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2yrold raped in Gurugram2yrold raped in Gurugram

first_imgGurugram: In a single day two cases were registered in the city that again highlighted how vulnerable the children in the city are. In the first case, a two-year-old was raped by a drunkard. The police have arrested a 23-year-old man from Bihar on the charge of raping a two-year-old girl in a slum near Sector 84 here on Tuesday night when the child was alone at home. An FIR was lodged under the POCSO Act. In another incident, a 43-year-old man arrested for allegedly molesting his 14-year-old daughter when she was sleeping in her house in Badshahpur. According to the police, the relationship between the teen’s parents has been strained for some time. They allegedly live separately in the same house. Police spokesperson Subhash Boken said, “The girl used to be with her mother on some days and with her father on other days.”last_img read more

Quebec town cancels twin cities project in country accused of human rightsQuebec town cancels twin cities project in country accused of human rights

first_imgMONTREAL — A town east of Montreal has cancelled a twin cities project with Bujumbura in Burundi after an outcry from members of the African country’s Canadian diaspora who called the state a brutal dictatorship.Yves Corriveau, mayor of Mont-St-Hilaire, Que., signed the twin cities deal on July 11 in Burundi, but his council revoked the agreement Tuesday night in his absence.As soon as an association of Burundian Canadians found out about the deal they wrote an open letter reminding Corriveau of the rapes, murders and other human rights abuses allegedly committed by security services in that state.The town council said in a statement Tuesday the agreement between the two cities was not properly approved.Omer Ndacayisaba, a federal bureaucrat and member of the association that wrote to Corriveau, said today he is happy to hear the town council cancelled the twin cities project.Twin city deals are legal agreements entered into between two cities to promote cultural and commercial ties. Montreal, for instance, has similar agreements with a number of cities, including Hiroshima, Manila, and Shanghai.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Huawei US controls have no impact talking to GoogleHuawei US controls have no impact talking to Google

BEIJING — The founder of Huawei says U.S. restrictions on sales to the Chinese tech giant will have little impact and the company is talking with Google about the possible effect on its smartphone business.Ren Zhengfei told Chinese reporters Tuesday in comments broadcast by state TV the company has “supply backups” if it loses access to American chips and other technology under last week’s order.Washington says Huawei is a security threat and imposed imposing restrictions last week on technology sales to the company.Ren said those control “will have no impact within this company” but some low-end business might be affected.He said Huawei and Google are discussing possible “emergency relief measures” for its smartphone business, which might lose access to some of the American company’s services.The Associated Press read more

UN human rights chief voices concern over high level of violence inUN human rights chief voices concern over high level of violence in

“Let us not forget that ensuring citizen security means upholding the right of the whole population to live free of threat to their basic rights – such as life, physical integrity and liberty, and justice – and for the State to respond and provide redress when those rights are violated,” Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, told a news conference in Mexico City at the end of her six-day mission to Mexico yesterday.She acknowledged the that the magnitude of the human rights challenges and violence facing Mexico were enormous, saying some of them had their root causes across Mexico”s borders. “I call on the United States of America, reported to be the main consumer of drugs and supplier of guns in and out of Mexico, to do more to help this country be safe,” said Ms. Pillay.“I understand that in extraordinary circumstances difficult decisions have to be taken – like the use of the military in public order functions – while a State builds the capacity to protect its citizens according to the rule of law.“But such exceptional measures must remain true to their nature – extraordinary, and limited in time. And they must be carried out under civilian control and within the boundaries set by human rights standards and principles,” she added.She decried the use of torture and urged the Government to ensure full investigation and sanction of such practices, saying they should always be dealt with by civilian courts, irrespective of who the perpetrators were.Ms. Pillay stressed that the rights of migrants must be protected and called upon the Mexican Government to make all efforts to protect the life and integrity of migrants, particularly women and children, and to prevent human trafficking.She expressed her deep sympathy to the female victims of violence and insecurity in Ciudad Juárez and other parts of the country, noting that women”s rights defenders were doing an extraordinary job in promoting and protecting human rights throughout Mexico, often at the expense of their own personal security.Ms. Pillay also called for the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, saying her office considered the issue a priority and was guided by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – of which Mexico is a signatory – as a framework for action to further the advancement and protection of indigenous peoples” rights.She also voiced concern over assaults on journalists, which she said constituted an attack on the freedom of expression and on people”s rights to information.“I am alarmed by the high impunity that prevails for attacks upon journalists, and I urge that this impunity stops. And the mechanism to protect journalists needs to be implemented without delay and with their full participation, both at the national and national levels,” said Ms. Pillay.She expressed similar concern over the situation of human rights defenders, many of whom she said had been harassed, threatened, wrongfully imprisoned and even murdered.“I am pleased to have witnessed this week the signature by the President of a document setting the basis for a national protection mechanism for human rights defenders. I trust that this mechanism will strengthen the existing efforts of authorities to generate safe and free conditions for them to work,” she added.The High Commissioner took note of a number of important advances that have been made in Mexico, citing the constitutional reform on human rights that had paved the way for greater promotion and protection of internationally recognized human rights in the country.“But it now needs to be implemented and further developed, at national, state and municipal levels,” she said. 9 July 2011The United Nations human rights chief has voiced concern over escalating violence in some parts Mexico, saying organized crime and brutality could undermine the State and threaten the people”s basic rights. read more

