Should Section Hikes Count as Legitimate Thru-Hikes?

first_imgYES: 30%It’s just a very slow thru-hike with lots of consecutive zero days.—RevLee, Wilmington, Del.I would feel the same sense of accomplishment completing a trail, section by section, as I would completing it as a legitimate thru-hike. It’s not about the miles; it’s about the smiles.—B.A., via the webAs long as each section starts exactly where the previous hike ended, then I say yes. I walked every step of the Colorado Trail that way and saw the same sites as the thru-hikers. I had to build up strength and endurance each time I started a new section.—Trip Kirk, Baltimore, Md.No: 70%A thru-hike is a continuous hike, not a bunch of day hikes strung together. The whole ethic of spending extended periods of time in the endeavor is the point—and in my opinion should be the definition of a thru-hike.—Kim Deacon, via FacebookI’ve done a fair amount of section hiking. If I ever finish the A.T., I can’t really envision describing myself as anything other than a person who has section-hiked the whole A.T. There’s a big difference between running a marathon and breaking up that distance into three-mile lengths and doing them over a long period of time.—Karl Kunkel, Hollywood, Fla.I am seven years into section hiking the A.T. When I make it to Katahdin, I will in no way consider myself a thru-hiker. A week or two versus six straight months requires completely different levels of psychological readiness.—Ben M., San Antonio, Tex.Anyone can spend 20 years hiking the whole trail in sections, but it takes a special kind of hiker to hike the whole trail at one time. Doing it in one hike means having to sacrifice everything to complete your mission.—Michael Brouillette, Austin, Tex.last_img read more

The Latest DEET-Free Bug Repellent Techniques

first_imgbug-nettingHow can something so small be so annoying?I’ve heard it said more than once that the Blue Ridge Mountains are “God’s Country.” I guess the bugs missed the memo…they seem to think they run things around these parts, and attack with an apocalyptic vengeance. No more, we say! Here we’ve rounded up the most contemporary ways to stave off this plague.For decades we’ve been using harsh chemicals to combat these critters, but there are natural, safer options circling the market. We all know DEET is bad, but unfortunately, finding an effective alternative has been a challenge.Thankfully Natrapel has arrived. A DEET-free product that contains a 20-percent Picaridin formula, the spray Natrapellasts eight hours and actually works. No more bites or stings from mosquitos, black flies or ticks. The formula is safe to use around clothing, children, and fishing lines.Another option? Make your own homemade bug spray! It’s easier than it sounds. Follow our step-by-step instructions to create a soothing and effective spray that can be sprayed directly onto skin or clothing.homemade-bug-sprayThis spray begins with Witch Hazel, a shrub derived extract that is commonly used as an astringent. Next we add Jojoba oil, another shrub derivative, that aids in the absorption of oils into our skin. Then we move onto Essential Oils, plant and resin extracts that are highly concentrated and effective. We’ve chosen a combination of oils that naturally repel insects, but remain safe and harmless to human skin. While humans find their scent appealing, bugs flee away from them. We finish the mixture off with distilled water, which has most of the impurities removed. The result is an all natural bug spray that combines the pleasant scent of lavender, minty freshness of tea tree and spa soothing eucalyptus.1. Begin with 4 oz spray bottle. (A dark colored bottle is prefered.)2. Add 2 tbsp Witch Hazel3. Add 2 tbsp Jojoba Oil4. Add Essential Oils:-20 drops Lavender Oil-10 drops Eucalyptus Oil-5 drops Tea Tree Oil-5 drops Citronella5. Replace spray cap and shake to blend ingredients.6. Remove cap, fill almost to the top of the bottle with distilled water. Shake again.7. Spray and enjoy!Hesitant to put anything at all on you or your child’s skin? Try the new Insect Blocker Mesh Jacket from Columbia. This lightweight zip up jacket not only creates a physical barrier between you and the bugs, but actually repels the bugs. Columbia-JacketUsing their Insect Blocker technology, the mesh helps keep mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and other flying insects away. The drawcord adjustable hem at the bottom allows you to cinch the jacket to your body to keep bugs from flying up into the jacket, while the hood helps cover your head and neck. Long sleeve shirts and pants are also available for both men and women.Ready to keep your entire picnic area or patio pest free? The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Outdoor Lantern offers a 15’ x 15’ zone of protection. Using the heat created from a butane cartridge, repellent is released into the air from a small mat that has been saturated in insect repellent. The vapor released is kid and pet friendly and repels mosquitos,black flies and other flying pests. The adjustable lantern also works as a great light source without worrying about a candle or open flame. We found the vapor to be odorless and the bugs disappeared within 10 minutes of turning on. The butane cartridges and insect repellent mats are replaceable, so be sure to stock up on replacements when you order your lantern.ThermaCELL-OutdoorLanternlast_img read more

