Hills and Culver City finished in a first-place tie last season and should battle for the league title again this year. Morningside earned the third spot, edging Santa Monica and Inglewood with a win in its season finale. “Culver City is the team to beat in our league, but I’m not willing to say that it’s a two-school race,” Beverly Hills coach Carter Paysinger said. “We have four or five schools that are capable of beating anybody any given night.” No team went through last season’s league schedule unscathed. Inglewood beat Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills beat Morningside, Morningside beat Santa Monica, Santa Monica beat Culver City and Culver City and Beverly Hills played to a tie. You might call it a battle of attrition, and this season could prove to be similar. “If you look at last year’s record as a league, it was kind of like a merry-go-round as far as people beating each other,” Inglewood coach Charles Mincy said. Not only does the early-season prognosis of the league look similar to the finish of a year ago, many of the teams’ rosters do as well. Each of the six teams returns its key offensive player from late last season, giving a league that was known for its offense a year ago an even higher scoring ceiling this time around. Culver City brings back 12 starters, including senior quarterback Darius Banks, who led the state in passing last year with 4,115 yards and 51 touchdowns. Beverly Hills is the early favorite, returning 16 starters, including Ramon Judkins, who rushed for 1,294 yards and 14 touchdowns last season en route to earning All-CIF honors. Morningside has a few more holes to fill with the loss of key players, notably two-time all-league receiver Shawnta Husband. But senior quarterback Travis Harvey is the focal point of a revamped passing attack that might be able to keep pace with the other high-powered offenses in the league. Inglewood running back David Freeman led the league in rushing with 1,569 yards and 20 touchdowns. Running back Marcus Allen was a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing season for Hawthorne. Santa Monica quarterback Ryan Katz completed 66 percent of his passes for 559 yards and eight touchdowns in the Vikings’ three straight wins to close out 2006. “You start naming all of them and you realize that there are a lot of good players coming back on the all the teams,” Culver City coach Tom Salter said. Quarterback play likely will play an even greater role than usual in determining how the league standings shake out. Banks, Katz and Harvey are all three-year starters in offenses that will look to pass before run. Beverly Hills’ Dex Lucci started five games last season and has all the talent around him to make this season a successful one. Inglewood, which ran the ball on two-thirds of its plays last year, is looking to throw the ball at least an additional five to 10 times a game. “I think the league’s probably the best it’s been in a couple years,” Salter said. “It should be a very exciting race this year.” david.saunders@dailybreeze.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Man United and Chelsea BLOW! Real Madrid to win race for in-demand Portugal star

first_imgManchester United and Chelsea are set to lose out to Real Madrid on Andre Gomes.The Spanish giants are in advanced talks with Valencia over a £42million deal which could rise to £55m based on appearances.The Portuguese international had been earmarked as a target for Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, who reportedly had two bids rejected by Valencia, while Chelsea also scouted the midfielder regularly last season.However, according to Marca, Gomes has his heart set on a switch to the Bernabeu and it appears his wish will come true in the forthcoming days.Gomes only joined Valencia from Benfica last year after a loan spell at the Mestalla, but has done enough to persuade Los Blancos manager Zinedine Zidane to make his move. Andre Gomes in action for Portugal at Euro 2016 1last_img


first_imgLETTERS: Sir,I am all for safer driving on our roads. Let’s get that out straight away.There’s not a day that goes by when there isn’t a speed camera van on my route in and out of Letterkenny. I know they are there now. And like many other people I drive accordingly, knowing that being over the limit by just a few kilometres an hour will lead to a fine and penalty points.What frustrates me however that every year during the Donegal Rally Weekend when every nutter from every other part of the country – and a few from our own county – are out driving like maniacs, the speed vans disappear.Why?Can someone explain this madness? Yours,Safer driverTermonCo Donegal SO WHERE WERE THE GO-SAFE SPEED DETECTION VANS ON RALLY WEEKEND? was last modified: June 22nd, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:GO SAFESpeedvanslast_img read more


