What lies ahead for BCCI president Anurag Thakur

first_imgAnurag Thakur’s rise as a cricket administrator has been meteoric. BCCI president at 41 is quite unthinkable in India’s cricketing echelons. From taking on N Srinivasan and winning the Secretary’s post in March 2015 against all odds to succeeding Shashank Manohar in May 2016 as president, Thakur has been on a super fast track route to success. And in all fairness he has tried to be proactive and ring in the changes at times when speaking out in the BCCI was considered impossible in 2014-15. However, it now seems he is facing the biggest administrative hurdle of his life. How does he, as President, steer the BCCI clear of this crisis? (Supreme Court reserves order after BCCI seeks more time to implement Lodha reforms)On a daily basis the BCCI’s credibility is being questioned by the Supreme Court and Thakur himself is in the dock on the letter issue, having asked (by his own admission) Shashank Manohar for a letter clarifying the ICC’s position on the Lodha reforms in the aftermath of the SC having delivered its judgment. Does it constitute contempt is what is being debated in court? Also being debated is whether the Lodha committee will now be empowered to oversee all contracts the BCCI hands out and all expenses the BCCI sanctions over the 25 lakh threshold. Frankly, all of it will dent Thakur’s authority as BCCI president and his clout as the boss of the richest cricket board of the world. Can he come out of it unscathed will perhaps decide his legacy as an administrator in the years to come. (BCCI president Thakur now part of ICC’s finance committee)advertisementIn what has come as a major relief for Thakur is the SC’s allowing the BCCI Counsel Kapil Sibal to start the debate all over again. What was thought to be a closed chapter given the SC had already delivered its judgment is being discussed all over again to the surprise of many. This, more than anything, has given Anurag a new lifeline. He might well have a little time on his hand to mull his next course of action and safeguard his own position. But the question is will he continue to have support within the rank and file of the BCCI and can he, in the next few months, hold off the Lodha threat? Will the ruling BJP back Anurag to the fullest in this hour of crisis? The Lodha committee, too, if sources are to be believed is losing patience and might well decide to inform the court that unless impediments are removed (read the BCCI top brass) it will no longer want to continue spelling further trouble for Anurag. (BCCI setting dangerous precedent with its defiance of Supreme Court)Clearly, Anurag and the BCCI are walking a tightrope. As I said earlier, it is near impossible to predict the future of Anurag Thakur and the situation at hand will test his administrative skills to the fullest. (10 times Supreme Court showed BCCI who is boss)last_img read more

After Samsung, Microsoft planning a foldable Surface phone soon

first_imgSamsung has been teasing us with the idea of a foldable smartphone for a considerable long time and eventually gave us a demo of what the final product could end up looking when released next year. The Royole FlexPai beat Samsung to a commercial launch with a device that can literally be folded out into a tablet. Therefore, it would be justifiable if other players in the industry also jump on the bandwagon. Huawei has confirmed an official unveil in 2019 and Microsoft is the latest one to join the list, although not officially.Brad Sams, a journalist and collaborator for tech blog Thurrot.com, has published his book by the name of ‘Beneath a Surface.’ In the book, Sams writes that Microsoft is indeed developing a foldable smartphone. The device is internally known as Andromeda and will join Microsoft’s existing lineup of Surface branded devices. Sams even goes on to give a speculative launch date sometime in 2019.The book says that Andromeda will be a smartphone first, which means that we can expect some kind of an optimised version of the Windows 10 Operating System. This lines up with the previous leaks that spoke about the underdevelopment CShell UI that could adapt to a smaller display when required and offer the full-blown version of Windows 10 UI when unfolded.However, Sams mentions that the foldable Andromeda phone won’t be a pocketable device. Whatever we had seen previously in the leaked patent filings related to a compact Surface phone would not necessarily become a reality if we are to believe what the book says. We could, therefore, expect a device sporting dimension of a 7-inch phablet that could unfold into an even bigger canvas.advertisementMicrosoft is presently treating the device as a visionary product instead of looking at it as a commercial mainstream offering. The Andromeda will define the path Microsoft would take in the smartphone segment over the next couple of years and similar to Samsung, they too want to play it safe by categorising it as a niche device. Sams says that Microsoft would roll it out in the last quarter of 2019 as soon as the device is ready for production.Additionally, Sams also says that Microsoft will overhaul the Surface Pro completely in 2019. Similar to Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft will give the Pro a bigger screen with thinner bezels, a USB-C port, a host of new colour options and several other new additions. However, none of this is confirmed for now.ALSO READ | The ‘Frankenphone’ made the Pixel 3’s Portrait Mode incredible2019 will be a year of foldable devices and with Samsung leading the charge, we could expect it to become the industry norm as soon as possible. Given Microsoft’s expertise in the field of tablets and laptops, we could expect the Redmond giant to modernise personal computing on the move with the Andromeda device and re-establish Windows in the mobile industry.last_img read more