Winning on kindness: How to bring the credit union mission to life

first_imgI could certainly use a little more kindness in the world right now. What about you?On this episode, we’re joined by two guests from the Minnesota Credit Union Network, President & CEO Mark Cummins and Director of Engagement Ben Hering, to talk about CU FORWARD, a statewide day of kindness, during which credit unions of all sizes come together to participate in fundraising events, community service projects, and other volunteer opportunities.CU FORWARD Day emerged from three simple questions:How do we spread kindness?How can credit unions come together and do more than lobby for tax breaks?How can we grow the credit union movement and respond to the pressing challenges of our time?CU FORWARD Day, which is coming up on Monday, October 12, now touches tens of thousands of people. Though it will no doubt look a little different in the midst of COVID-19, it also might be more important now than ever. In a year when credit union members have lost jobs, juggled childcare needs, contended with police brutality and civil unrest, and struggled to protect their own health and the health of their loved ones, one simple act of kindness can go a long way.Remarkable Credit Union · Winning on Kindness: How to Bring the Credit Union Mission to Life ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

BCSD worker wins New York School Nutrition Association Employee of the Year

first_img“Oh my gosh I was so excited when Annie called to tell me that I had won, for the entire New York state region, it just blew me away,” said Battaglia. Winner Deborah Battaglia was surprised by fellow employees Wednesday with cake and flowers in celebration of her award. She said Wednesday her award is one she shares with all of her co-workers. Battaglia said her favorite part of her job is getting to work with school children and while they’re home right now, she can’t wait to have them back.center_img BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — One Binghamton Central School District employee was recently named New York School Nutrition Association Employee of the year. Battaglia has worked in the Binghamton Central School District for eight years and currently works as a Senior Food Service Helper.last_img read more

Fourth Family Accommodation Forum for the region of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem

first_imgOsijek County Chamber in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Osijek organizes the 4th Forum of family accommodation for the region of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, which will be held on May 4, at 11 am in the Great Hall of the Osijek County Chamber, at 13 Europska avenija.The Family Accommodation Forum (FOS) is a regional gathering of household catering service providers from Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, it is educational and provides an opportunity to expand knowledge about news in legislation, market trends, marketing tools and exchange experiences among renters. The lecturers are experts from public institutions, but also from the real sector who will share experiences with landlords on examples of their own good practice.The forum is intended for accommodation providers in tourism, tourist agencies, tourist boards, representatives of local and regional governments / self-governments of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, members of the Family Accommodation Section and anyone who deals or plans to engage in family tourism.Participation is free, and you can apply by filling out the online application form no later than May 3 / Subscribelast_img read more

Nedo Pinezić: State interference in market relations is not appropriate in a democratic society

