Grayson Allen and Odell Beckham need to grow up Its time to

first_imgIt was just announced that Johnny Manziel will be at the Super Bowl…. signing autographs in a local mall across from the Lego store for $99 a pop. Colin said before the draft that Manziel was going to be a disaster because all the warning signs were there. Last night, Grayson Allen apparently pushed a Florida State assistant coach to the ground as he fell out of bounds.This morning, fanboys are making excuses for Allen, and think that people are overreacting. Colin is sick of people making excuses for athletes. From Manziel, to Allen, to Odell Beckham, it’s time for some athletes to grow up. Stop rewarding bad behavior.“I’m over it. Grayson Allen, Johnny Manziel, Odell Beckham, grow up.”Dallas is playing their first meaningful game in about a month against Green Bay in the playoffs this weekend. Even though the Cowboys have been the surprise of the NFL, if they lose against the Packers the entire season will still be a disappointment. A win, regardless of what happens in the NFC Championship game, would be a tangible progression to build off next year.Some Dallas newspapers are already floating scenarios where Tony Romo could replace Prescott if he struggles. Colin thinks Dallas needs to stick with Dak, even if he struggles and they’re down late. It’s his team.“To me, you have to live with Dak Prescott. It’s his team.”The NFL coaching searches are intensifying, and today it was announced that the Broncos are likely to hire Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph to replace Gary Kubiak. Among other teams with openings, most are considering promoting league assistants to head coaching positions, even though they have a mixed track record at best. Colin doesn’t understand why NFL teams, which are multi-billion dollar enterprises always want to go cheap when it comes to hiring coaches.If Colin was an owner, the first thing he would do is open the checkbook and hire away a Jim Harbaugh or a Nick Saban, regardless of the price tag. It doesn’t make any sense from a business standpoint to continue to hire cheap coaches with no experience just to save a couple million dollars. Pay up.“I would call Jim Harbaugh. ‘What do make at Michigan?’ ‘Nine.’ ‘I’ll give you 18.’”Ray Lewis – 2-time Super Bowl champion with the Baltimore Ravens joins the show to discuss why it’s important to hold athletes accountable for their actions; why it’s important for athletes to have “no” people around them; and the role of older teammates as mentors to younger players.Don Garber– MLS Commissioner joins the show on the 10-year anniversary of David Beckham signing with the MLS; its long-term impact on the league; how he plans to continue to grow the sport; and if he supports a marketing strategy that focuses on teams, or one that focuses on teams like the NFL.George Karl – Former NBA head coach, and author of Furious George joins the show to discuss his new book; the fallout from his comments about Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin; if he has been surprised by the negative publicity; and if the NBA is too top-heavy.Cris Carter – FS1 NFL analyst is in-studio to discuss why NFL teams hire assistant coaches who haven’t been head coaches before; if playing in big time college games can prepare players for a playoff atmosphere; why players don’t calculate the long-term impact of their actions; and why road playoff games are a different animal.last_img read more