Charges dropped against Toronto man in child pornography investigationCharges dropped against Toronto man in child pornography investigation

EDITOR’S NOTE: The name and photo of the accused have been removed from this story after it was learned all charges against the accused were dropped in November 2015 before the case went to trial.Toronto police have charged a man with multiple counts relating to a child pornography investigation.It’s believed he used up to six aliases to lure victims online, and police say there may be more victims.The man was arrested last week after a complaint was filed. It is alleged he used social media and emails under fake names to lure children. Police say he created profiles to make himself appear to be a teenage girl in order to contact other young girls.He has been charged with five counts of making child pornography, possession and accessing of child pornography, making it available and luring a child under 16 years of age.During the press conference today, police urged any other victims to come forward.“He was posing as teenage girls … to reach to other teenage girls using these email that we’re aware of and possible others that we’re unaware of,” said Detective Scott McQuoid of the Toronto Police Sex Crimes and Child Exploitation Unit.Police also urged parents to monitor their children’s online activities. Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact Toronto Police or Crimestoppers. read more

Middle East Annan Mubarak say political process key to durable security accordsMiddle East Annan Mubarak say political process key to durable security accords

According to a spokesman for Mr. Annan, the Secretary-General and President Mubarak reached this conclusion after discussing prospects for a Middle East ceasefire in the wake of the security agreement concluded on Tuesday night in the presence of United States Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet. They also reviewed current efforts to encourage the Israelis and Palestinians to implement the recommendations put forward by a committee headed by former US Senator George Mitchell. Speaking to reporters following his meeting with President Mubarak, Mr. Annan said that now that the ceasefire was being consolidated, “there should be an effort to move on to the diplomatic process in order to ensure that the ceasefire holds for the longer term.” Underscoring the need to put an end to the tragedy, the Secretary-General said, “once the ceasefire has been accepted and consolidated, I think it is only normal that we move on with the implementation of the full Mitchell recommendations which the parties have both accepted.” Asked by a reporter about the plight of the Palestinian people “still suffering under siege,” Mr. Annan noted that “the purpose of the efforts we are making is in the end to ensure that the siege would also be lifted.” “As we make progress in the work that we are doing, I would hope to see a better situation for the Palestinian people,” he added. “I know they are suffering, I know the pain, and I think that is why we are all here.” The Secretary-General then met with Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Maher. In a press briefing following their discussions, he emphasized the imperative of pursuing the path of peace. “I think once you’ve made a strategic choice for peace, you need to stay the course and to stick with it, and at the same time find a way of dealing with the terrorists.” “If you allow the terrorist to dictate the pace of talks – to determine when you continue your peace discussions – then you are not going to move very far,” he observed, expressing hope that the parties would “stay the course and not allow a bomb here or there to disturb the process.” Later in the day, the Secretary-General left Cairo for Damascus. During the remainder of the week he is also scheduled to visit Amman, Beirut, Tel Aviv and Ramallah. read more

UN partners seek record 13 billion to bring lifesaving aid to millionsUN partners seek record 13 billion to bring lifesaving aid to millions