first_imgREVIEW OF THE PUBLICLY PUBLISHED BILL ON AMENDMENTS TO THE CATERING ACTIVITY LAW – APPENDIX TO THE PUBLIC HEARINGThe rationale for amending the Act is based on gossip.The assessment made on the operation of household facilities according to the standards of more than 20 years ago and that they need to be changed in terms of competitiveness and market uniformity is arbitrary, flat, unsupported by the findings of the actual situation. Also, one Ministry of Tourism hereby assumes the role of market arbiter for which it has no authority or competence. Such encroachment on the free market is comparable to the system of contract economy from non-market times.State interference in market relations is not appropriate in a democratic societyIn all tourist developed countries, only the minimum technical conditions are legally determined, and marketing methods are constantly used to research the market and shape the offer. This is another relic of non-market activity and it is by no means acceptable to legally prescribe marketing methods. Making free estimates and untrue claims without a single piece of evidenceThe introduction does not mention the number of boarding houses in Croatia. How many of that number of boarding houses violate legal provisions in any way and represent unfair competition to small hotels? Where and to what extent were these irregularities observed and how were they sanctioned? What did the Tourist Inspectorate do in this regard, and what measures could it not take due to the lack of legislation? Furthermore, the allegation that these are the same boarding services in the household and companies and crafts is incorrect. Pension in the household can provide food service ONLY FOR ITS GUESTS AT THE ACCOMMODATION.It is also incorrect to claim that most households have a maximum capacity of 20 basic beds. By a simple calculation of dividing the total number of basic beds (600.000) by the number of registered households (90.000), a completely different result is obtained – an average of 6,66 beds per household. The claim that the level of service in the boarding house in the household is the same as in the hotel is also untrue. Namely, if that were the case, then we should be seriously concerned about the level of service in the hotel. The boarding house is a simple facility with limited comfort, without the possibility of providing “a la carte” service, which in most cases provides a basic breakfast and dinner service based on the daily menu (single course).It is also untrue that boarding houses do not pay VAT because by exceeding the limit of HRK 300.000 of income they automatically enter the VAT system, have to keep business books, have to have a fiscal cash register, etc. Equally, boarding houses are subject to HACCP measures, sanitary inspections etc., in fact, this also applies to the provision of breakfast services in the household. As for inspections and other charges, it is extremely inappropriate to justify their existence to small hotels by the fact that they are registered as hotels, if in nature they provide a small-scale service such as household boarding, as the legislator says.On the contrary, small hotels should have far more favorable business conditions than the existing ones, which will not happen as a consequence of the abolition of “unfair competition” – boarding houses. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has already pointed out the need to equalize the business conditions of all micro-entrepreneurs up to an annual income of HRK 1.000.000 according to the model that is most favorable for the one to whom these conditions apply. Such a solution does not benefit anyone, especially small hotels, which still have over-regulated business conditions.The strategy for the development of Croatian tourism until 2020 needs a thorough revisionAt the moment, the mentioned Strategy is an unreliable document that did not take into account global trends in tourism, which planned to increase hotel capacities, without projecting a labor crisis affecting the Croatian hotel sector. It also did not take into account the pronounced seasonality of larger hotel systems in smaller tourist resorts on the coast and in rural areas that operate in nature from Easter to All Saints, and increasingly only from May to November. Therefore, any reference to the Strategy is a path to the past. These measures will not change the attractiveness of investing in hotel facilities because so far such investments have been privileged, and family accommodation in no case can provide a level of hotel service and can not compete with hotels in the same market niche. Suspicion of an attempt to eliminate competition to a particular person through legal solutionsMaking a free assessment of an unnamed person that, according to the existing legal provisions, the possibility of condominiums of large buildings that are converted into several boarding houses in the household, and are presented as hotels, is abused – is not serious at all.For such a claim, which is the basis for the abolition of the type of services, it is necessary to elaborate and argue the volume of such a phenomenon, the findings of the Tourist Inspectorate, explain the measures taken and obstacles to taking appropriate sanctions. Such an argument is indeed inappropriate and raises the suspicion of abuse of position and authority for the purpose of favoring an unknown person who initiated the ban on boarding houses in order to eliminate competition in their business environment. The proposed solutions for existing boarding houses in the household can be interpreted in the same way, among which the first option is to give up the provision of this service. Possible consequences of the abolition of the possibility of providing board and half board services in the household through the correction of Article 30 in item 3, are further emigration of people from rural areas of Croatia. Especially from Gorski kotar, Lika, Slavonia…Encouraging investment in the construction of rental apartmentsDeletion of Article 33, which stipulates that the stay of more than 15 persons who are not members of the immediate family in accordance with a special regulation prescribing the obligation to pay the sojourn tax, in apartments, suites and holiday homes, in tourist places from 15 June to 15 September , considers the provision of catering services in the household, and the allegation “that the said presumption did not give the expected results, because citizens, owners of these properties, did not report more than 15 people, nor close family members, who stayed with them, except cases, in order not to apply the above provision of the law to them, due to the possible non-registration of all persons who stayed with them without charging for the service, the consequence is the non-payment of the residence tax for those persons; it is assessed that the supervision over the registration of guests and the collection of the sojourn tax can be ensured in other ways prescribed by law, and the question of the justification of the provision related to the protection of property rights is raised “; – they open the door wide to the gray tourist market and apartmentization.By deleting this article, tourist traffic in non-commercial facilities is no longer illegal and the legislator himself distances himself from any possible control by stating “the question of the justification of the provision related to the protection of property rights” arises.The decision on the work permit should be separated from the categorizationAn application for a decision on approval for the provision of catering services in the household is not required, but possibly an application for determining the category of accommodation (stars). All the more so because: (5) Renters referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article who do not apply for the decision referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, continue to provide catering services, but lose the right to display the category label (stars) on the facility where they provide catering services and in promotional materials.Nedo Pinezić, provider of catering services in the household / www.nedopinezic.comRelated news: BILL ON AMENDMENTS TO THE LAW ON CATERING ACTIVITY PUBLISHED. GET INVOLVED!* The views expressed in the columns are the personal views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff of the portallast_img read more