Franco Harris ExPenn State Players Against Freeh Report

In a scathing e-mail sent to Penn State alumni, Franco Harris and two other former Penn State football players say the report about Penn State’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal “is highly flawed, and factually insufficient.”Harris, Rudy Glocker and Christian Marrone sent the e-mail criticizing the Freeh report that they plan publish in The Wall Street Journal and other large publications.The email and letter were obtained by The Associated Press on Friday.The players claim there was a rush to judgment by the media, the board of trustees, university officials and the NCAA after the blistering report was released two weeks ago.The report compiled by a team led by former FBI director Louis Freeh accuses school officials, including late coach Joe Paterno, of covering up the abuse to avoid bad publicity.“A grave injustice has occurred over these past two weeks that began with the issuance of the Freeh report,” the email states. “After much review, it’s clear the report is highly flawed, and factually insufficient. Yet, the media, the Board of Trustees, University officials and the NCAA, seem to have read only the conclusions and not the content of the report and have failed to question the report’s evidentiary basis or lack thereof — they have rushed to judgment. As a result, OUR program has been brutally harmed and our Coach has been completely tarnished.”The email asks those who support its claims to sign the letter and return it by Saturday.Harris is one of Penn State’s greatest players. He played fullback for Paterno in the early 1970s and went on to a Hall of Fame career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.Glocker graduated from Penn State in 1992. Marrone graduated in 1997.The letter, dated July 27, and titled “Rush to Judgment,” claims the “snap judgments reached by the Freeh report about what Coach Joe Paterno knew and what he did deserve further analysis. In short, we believe this report has irresponsibly impugned Paterno’s reputation without sufficient evidence.”The players criticize the thoroughness of the Freeh report because the investigators did not interview many of the central people in the case, including Paterno, who died in January, Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and university vice president Gary Schultz — who are both awaiting trial on charges of perjury and failure to report suspected child abuse — and former assistant coach Mike McQueary, who was a key witness in the case against Sandusky.The players say Freeh made what he deemed “reasonable conclusions” about Paterno’s alleged “cover-up” based on three emails. But the emails, two from 1998 and one from 2001, do not support that conclusion, the players say. read more