The $6.5 billion sought to assist millions of Syrians inside the country and across the region is the biggest amount so far requested for a single humanitarian emergency. The conflict, which began in March 2011, has left some 8 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.“As we look towards the fourth year of this appalling crisis, its brutal impact on millions of Syrians is testing the capacity of the international community to respond,” Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos said at the launch of the appeals in Geneva.In total, aid agencies are aiming to 52 million people worldwide with assistance, launching humanitarian response plans for 17 countries, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a news release. Complex crises in Syria and its neighbours, as well as in Philippines and Yemen have displaced or affected 35 million men, women and children who need emergency relief, protection and basic services to sustain them on a daily basis. The protracted crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) has deteriorated into a major humanitarian emergency with more than half a million people displaced and half the entire population in urgent need of aid. “I have seen people in desperate circumstances in the Central African Republic and Yemen, the typhoon-devastated parts of the Philippines and in many other countries I have visited this year,” said Ms. Amos, who is also UN Emergency Relief Coordinator.“It is hard to put into words their despair, but also the dignity with which they endure the most painful and difficult circumstances. We count on the continued support from our partners as we work to save lives and support the millions of people caught in crisis.”A total of 568 aid organizations are participating with projects in Afghanistan, CAR, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Myanmar, occupied Palestinian territory, Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, the combined plan for Syria and neighbouring countries, and Yemen. The plans for the Sahel will be launched early next year.“What is clear already is that 2014 will be a very challenging year for all of us. Globally, forced displacement levels are approaching record highs. It is critically important that humanitarian organizations are properly in a position to respond,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. Funding for consolidated and flash appeals reached an unprecedented $8 billion in 2013, exceeding the previous high of $7.2 billion in 2010. Despite the generosity of donors and individuals, funding of the coordinated plans and appeals is only at 60 per cent of requirements. read more

Britain could become first country in world to ban sale of ivoryBritain could become first country in world to ban sale of ivory

first_imgChinese police officers with ivory and rhino horn seized from poachers  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Britain could become first country in the world to ban sale of ivory antiques as MPs debate whether to further restrict items to prevent poaching.In September, the government announced plans to prohibit the sale of ivory which is less than 70 years old, but stopped short of a total ban.However campaigners say the change does not go far enough and claim poachers can easily get around the rules by making their products appear older, or forging certificates of authenticity. Chinese police officers with ivory and rhino horn seized from poachers Credit:Rex/Shutterstock  The sale of pianos with ivory keys could fall under new legistlationcenter_img On Monday parliament will debate the future of Britain’s domestic ivory market ahead of a public consultation on the government’s ‘70 year’ plan. The wildlife charity WWF is calling for the consultation to also include proposals for a total ban.“It is time for the government to take all possible action to end the illegal global ivory trade,” said  Tanya Steele, CEO of WWF-UK.“We urgently need the UK to take a stand for elephants, continue to demonstrate global leadership and implement a ban without delay.  “Such a commitment will send a strong message that the UK refuses to play any part in the illegal ivory trade. “ WWF say closing the antique trade in ivory would set a precedent for other countries worldwide where demand for ivory strongly contributes to the ongoing elephant poaching crisis.One third of the population of African elephants has been wiped out since 2007 and now only 350,000 remain in the wild, with an animal killed every 15 minutes on average.The illegal wildlife trade is the fourth largest illegal trade behind drugs, human trafficking and counterfeiting, and is worth over an estimated £12 billion annually worldwide.China, home to the world’s greatest legal and illegal ivory markets announced they will ban domestic trade by the end of 2017 and the US has introduced a near-total ban. The sale of pianos with ivory keys could fall under new legistlationlast_img read more

Greplin launches makes your life more searchableGreplin launches makes your life more searchable

first_imgPerforming a search on the Internet can be a haphazard affair. You know what you are looking for, but the search results brought up by your favorite search engine are filled with links that don’t lead to the information you are after. Refining your search helps, but then it can still be a hit and miss affair and the results are never matched to you.There’s another emerging problem for the individual user who relies more and more on web based services. With growing amounts of information stored in services like Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Facebook, to name but a few, how on earth do you keep track of it all, or find something specific within this mass of data?AdChoices广告Doing a Google search isn’t going to help much as it’s not specific enough and doesn’t have access to your secure accounts. You could go through each service and manually look for what you want, but that’s time consuming and there’s no guarantee of success. What we need is a search service just for your stuff. That’s where Greplin comes in.The concept of Greplin is quite simple: it allows you to search through the data on your services exclusively. It’s a personal search service where you decide what’s included with no outside links appearing.To use Greplin you have to register for free and then start adding the services you want to search to it. For the free account this includes the following services:GmailGoogle DocsGoogle CalendarFacebookTwitterDropboxLinkedInSign up for the Premium ($49.99 a year) or the Premium Plus ($149.99 a year) accounts and you get more services indexed and the ability to store more data on Greplin about each. For most individuals, though, the free account will be more than enough. The services available on a premium plan are desirable mainly for business and the web worker crowds. The premium services list includes:Google Apps MailGoogle Apps CalendarGoogle Apps ContactsEvernoteYammerSalesforceHighriseThere’s also the following services coming soon, the majority of which we hope will be available on the free account:Box.netBasecampGoogle VoiceGoogle ReaderAlthough Greplin needs access to the data on your different services, its privacy policy states that information will never be shared with a third party and that same policy has been certified by the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program. That’s important due to the personal nature of the data being shared here.Whether Greplin is useful or not to you as a search solution depends on how much you rely on the services it supports. If you have ever needed to do any of the following quickly, then there’s some value in signing up for a free account:Find someone on LinkedIn you know is already a contact, but you only remember their first nameHave stored a file in Dropbox, but forgotten where you put itWant to find a specific message you were sent over Twitter last year/month/weekThe date meeting X is taking place as listed in your Google CalendarYou can find such information within each service, but if you type a related keyword into the Greplin search box the link will appear almost immediately saving you a lot of time and effort.Greplin was created by 19-year-old Daniel Gross and 27-year-old Robby Walker who previously sold his company Zenter to Google. The two co-founders have already received the backing of Y Combinator and received $5 million of investment. Angel funding came from Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, and Chris Dixon from Square. In other words, it has some serious backers who obviously believe in the value of this personal search service.Regsiter for free and start searching your online life with Greplin. You can also read an interview with Daniel Gross over at Inc.last_img read more