Tripadvisor has launched the Review Hub – a service where reviews from all portals are available in one place

first_imgHow Review Hub Works The importance of responding to reviews The Review Hub is a paid subscription and is available to all restaurant owners, operators and digital marketing teams, and can be subscribed to on a monthly or annual basis. It is available in all markets in which Tripadvisor operates. “Only a small number of restaurant owners have the time to log in individually to each website related to reviews and respond to user comments. That’s why we’re excited to provide one tool to manage those reviews that will save them time“, Said Bertrand Jelensperger, senior vice president for the restaurant section at Tripadvisor. “The Review Hub is the latest result of Tripadvisor’s efforts to make online marketing and restaurant management as easy as possible for busy restaurant owners.” Tripadvisor Review Hub – example site There I can also respond quickly to any review – thank my guests for the feedback and share their side of the story. This response is automatically posted on the website or app where the review was originally posted, making online reputation management easier. The Ipsos MORI survey, conducted on a sample of over 23 respondents worldwide, also shows that six out of ten (63%) respondents said they were more likely to visit a restaurant if the owner responded to most reviews. And when a restaurant owner publishes personalized responses to reviews, more than three-quarters (77%) of respondents said they are more likely to visit a restaurant. The Review Hub displays a summary of ratings and reviews from multiple platforms, and allows restaurant owners to delve deeper into their unique review trends. So restaurant owners can see what works and where they can improve their user experience, with a full range of reviews from multiple sites. The survey shows that more than 90 percent of respondents think criticism is important when choosing a restaurant, indicating how important it is to pay attention to what restaurant guests write online. Online reviews are not only the experiences of previous guests, but also allow the owners to show potential future guests the best of their restaurant. In its constant efforts to help restaurants run their businesses and take control of their online reputation, Tripadvisor launched last week Review Hub(review center). Namely, it is a new interactive portal that allows restaurant owners to view user reviews about their restaurant and quickly respond to them, all from one convenient dashboard, whether the review is shared on Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, Yelp or other major sites for reviews. Source / photo: Tripadvisor; Pexelslast_img read more