first_imgPATRICK GILDEA HAIRDRESSING: Did you know that one of the quickest and painless ways to take ten years off yourself is by updating your hair colour? Yes, it really is! Patrick asked Vickie one of our Master Colour Experts to share her best colour tips with us!Vickie says “It’s true updating your colour can make you look and feel years younger- and who wouldn’t want that? As we get older our complexions become duller and paler so choosing a colour that won’t wash you out is really important”. Choosing shades that flatter your skin tone is a must, if you are not sure what your skin undertone is Vickie says a great tip is to “look at the veins on the inside of your forearm- if they appear blue, your undertone is cool and if they look green you have warm undertones”.Classic Red like Amy Adams is best for fair skin with cool undertones. This vibrant colour gives this appearance of younger radiant skin because it reflects light onto the face. Classic red brings out the natural flush in the cheeks which makes them look fuller. Multi-Tonal Blonde like Robin Wright works best on fair skin with cool undertones. These tones complement blue undertones in the skin and brighten the face, they are perfect for natural blondes that do not want to change too dramatically.These blonde tones also soften angular features which can become more pronounced as you get older.Sun Kissed Ombre like Julia Roberts works best for fair to medium skin with warm undertones. The aging process causes us to lose the natural plumpness in our face creating areas that look hollow. Having lighter pieces of hair that frame the face draws away from any hollow areas in the cheeks.Soft Black like Jennifer Connelly is best suited to medium skin with cool undertones. A cool black gives a natural shine to the hair which makes the skin texture appear smoother than what a solid Jet black would do.Golden Brown like Eva Mendez is perfect for medium skin with warm undertones because it looks really natural on olive or golden skin. Pick a colour that is a tone lighter than your natural eyebrows to create a natural contrast to the eye area.Caramel Tips like Salma Hayek looks great with medium to dark skin with warm undertones. If you have naturally dark hair you can enhance it by tinting the ends with a caramel shade while still being low maintenance. The lightness through the ends gives the hair dimension and give a warm youthful glow.Multi-Tonal Brown like Sofia Vergara is perfect for medium to dark skin with warm undertones. If you have an olive skin tone don’t go too light or it won’t look natural instead go from some subtle Balayage for a sun kissed effect.If you would like to find your perfect colour match you can book a complimentary colour consultation with one of your Master Colour Experts. Book online here http://www.patrickgildea.ie/book-online/ or call us on 074-9125476 LOOK YOUNGER WITH THE PERFECT HAIR COLOUR WITH PATRICK GILDEA CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE was last modified: June 9th, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:columnFeatureshairhairdressernewsPatrick GildeaYoungerlast_img read more


first_imgA brochure pushing Letterkenny as County Donegal’s centre for business, commerce and industry is to be launched next week.The brochure is the brainchild of Letterkenny Town Council in conjunction with Donegal County Council and Donegal County Development Board.The brochure showcases the benefits of Letterkenny as a setting for industry, in particular its status as a joint gateway with Derry under the National Spatial Strategy. It will also include testimonials from industry leaders which further underlines Letterkenny’s credentials as a place to do business.The brochure will be officially launched by Mayor of Letterkenny Dessie Larkin next Tuesday, July 31st at 5pm in the Letterkenny Town Council offices. BROCHURE PUSHING LETTERKENNY’S INDUSTRY HUB TO BE LAUNCHED was last modified: July 26th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:brochureDonegal County CouncilLetterkenny Town Councillast_img read more

Uganda – France week to boost Rugby

first_imgDonald Rukare Secretary General of Uganda Olympic Committee ( UOC) (left) flanked by the French Ambassador H.E Stephanie Rivoal (center) and Andrew Owor President of Uganda Rugby Union (Right) at the Embassy on MondayKAMPALA – The 3rd Edition of the Uganda – France friendship week starting 16th – 23rd March is in full gear as all the parties concerned show excitement.There was a presser held at the French Embassy on Monday 25th, where the media was invited to take them through a series of activities lined up.On 23rd March the Ugandan Rugby team will have a match between the French Pacific Military team in XV aside at the Kyadondo Rugby grounds to promote sports values with the Olympic Committee in Uganda.“Last year we built two all-weather courts at Kibuli Police Primary School and Nakivubo Blue primary school that are used for Basketball, Netball, Mini football and volley ball. This great phenome has had significant impact in the lives of the pupils and the communities around and has boosted the sports. We have provided balls, jerseys, equipment among others. Sports is very important in the body mind experience and Uganda has won gold medals with minimum facilities and working on more facilities will enable you to get to higher places ” said H.E Stephanie Rivoal French Ambassador to Uganda.She further thanked the sponsors that have come on board for the last 2 years and encouraged they never give up on this this partnership.“On behalf of the Olympic Committee we believe that sports has a unifying value between Uganda and France. The 3rd Version exemplifies respect, friendship and collaboration as we look forward to 23rd March and also the Olympic games that will be held in Paris 2024 ” Said Donald Rukare , Secretary General of the Uganda Olympic Committee .“The match is going to bring a big crowd from all over and this can only be done by Rugby as we compete with the Pacific Military team in a 15 A side game”. Said Andrew Owor President Uganda Rugby Union.The Organising team pose a group picture with some of the artists that will perform including Cindy Sanyu and Beenie Gunter (Photos by Abraham Mutalyebwa)The Uganda – France Friendship week has attracted corporate bodies that include; Mestil Hotel, Total, Bollore Logistics , AGS, Kabira Country Club, Camusat, Sogea Satom, Hima Cement , Property Services Limited , Africell, Brussels Airlines , Airbus , Engie ,CIS , THALES , Barclays Bank among others.The match will be climaxed by a music concert organised by Talent Africa featuring cream de la cream of Uganda’s artists like Cindy, Beenie Gunter, Eddy Kenzo, King Saha, Lydia Jasmine, Fik Fameica, Vinka, Tabuflo among others.Comments Tags: Uganda – French Weeklast_img read more