Hachette Penguin Simon Schuster to launch BookishHachette Penguin Simon Schuster to launch Bookish

first_imgWith the PlayStation Network still down after a couple of frustrating weeks for those PSN-heavy users, many people are finding themselves with free time on their hands. Perhaps it’s time to go outside and read a book. But where do you start if you don’t already have a pile of books stacking up in your “To Read” pile? A new site, set to be released towards the end of summer, is aiming to answer the question of what should I read next?A super-group of publishers made up of Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group, and Hachette Book Group, are gearing up to launch the game-changing site, Bookish. The creators of the site are hoping this will be the go-to site for everything book-related, much as is for movies. Bookish will feature book reviews, excerpts, author news, news of upcoming book releases, breaking news, interviews, and more. It will work much like the way Pandora or Netflix does, where the more information and feedback you give the site, the more specified recommendations you’ll get back from it.AdChoices广告Though the the social aspects aren’t haven’t really been made public yet, there will most definitely be a way to recommend books to friends, and there will certainly be a way to share reviews and other information on the usual social sites, like Facebook and Twitter.The AOL Huffington Post Media Group will be behind the advertisement sales, and traffic will be brought to Bookish via its digital channels.Carolyn Reidy, president and chief executive of Simon & Schuster, told the New York Times that the current discovery of books in the “physical environment” needs to be recreated so that it can happen online, something which Reidy said isn’t currently happening. The NYT said that the publishing companies envision that Bookish will be for books what is for music in terms of reviews and information. Bookish, unlike Pitchfork, will also have a sales aspect to it. The site will sell both physical and digital books.Going to currently brings you to a sign-up page, as seen above. The Bookish landing page will be updated each week until the site is officially launched. It will offer weekly questions related to “your passion for books,” which seems like a good way for the site to cull information about its future users before the site actually launches. The current question asks users what book they remember most from their childhood.There have been other sites along the same lines in the literature field, but with such big names as the three publishers listed above and AOL, Bookish seems like it has a lot of potential to be the go-to site in which the companies hope it will be.Bookish Via New York Times, and Publisher’s Weeklylast_img read more

This Kirby Clothing Event in Japan Served Sweet Kirby CupcakesThis Kirby Clothing Event in Japan Served Sweet Kirby Cupcakes

first_imgStay on target The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: King DededeThe Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: Meta Knight As we previously reported, there’s a special collaboration with Japanese lingerie creator Yummy Mart to release a whole new Kirby-themed clothing line, and they all look super adorable. Alongside the launch was an adorable party held at the Yummy Mart store in Harajuku where Kirby-themed refreshments were served alongside the display of Kirby merchandise for people to purchase. RocketNews24 (now SoraNews24) went to check it out and what they found was a dream come true for any Kirby fan.Among the items were mini dresses, underwear, pajamas, and other fashionable items such as clear backpacks, sleeping masks and more. There was even a special upstairs area decorated with Kirby plushes and other items, including Kirby cupcakes, juice and other delicious snacks. There were Kirby plushes of all shapes and sizes, little pink balls, star-shaped balloons, and plenty of music playing from the Kirby games to set the tone.via SoraNews24If you bought an item, you’d be given a glass of delicious pink juice a la the Kirby games, and delicious Kirby cupcakes, which were created by British sweet brand Monarch of London, specifically for the event. And while it looks like they’re just a lot of hot air, each cupcake was created with a unique pink shell with chocolate strawberry and chocolate mousse inside on top of yellow cake. Now seriously, they look too cute to eat, but I’m still super interested in trying out whatever kind of juice there was for patrons in those bottles! Cherry juice perhaps?via SoraNews24Unfortunately, the special event with treats has ended, but if you’re in the area in Japan, you can go to Yummy Mart Harajuku and still purchase several of these items as long as you go through their website or purchase the items through April 26. Hurry up and make sure you get on the train if you’re a Kirby mega-fan!last_img read more