Sherwood has faith in Soldado

first_img “He was all right (against Hull). His hold up play was good, he had a few volleys – sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t. “I’m not putting pressure on him and he’s not putting pressure on himself.” With Soldado off target and Emmanuel Adebayor denied by goalkeeper Steve Harper with his best chance of the match, Tottenham relied on midfielder Paulinho for their equaliser. The Brazilian was back in the starting XI for the first time this year following ankle trouble, and Sherwood was happy to have him back. “He’s been out for a while and he did well. Jan Vertonghen was back as well and he grew into the game, getting better as the game went on. “We had Younes Kaboul back on the bench too, so with a few coming back to fitness by the time we play Everton next week we won’t be too far off full strength.” While the efforts of Long and Jelavic on their home debuts will have left the Hull faithful in buoyant spirits about the remainder of the campaign, manager Steve Bruce expects it to be tense. With his side two points above the relegation zone and three points off 10th, he said: “I’ve never known 10 teams stuck by three or four points. “It’s quite ridiculous. Usually you have one or two adrift by now. As I’ve said repeatedly, it’s a marathon this thing and it’s just about to get going. “When the daffodils come up it starts to get a bit tickly, so it’s all to play for.” Soldado arrived at White Hart in the summer with a £26million price tag and a hard-won reputation as one of La Liga’s most lethal finishers. But although he has found the net 10 times for Spurs in 24 appearances, just half of those goals have come in the Barclays Premier League. Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has no fears that Roberto Soldado will start scoring soon and had no intention of bringing in a new striker in the January transfer window. More worrying is the fact that all but one of his league goals have come from the penalty spot. The Spaniard drew a blank again in Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Hull, who had threatened a shock win when £6.5million new boy Shane Long put the Tigers ahead having been teed up by fellow home debutant Nikica Jelavic. The boost Hull received from their January signings was palpable, but Sherwood’s faith in Soldado meant he never intended following them into the market. “We’re all right for strikers here. If we added more players to what we’ve got it would be impossible to train…too manic,” said Sherwood. “It’s just a matter of time before Robbie hits the target again, starts scoring and gets on a run. “He’s a good trainer and he’s just got to stick at it. We’ve all been professional footballers, so we know what it’s like. “What are you going to do? You have to keep training hard, working hard at it and it’ll turn around because it always does. “I’m sure it’s not the first barren spell he’s had. Press Associationlast_img read more

Eight Hancock County players advance to tennis Round of 48

first_imgELLSWORTH — Eight players from Hancock County high school tennis teams are among those advancing to the next round in the Maine Principals’ Association Tennis Singles Tournament.Eastern Maine regional preliminary and qualifying round competitions took place on Saturday at several locations in the Bangor area.Moving on to statewide competition Friday at Colby College in Waterville are Evan Toothaker, Alec Toothaker and Sarah Shelton of the Ellsworth Eagles; Luke Horton, Kaleb Payson, Sarah Phelps and Ivy Wallace of the Mount Desert Island Trojans; and Sophie Chen of the George Stevens Academy Eagles.Play for those seeded in the preliminary Round of 48 will get under way at 8:30 a.m. and first round play in the Round of 32 will commence at 1:15 p.m.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textFollowing are the results for local players In Saturday’s regional preliminary matches.In boys’ competition:Evan Toothaker defeated Phillip Schnorfeil of Lee Academy 8-1 and downed Mitchel Noyes of Piscataquis 6-4, 6-3.Alec Toothaker bested Bram Dennis of Foxcroft Academy 8-0 and got past Sam Sheppard of Orono 7-5, 6-2.Horton never dropped a game in rolling over Tysen Libby of Mattanawcook Academy 8-0 and Zac Libby of Old Town 6-0, 6-0.Payson blanked Ethan King of Penobscot Valley 8-0 and outlasted Anthony Gardner of Ellsworth 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.Gardner eked out an 8-6 win over Tate Yoder of GSA 8-6 in his preliminary match.Lucas Theoharidis of GSA downed Rece Baker of Brewer 8-1 in preliminary play but fell to Ryan Wells of Orono in the first round, dropping a marathon first set 7-6 in a 13-11 tiebreak and falling 7-5 in the second set.In other preliminary matches, Eric Byers of Hermon bested Edward Geary of MDI 8-4, Nicholas Hallowell of Calais downed Matthew Duddy of the Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners 8-2, Alex Marsh of Hermon defeated Matt Lamoreux of Sumner 8-2 and Michael Dunning of John Bapst edged Nathaniel Boechat of GSA 9-7.In girls’ action:Shelton rolled over Leah Susen of Mattanawcook Academy 8-0 and downed Hannah Flemming of Sumner 6-1, 6-2 in the qualifying round. Flemming defeated Abby Davis of Penobscot Valley 8-0 in the preliminary round and Sydney Hammond of Hermon 8-0 in the first round.Phelps cruised over Madison Pickering of Belfast 8-1 and bested Allison Cormier of DI-Stonington 6-4, 7-6 (7-1) in the qualifying round. Cormier defeated Molly Banks of Lee Academy 8-2 in the first round.Wallace defeated Hannah Green of Belfast 8-2 in preliminary play, then blanked Dana Webber of Dexter 8-0 and defeated Olivia Gower of Hampden Academy 7-5, 6-3 in the qualifying round.Chen downed Madison Bennett of Hampden Academy 8-2 and eliminated Isabelle Daigle of Bangor 6-1, 6-3 in the qualifying round.Tianah Johnson of Sumner downed Lindsay Wells of Orono 8-2 in preliminary play and Amy Hallet of Penobscot Valley 8-4 in the first round before falling to Claire Valley of Brewer 7-5, 6-1 in the qualifying round.Maeve Geary of MDI downed Amber Wilcoxson of Lee Academy 8-3 in preliminary play and Alexa Grant of Ellsworth 8-0 in the first round, but fell to Aidan Coyne of Bangor 6-2, 6-3 in the qualifying round.Lauren Hale of Ellsworth bested Cassie Cliff of DI-Stonington 8-1 in preliminary play and lost to Haley Donovan of Calais 8-3 in the first round.Jordyn Judkins of DI-Stonington defeated Libby Toothaker of Dexter 8-4 in preliminary play and fell to Nicole Chasse of Schenck 8-1 in the first round.Adrian Van der Eb of GSA fell to Catelyn Kimball of Brewer 8-0 in the first round.Abigail Frost of GSA lost to Ava Broderick of Mattanawcook Academy 8-4 in preliminary play.last_img read more