HPD Identifies Suspect In Shooting Incident as Nathan DeSai

first_img 00:00 /00:31 Lee Antoine Wilson was driving through the area to drop his girlfriend off at work at a nearby store when he witnessed the police response. 00:00 /00:14 Share Governor Greg Abbott’s Twitter account Stay with News 88.7 for the latest news and updates. Listen Another resident, Lee Williams, recorded the gunfire on his phone and played it for reporters. You could hear a pop, then a pause, then another pop. And then apparently when police arrived, three shots in very quick succession.Williams said someone was just down the street in front of a red brick apartment building, shooting at passing cars on Law Street, a narrow tree lined lane. Williams said he used his flashlight to try to warn and stop a steady procession of early-morning commuters who use the street as a shortcut.Numerous vehicles on the scene had windows shot out. Police said the crime scene covers a multiple block area near Weslayan at Bissonnet.Look at one of the vehicles shot up #WestUShooting #khou11 pic.twitter.com/DRe9QUYsQM— Melissa Correa (@MCorreaKHOU) September 26, 2016 Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement on the shooting via his Twitter account: Listen X X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: – / 6The Houston Police Department formally named the gunman in yesterday’s mass shooting near West University Place. The Harris County Medical Examiner has identified him as 46 year old Nathan DeSai, a local attorney. They announced the identification via Twitter.The shootings happened early Monday near Weslayan and Law Streets. DeSai was dressed in a vintage military uniform and was hiding behind a tree randomly shooting at passing cars, acording to the Police. Officers cleared some civilians from the line of fire and shot him dead.Lisa Diehl works nearby at Weslayan and U.S. 59. She says she got a call telling her to stay away from the area.The deceased suspect of the shooting that left nine people injured Monday in the West University area had already been mentioned by the HPD as the owner of a vehicle parked at the scene of the shooting. DeSai was a lawyer.Acting Chief Martha Montalvo had previously said at a press conference that the suspect had issues at his law firm.Desai’s former associate, Kenneth McDaniel, told Houston Public Media they closed their firm back in February because they were not making enough money and went their separate ways.Montalvo didn’t clarify whether that could be the motive for the shooting. “At this point we’re very open minded in terms of what the motive (is) and that’s why we have as our partner, the FBI, is involved with this investigation as well,” she said.HPD Homicide Cpt. Dwayne Ready had also said that the suspect was shooting on Law Street. When police officers engaged him shortly after 6:30 a.m. the suspect shot at them as he was using a tree for cover. Ready said they exchanged fire and finally the police officers killed the shooter.“The suspect had two weapons on him at the time, either on his person or in his car that he was standing nearby at the time of this incident, one of them is a .45 semi-automatic handgun, the other one is a .45 semi-automatic Thompson carbine, commonly known as a Tommy gun,” Ready said.Ready said the suspect also had a knife and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition at his place and in his car, which was checked and cleared for explosives.He was wearing what Ready described as a military uniform and Montalvo specified it had Nazi emblems on it.No motives have been disclosed yet but authorities said that right now “there is no association to any organization or terrorist group.” HPD recovered nearly one hundred pieces of evidence, including shell casings.Out of the nine people injured during the shooting, six were shot and three had minor injuries related to flying glass when the gunman opened fire, according to police. Three were discharged in good condition yesterday. One remained in critical condition but improved overnight, according to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where the person remains hospitalized. The hospital said that there is still another patient being treated for injuries. last_img read more

Bandh fails TMC to continue protest against fuel price hike

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday that reducing the VAT on fuel will not benefit the people in the long run as the daily increase in petrol and diesel prices along with the unprecedented devaluation of the rupee were a result of an absolute financial mismanagement.”It is the biggest economic disaster. Demonetisation followed by the GST and the prices of petroleum products are soaring. The value of rupee is going down and the prices of petrol and diesel are going up and finally, the value of the life of common people is going down with each passing day. We are unable to understand where it will reach,” she said at Nabanna on Monday afternoon. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeCommenting on the bandh, she said: “We cannot afford to lose man-days. 80 days man-days had been lost in the past regime. In the past seven years, we had to toil hard to revive the financial health of the state. We have to pay Rs 48,000 crore to repay loans,” she said.The TMC supremo, who has been among the strongest critics of the BJP, said that she supported the issue on which the Bharat Bandh was called but not the bandh.Banerjee said that Ahmed Patel had called her up on Friday and wanted to know her stand. “I told him we support the issue but oppose the bandh.” She added that bandhs should be the last weapon. “Movements should be conducted regularly and bandhs should be the last weapon,” she remarked. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed”Bengal is trying to make a turnaround and we have a number of achievements in some areas… So, we do not support bandh on principal — whoever calls it. But because we support the cause, we held protest rallies in the city,” she added.The Trinamool Congress organised protest rallies against the rise of petroleum products. Trinamool workers and leaders took part in the rally that started at Moulali and ended at Dorina Crossing via S N Banerjee Road. Later, a meeting was held at Dorina Crossing where TMC MP and president of the party’s youth wing Abhishek Banerjee addressed the gathering. He said rallies will be held in Delhi to oust the anti-people BJP government at the Centre. Hundreds of Trinamool workers took part in the protest procession.Life was normal across the state during the bandh with traffic, rail services operating normally and business establishments, schools, colleges and other educational institutions functioning as usual. Scheduled examinations in educational institutions were also held.In the state government offices, the attendance was more than the usual days as the state Finance department had given a notice which stated that a day’s salary of the absentee would be deducted. In districts too, the state-run offices functioned normally.The state government ran more buses and had deployed around 1,300 policemen in Kolkata to maintain peace. No untoward incidents were reported in the city.There was no disruption of flights at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport and at Haldia port, cargo handling was normal.last_img read more