43 magnitude earthquake reported near Mount St Helens43 magnitude earthquake reported near Mount St Helens

first_imgA man who lives off East Lucas Street in La Center reported this morning feeling the ground shake against his bare feet and items on his computer bounce around at about 10:36 a.m. for up to nine seconds.About 50 miles away, the U.S. Geological Survey is reporting two earthquakes, including a 4.3 magnitude, six miles north of Mount St. Helens.“I travel every week,” said Jason Johnson of La Center. “I’ve been in a lot of earthquakes down in the San Diego area. I felt the ground shaking.”Karrie Humphries of Orchards emailed The Columbian, “I think we had a small earthquake.”As of about 11 a.m., 450 people from as far south as Portland and north to Randle reported having felt the earthquake, according to Leslie Gordon, a spokeswoman for U.S. Geological Survey. “It was felt very weak to light shaking,” she said.The 4.3 magnitude earthquake came first. It was 3.1 miles deep and occurred in the Mount St. Helens seismic zone at 10:35 a.m. A magnitude 2.5 earthquake occurred two minutes later in the same area, at a depth of 1.7 miles.last_img read more

MediaTec to Launch New Business TitleMediaTec to Launch New Business Title

first_imgMediaTec Publishing is planning to launch a new magazine called Diversity Executive.The bi-monthly magazine—which is set to debut in September—is to have an initial circulation of 25,000 and targets C-level executives, senior human resources leaders, corporate training executives, community organizations representatives and federal and state government officials, MediaTec says. The publisher also plans to launch an accompanying Web site, digital editions, weekly e-newsletters and Webinars.According to editor-in-chief and MediaTec president Norm Kamikov, “more organizations are realizing the power of diversity and inclusion as core business strategies. Diversity Executive will deliver leading-edge strategies to create a more inclusive business culture and help leaders leverage diversity for maximum organizational gain.” MediaTech publishes Chief Learning Officer and Talent Management magazines.last_img read more

Fire Officials Ask People To Change Your Clock Check Your Alarms This WeekendFire Officials Ask People To Change Your Clock Check Your Alarms This Weekend

first_imgSTOW, MA — “This weekend as you change your clocks, check your alarms,” said State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey. “Working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can save your life. Replace aging alarms, and unless they have a 10-year sealed battery, replace the alkaline batteries now,” said Ostroskey.Replace Aging Smoke Alarms“Smoke alarms, like other household appliances, don’t last forever,” said Chief Timothy J. Grenno, President of the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Massachusetts. “Every ten years the entire alarm needs to be replaced, not just the batteries.”The state fire code requires replacement battery-operated smoke alarms to have 10-year, sealed, non-replaceable, non-rechargeable batteries in older one- and two-family homes.Manufacturers generally recommend smoke alarms be replaced after ten years and carbon monoxide alarms after 5-7. Newer models with 10-year sealed batteries are designed to last longer and do not require replacement batteries.“Fire officials see too many disabled smoke alarms in fires when people really needed them to work. We hope that if smoke alarms are easier to maintain, people won’t be tempted to disable them,” said Chief Grenno.Time Is Your Enemy in a Fire“Time is your enemy in a fire and working smoke alarms give you precious time to use your home escape plan before poisonous gases and heat make escape impossible,” said Ostroskey. “Remember: smoke alarms are a sound you can live with.”Senior SAFETwo hundred forty-two (242) fire departments across the state have grant-funded Senior SAFE Programs. Seniors who need help testing, maintaining or replacing smoke alarms should contact their local fire department or senior center for assistance.“Four out of every ten of the people who have died in fires last year were over 65,” said Ostroskey. “We want our seniors to be safe from fire in their own homes.”Working Smoke Alarms Are a Sound You Can Live With“No one expects to be a victim of a fire, but the best way to survive one that does occur is to have working smoke alarms,” said Grenno. “Take a few minutes to protect those you love by changing the batteries in your smoke alarms this weekend. Then take a step stool and some 9-volts to your parents or older neighbor’s and ask if you can refresh their smoke alarms.”In the average house fire, there are only 1-3 minutes to escape AFTER the smoke alarm sounds.(NOTE: The above press release is from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedFire Officials Ask People To Change Your Clock, Check Your Alarms This WeekendIn “Government”State Fire Marshal: “Change Your Clock, Change Your Smoke Alarm Battery”In “Government”Massachusetts State Fire Marshal: September Is Campus Fire Safety MonthIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Twitter left up tweets threatening Rep Ilhan Omars life to aid policeTwitter left up tweets threatening Rep Ilhan Omars life to aid police