Harper lauds ‘white-ball batting’

first_img(CMC) – Convenor of selectors, Roger Harper, has hailed the improved batting of the white-ball unit as one of the positives for West Indies in recent months.The former Guyana and West Indies off-spinner said the return of “older, wiser heads” had also brought a new level of effectiveness to the bowling, especially at the death stages of the innings.“If you look for one thing that has been relatively consistent is the way the team has batted,” Harper told i95 FM here.“I think we’ve seen some consistency in the white-ball team both in the 50-over game and the T20 game and that of course is a plus.“We have identified that our bowling at times hasn’t been as sharp and smart as it needed to be but with the inclusion of some of the older, wiser heads – more experienced from a bowling perspective especially at the end of the innings – we’ve seen some improvement there as well.”“Just as we saw some gains, we have this break; so again we will have to regroup when this (coronavirus pandemic) is over and come again but I think generally we have seen some improvement, and it’s just a matter now of turning those improvements now in terms of performance into consistent positive results.”West Indies flopped spectacularly at last year’s 50-over World Cup in England, when they won just twice in nine outings to finish ninth of 10 teams and record their worst-ever performance at the showpiece.The performance prompted a shakeup in the white-ball team, with Jason Holder and Carlos Brathwaite being ditched as captain of the ODI and Twenty20 sides respectively and the previously exiled Kieron Pollard returning to take over as skipper.Since then, West Indies’ form has remained volatile, winning seven of 12 ODIs and just five of 11 Twenty20 Internationals.The Windies’ Test form has also seen inconsistency, winning three of their last six Tests inside the last 12 months.Harper, though, praised the victory over minnows Afghanistan last November, when the two teams met in the historic inaugural one-off Test in India.“We played one Test match and we managed to win that Test match and I think we shouldn’t underestimate that result,” he pointed out.“I know it was against Afghanistan but playing against Afghanistan in those conditions would not be easy and we must take some credit for that.”West Indies are preparing to defend their title at the T20 World Cup scheduled to be staged in Australia from October 18 to November 15.However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has halted all cricket globally and put in doubt the showpiece.last_img read more