July 25 2006 A major storm disabled TodayArco

first_imgJuly 25, 2006 A major storm disabled Today@Arcosanti. On the week-end before last, excitement continued from the Italian Night event on Saturday to a horrific monsoon thunderstorm Sunday evening. It was raining and hailing so hard, one could not see what was happening. Intense wind was coming from all directions at once and damage was only visible once the storm was past. There was some minor tornado activity with selective touchdowns in various locations at the Arcosanti site. The storm center tore apart the blue wall with the Arcosanti lettering, at the entrance to the Visitors Center. Nothing else around it was touched. The 5′ cinderblock wall in the keystone area, which was set up to protect the archive air-conditioning unit, was completely blown apart and at least half of the cinder blocks were broken, but there was not a scratch on the air-conditioning unit. [Photo & text: sa] The roof of the equipment shed was bent up, some of the roof panels torn of and flung into various corners of the recycling area. [Photo & text: sa] The Colly Soleri amphitheater tent was ripped badly, just after so much work has gone into major repair. A series of water-heating panels behind the East Crescent complex were flipped up and over, and there was a lot of minor damage all over the site. All in all we were very lucky. [Photo & text: sa]last_img

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