first_img Comments Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar says threats against her life have increased since President Trump shared a video that appeared to show Omar using flippant language to describe the 2001 terrorist attacks. Getty Images Twitter allowed tweets threatening Rep. Ilhan Omar’s life to remain publicly visible on the platform over the weekend so law enforcement could investigate them.Omar said Sunday that threats against her have increased since President Donald Trump shared a video Friday that purports to show the Muslim congresswoman being dismissive of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The video coupled her comments from a recent speech in which she said “some people did something” with images of the hijacked airplanes striking the World Trade Center.Twitter typically removes tweets that violate its terms of service when they’re reported, but the social media platform temporarily left the tweets up to aid potential law enforcement investigation of the tweets, a person familiar with the matter said, confirming a BuzzFeed report. Capitol Hill police are investigating the threatening tweets, the source said.”Death threats, incitement to violence and hateful conduct are absolutely unacceptable on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson said. “Accounts spreading this type of material will be removed and coupled with our proactive engagement, we continue to encourage people to report this content to us. This behavior undermines freedom of expression and the values our service is based on.”For some time, critics of Twitter have attacked the social network over a perceived failure to respond quickly and appropriately to reports of troubling tweets and harassment on the site. At the end of 2017, after a #WomenBoycottTwitter protest, the company overhauled its rules on how it handles abusive behavior.However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told Congress last year that Twitter should’ve acted faster to remove a doctored image that had appeared on the site the previous week, following Sen. John McCain’s funeral. The tweet showed a gun pointed at McCain’s daughter while she wept over her father’s casket.Some considered the “some people did something” comment to be disrespectful or flippant language to describe the terrorist attacks. But Omar’s comment quoted in the tweet actually came from a speech before the Council on American-Islamic Relations in which she was defending the rights of Muslim Americans. “Far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen, and frankly, I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it,” she said at the event. “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” (CAIR was in fact founded in 1994.) Rep. Omar couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.Updated at 8 p.m. PT to correct image of Rep. Omar. Twitter 6 Tags Share your voice Tech Industry Internetlast_img read more

Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan celebrate VishuPuthandu with familiesNayanthara and Vignesh Shivan celebrate VishuPuthandu with families

first_imgVignesh Shivan, his mother and Nayanthara along with her sister and brother-in-law are seen in the picture.Vignesh Shivan Twitter AccountVignesh Shivan and Nayanthara might have been born and brought up in different states, but it does not stop them from celebrating different cultures. Here is one more example where the couple has welcomed Puthandu and Vishu, which are celebrated as New Year by the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, respectively.The filmmaker opened up about the celebration on his Instagram account. Apart from his mother, Nayanthara’s sister and her husband were apparently part of the festival. “Tamil new year & Vishu wishes to everyone :)) Family is everything  #mother #sister #in-laws #kaadhal #love #Kudumbam #lifeisallaboutbalance #lifeisallpositive. [sic]” he captioned the picture. In a matter of one hour, the photo got over 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments. The majority of people commented about Nayan holding the hand of Vignesh Shivan’s mother. However, people have bombarded him with questions of his marriage plans as they want the couple to tie the knot soon.Nayanthara fell in love with director Vignesh Shivan after meeting him on the sets of Naanum Rowdy Dhaan in 2015. Currently, they are in a live-in relationship. Of late, it has been reported that the couple had got engaged. The mention of ‘fiancé’ by the actress at an event indicated that she is engaged to Vignesh Shivan. A ring was spotted on her ring finger.On the professional front, Nayanthara is working on Rajinikanth’s next movie Darbar, directed by AR Murugadoss. She was recently part of the shooting of Vijay’s upcoming film, presently referred to as Thalapathy 63. Chiranjeevi-starrer Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, Sivakarthikeyan’s Mr Local and Malayalam film Love Action Drama are some of her upcoming flicks.On the other hand, there are rumours that Vignesh Shivan might direct a comedy film starring Rajinikanth.last_img read more