Redbird a modern reverse proxy for node

first_imgThe latest version, 8.0 of Redbird got released last month. It is a modern reverse proxy for node. Redbird comes with built in Cluster, HTTP2, LetsEncrypt and Docker support which helps in the handling of load balancing, dynamic virtual hosts, proxying web sockets and SSL encryption. It comes with a complete library for building dynamic reverse proxies with the speed and robustness of http-proxy.It is a light-weight package that includes everything that is needed for easy reverse routing of applications. It is useful for routing applications from different domains in one single host. It is also used for easy handling of SSL. What’s new in Redbird? Support for HTTP2: One can now enable HTTP2 easily by setting the HTTP2 flag to true. Note: HTTP2 requires SSL/TLS certificates. Support for LetsEncrypt: Redbird now supports automatic generation of SSL certificates using LetsEncrypt. While using LetsEncrypt, the obtained certificates will be copied to the specific path on disk. One should take the backup, or save them. Features It provides flexible and easy routing It also supports websockets The users can experience seamless SSL Support. It also, automatically redirects the user from HTTP to HTTPS It enables automatic TLS certificates generation and renewal It supports load balancing after following a round-robin algorithm It helps in registering and unregistering routes programmatically without restart which allows zero downtime deployments It helps in the automatic registration of running containers by enabling docker support. It enables automatic multi-process with the help of cluster support It is based on top of rock-solid node-http-proxy. It also offers optional logging which is based on bunyan It uses node-etcd to create proxy records automatically from an etcd cluster. Cluster Support in Redbird Redbird supports automatic generation of node cluster. To use the cluster support feature one needs to specify the number of processes that one wants it to use. Redbird automatically restarts any thread that crashes and hence increases reliability. If one needs NTLM support, Redbird adds the required header handler. This then registers a response handler. This handler makes sure that the NTLM auth header is properly split into two entries from http-proxy. Custom resolvers in Redbird Redbird comes with custom resolvers that helps one to decide how the proxy server handles the request. Custom resolvers help in path-based routing, headers based routing and wildcard domain routing. The install command for Redbird is npm install redbird. To read more about this news, check out the official page of Github. Read Next Squid Proxy Server: debugging problems How to Configure Squid Proxy Server Squid Proxy Server: Fine Tuning to Achieve Better Performancelast_img read more

Unfriending a colleague can constitute workplace bullying

first_imgAdvertisement Unfriending an employee on Facebook can in some cases be workplace bullying, an Australian tribunal has found.The ruling came after Rachael Roberts, an estate agent in Launceston, Tasmania, complained to Australia’s the Fair Work Commission that her colleague Lisa Bird was bullying her, leaving her with anxiety and depression. She made 18 allegations of bullying in total.Ms Rachel said that following an argument about a sale loss, her properties were no longer displayed in the window, photocopies were distributed to colleagues but not her, and she was no longer greeted in the morning. – Advertisement – When she approached Mr Bird, the head of the agency and Mrs Bird’s husband, about the issues his wife reportedly called her into a meeting and said she was a “naughty little schoolgirl running to the teacher”.After this exchange in January 2015, Ms Roberts found that Mrs Bird had unfriended her on Facebook. She was then signed off work by a psychologist, Sky News reports.[related-posts]In a workplace bulling incident, the Fair Work Commission must find evidence of “repeated incidents of unreasonable behaviour”, of which unfriending Ms Roberts on Facebook was counted as one. Nine other allegations were upheld by the tribunal.The deputy president of the commission, Nicole Wells, said in her decision that the unfriending showed “a lack of emotional maturity” on Mrs Bird’s part that had made Ms Roberts unwell.But employment lawyer Josh Bornstein told ABC news the unfriending incident was found to be workplace bullying in the context of several other issues.“What the Fair Work Commission did find is that a pattern of unreasonable behaviour, hostile behaviour, belittling behaviour over about a two-year period, which featured a range of different behaviours including berating, excluding and so on, constituted a workplace bullying,” he said.Under the Fair Work Act, the tribunal can order the employer and employee to hold a meeting about anti-bullying orders, but cannot impose compensation.[Independent]last_img read more