Watchdog says exNazis got 202 million in Social SecurityWatchdog says exNazis got 202 million in Social Security

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — In a forthcoming report triggered by an Associated Press investigation, the top watchdog at the Social Security Administration found the agency paid $20.2 million in benefits to more than 130 suspected Nazi war criminals, SS guards, and others who may have participated in the Third Reich’s atrocities during World War II.The report, scheduled for public release this week and obtained by the AP, used computer-processed data and other internal agency records to develop a comprehensive picture of the total number of Nazi suspects who received benefits and the dollar amounts paid out. The Social Security Administration last year refused AP’s request for those figures. The payments are far greater than previously estimated and occurred between February 1962 and January 2015, when a new law called the No Social Security for Nazis Act kicked in and ended retirement payments for four beneficiaries. The report does not include the names of any Nazi suspects who received benefits.The large amount of the benefits and their duration illustrate how unaware the American public was of the influx of Nazi persecutors into the U.S., with estimates ranging as high as 10,000. Many lied about their Nazi pasts to get into the U.S. and even became American citizens. They got jobs and said little about what they did during the war.Yet the U.S. was slow to react. It wasn’t until 1979 that a special Nazi-hunting unit, the Office of Special Investigations, was created within the Justice Department.Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., requested that the Social Security Administration’s inspector general look into the scope of the payments following AP’s investigation, which was published in October 2014. On Saturday, she said the IG’s report showed that 133 alleged and confirmed Nazis actively worked to conceal their true identities from the U.S. government and still received Social Security payments. Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   “We must continue working to remember the tragedy of the Holocaust and hold those responsible accountable,” Maloney said in a statement. “One way to do that is by providing as much information to the public as possible. This report hopefully provides some clarity.”AP found that the Justice Department used a legal loophole to persuade Nazi suspects to leave the U.S. in exchange for Social Security benefits. If they agreed to go voluntarily, or simply fled the country before being deported, they could keep their benefits. The Justice Department denied using Social Security payments as a way to expel former Nazis.By March 1999, 28 suspected Nazi criminals had collected $1.5 million in Social Security payments after their removal from the U.S. Since then, AP estimated the amount paid out had grown substantially. That estimate is based on the number of suspects who qualified and the three decades that have passed since the first former Nazis, Arthur Rudolph and John Avdzej, signed agreements that required them to leave the country but ensured their benefits would continue.The IG’s report said $5.6 million was paid to 38 former Nazis before they were deported. Ninety five Nazi suspects who were not deported but were alleged or found to have participated in the Nazi persecution received $14.5 million in benefits, according to the report. Top Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img The IG criticized the Social Security Administration for improperly paying four beneficiaries $15,658 because it did not suspend the benefits in time.The report also said the Social Security Administration “properly stopped payment” to the four beneficiaries when the new law banning benefits to Nazi suspects went into effect. The agency did, however, continue payments to one suspect because he was not subject to the law.The Social Security Administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment.But in informal comments to the IG, the agency and the Justice Department said the pool of 133 suspects included individuals who were not deported and may not have had any role with the Nazis. The Justice Department requested the report only include the names of 81 people it had provided to the IG and who had conclusively determined to be involved in the Nazi persecution.___Follow Rising on Twitter at and Herschaft at and Lardner at © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Parents, stop beating yourself up 4 sleep positions for men and what they meanlast_img read more

Zurich Insurance Group has appointed Hanno Mijer aZurich Insurance Group has appointed Hanno Mijer a

first_imgZurich Insurance Group has appointed Hanno Mijer as CEO of Cover-More. He will replace Mike Emmett who will continue to support the leadership transition until the end of 2018.Hanno is a senior global leader with extensive experience in the insurance industry having worked in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia for various companies including Zurich. As Head of Corporate Life & Pensions (CLP) at Zurich, he transformed CLP into a fast-growing and profitable business. CLP has now become a major contributor to Life in terms of new business. Hanno also has a consistent record of building global and diverse teams and embedding a client centric and entrepreneurial mindset within the businesses.Originally from the Netherlands, Hanno holds a Master’s degree in Actuarial Sciences from the University of Amsterdam and has attended executive leadership programs at Harvard, INSEAD and IMD. appointmentsCover-Morelast_img read more

Nevada officials reach out to Dbacks on potentialNevada officials reach out to Dbacks on potential

first_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ While the majority of the Cardinals offseason news has revolved around the quarterback vacancy, there are a few other holes which still need to be addressed.Although quarterback is an important position, teams that go 5-11 usually have more than one hole and the Cardinals are no different. Arizona could use help on the offensive line as well as at the linebacker position and there are a few names that will be available in free agency once the lockout ends. 0 Comments   Share   Kirk Morrison: Having started 16 games for five straight seasons, Morrison is as consistent as they come. The former San Diego State Aztec recorded 64 solo tackles last season. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Linemen:Matt Light: Although Light has spent the last nine season with the Patriots, there is a chance he will need to find a new home in 2011. The Patriots like Light and want to resign him, but they may not want to get into a bidding war. If the Cardinals can make a competitive offer, the Patriots may cave. Kyle Kosier: Kosier has spent the last five season in Dallas and has been a very consistent member of their offensive line. The Cowboys will certainly try to resign Kosier, but Arizona should make a play for the lineman as well because a consistent starting lineman would be a huge boost for the Arizona offense.Ephraim Salaam: Salaam has had an up-and-down career. He has started 129 of the 159 games he has played in and while he may not be the biggest or best name available, he may be someone that cheaply slides under the radar.Linebackers:Takeo Spikes: A nine-year NFL veteran, Takeo Spikes started all 16 games last season and accounted for 82 solo tackles. While the 49ers would like to re-sign Spikes, he has not participated in team workouts this offseason because his future with the team is unclear. While he has not said anything publicly, Spikes unwillingness to workout could suggest a desired change of scenery. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories last_img read more

Related Hidden charges number one gripe for air trRelated Hidden charges number one gripe for air tr

first_img RelatedHidden charges number one gripe for air travellers say Skyscanner usersSkyscanner users have voted hidden charges to be the most annoying aspect of air travel in a recent poll.Banned on board: 17 surprising items not allowed in your hand baggageTrying to take a wheel of brie, viking helmet or sneaky perfume samples in your carry-on luggage? You might want to check out our banned on board list first!Laptop and tablet ban: How will this affect your travel plans?Just over a month since the initial laptop and tablet ban was announced, there is now speculation that the UK may be next to join the list of countries with new hand luggage restrictions for laptops and tablets on flights to the US. We explain what this flight ban could… “HELLO, I’M ON A PLANE. YES, IT’S PERFECTLY SAFE!!”The ban on the use of phones and laptops could be set to end, after a US scientific study found no reason why they should be turned off at take-off and landing.The study, conducted on behalf of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by the Aviation Rulemaking Committee concluded that portable electronic devices (PEDs) such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and e-readers could be used safely while a plane is taxiing, taking off and landing, as well as at cruising altitude.Air travellers will be familiar with the drill telling us to turn off all mobiles, Kindles and calculators (ok, maybe not calculators) during take-off. If you didn’t know, the rule is that once the plane reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet, you are allowed to use your device. We’ll have all witnessed a member of the cabin crew uphold the rules by telling a fellow passenger to turn off their PED, and seen people get their phones out as soon as the plane hits the tarmac.The reason for the ban on PEDs is officially, according to the FAA:‘There are many uncertainties about the radio signals the devices give off. Even PEDs that do not intentionally transmit signals can emit unintentional radio energy. This energy may affect aircraft safety because the signals can occur at the same frequencies used by the plane’s highly sensitive communications, navigation, flight control and electronic equipment.This is to prevent potential interference that could pose a safety hazard as the cockpit crew focuses on arrival and departure duties. On a given flight, there could be hundreds of different PEDs in many different states of function or repair giving off spurious signals, so without proper testing there is no assurance they will not produce interference during these critical phases of flight.’The FAA is set to implement new guidelines following the findings of the ARC study, allowing passengers to read e-books, listen to podcasts or watch videos throughout a flight. News agency Reuters reports that the new policy will be implemented next year in the US. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority is expected to follow suit.HOWEVER, the ban on using your phone to text or make calls is expected to remain in place. In a recent Skyscanner survey*:• 61% of respondents said they’d use their mobile for calls and texts during flight if allowed• 71% turn their phone back on before security• A third turn on their phones as soon as they touch down• Just 6% resist the temptation until they get home• 52% would pick Wi-Fi over traditional in-flight entertainment*Source: 1000 international respondents via One Poll surveyListen to the Skyscanner travel podcast where we discuss gadgets on flights and other common myths and mysteries of air travel. Listen or download it below: do you think? Should PEDs stay banned? Should you be allowed to make phone calls on your flight? Have your say below.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more